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Friday night violence (Kubi)

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Friday night violence (Kubi) Empty Friday night violence (Kubi)

Post by Hyperion on July 3rd 2016, 6:42 pm

Chicago was a city that he frequented quite a bit in his youth, or rather when Michael was younger. The memories tied within the city held a certain bitter sweetness to them, something that part of him would have loved to forget. However the road to self obtained redemption was always a long one, so he would walk it until the end came in sight, or his feet wore away into stubs. His destination now, well it was somewhere he had been to a few times, though a change in management also meant a change in aesthetic design. Granted, one could only break so far from the shoddy club look, but descending into it was what the place did well now. The music is still as loud and annoying as ever though. Michael thought to himself,  clear colored drink clutched within his left hand as he sat alone, head swaying softly along with the music.

His choice in clothing was slightly different than normal, choosing to dress in a pair of black slightly form fitting jeans, along with a white t-shirt, and a black jacket over that. Honestly, he just didn’t want to get his favorite clothes messy, and something told him this would get messy by the end of it, if he had imagined things correctly. Steps had been taken so that nothing happening around here would get traced back to him, especially when it came to a certain annoying heroic group he was trying to get in the good graces of. How much they had been informed of, well he could not hazard a guess at but if they knew half of the things, well that would make it all the more difficult. No one ever took a real interest within him, but then again he made sure even his distinctive eyes were changed to a simple brown.

Standing out, well that would get him nothing. That being until someone noticed him, a person that he hadn’t worked with for a while but criminal success had done them a world of favors. They sat down beside him, ordering a drink for the two of them while Michael considered them with a curious gaze. ”Long time no see.” They said, not even saying what was likely on their mind as they slid one of the glasses to Michael. It looked like some kind of scotch, something that he gulped down quickly enough as his attention quickly moved from them to someone else entirely. A male figure moving across the floor, dressed sharply, and at the very least thirty. His target. And a former associate of his, though they only dealt with him through proxy, Mike was thorough enough to not get their appearance. They were doing their usual means of dealing, drugs, weapons and maybe a bit more, though his intentions were not really playing any part in this. Honestly just the amount of underworld types coming in, well they were enough of a reason to take interest.

”Yeah, wasn’t expecting to see a familiar face but here you are.” He noted, straying attention not even noticed as he worked on his own drink. ”As much as i’d like to catch up, I...have something I need to do. Important business and all that jazz, so sit tight.” he then said, not giving the male time to react as he stood to his feet, pressing through the people that were crowded about.

It was time to make his own moves.

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