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I Am (Invite Only)

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I Am (Invite Only) - Page 2 Empty Re: I Am (Invite Only)

Post by Aurelius May 1st 2016, 4:56 am

Ok, two infected. One just stopped a car and a dart with nothing but his body, and they were both standing right in front of them. This was just great, excellent in fact. No, I'm not being sarcastic. The confined space, the whole behind them to escape through. It was absolutely great. Daniels just smiled, holstering his taser dart gun and getting out The Magnum, fixing it on the new mans head as Espada went down.

"CIF3." Was all he uttered, and the Agent next to him knew exactly what he meant. Daniels threw his smoke bomb, and instantly bolted out of the burger shop as he fired a thermite shell. Now, what he had done in the car was imbue his Zero Fluid with Chlorine Trifluoride, or CIF3. This stuff boiled when exposed to air, exploded when you touched it, was corrosive and lethal to humans when inhaled, and the best part, heated up to 2400 degrees celcius when burned, and that's what his shot would do as the mist quickly filled the room. Let me remind you, Chlorine Trifluoride produces some of the most violent and volatile explosions on the planet, and if you do manage to not have your flesh turned to soup in mere milliseconds the smoke will cause a lethal poisonous effect on your lungs. That shop would be ripped apart like it was tissue paper as green flames shot out. The fucking Nazies thought this shit was too crazy to work with. The Nazies. That is something to think about.

As for Daniels and Gavins, they both ran and dived. Daniels made his shielding focus on his back as he ran, and Gavins' mesh managed to protect him from death. They were launched quite a ways and cut up, but they were fine. They couldn't speak for the pair at the center though.

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Post Mate

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I Am (Invite Only) - Page 2 Empty Re: I Am (Invite Only)

Post by Shael Atterrius May 1st 2016, 5:12 am

He had only milliseconds to act and that was what he did. Espada found himself being violently jerked towards them, pressed against their chest as a strange glowing grey energy surrounded them, glowing brightly. ”Do it now.” the barrier formed around them offered a short reprieve from the damage that would be done but it did give them enough time to escape the dangerous chemicals being used, as they appeared on the opposite end of the street the former burger joint was standing. As soon as they emerged, he let go of Sebastian, and let them fall to the ground as he turned his attention to the two agents. ”Pretty fireworks show you got there. Kinda sad all those people had to die though, but I guess they were just acceptable losses, right?” they stepped forward, apparently tense or maybe even annoyed.

They held a palm upwards, producing an orb around the size of a basketball, taking on rather strange properties, or rather the properties of white phosphorous. ”Now, let’s see if you guys can handle this.” With a flick of the wrist, he would unleash the orb of energy at the two, one that would explode violently upon contact with any surface or one of them, releasing fragments of the attack that would burn through possibly even superhumanly durable types, as well as painfully burning  anyone hit by it.

”And while they’re busy. I’m gone, if you think you can take care of yourself, do that.” With that they took off rather quickly, leaving him to push himself to his feet, and slip through the nearest shadow, only to end up  landing in a dumpster.

”Wow, talk about….bad luck.”  he grumbled, and that was when the lid of the dumpster came down, hitting his head just right to knock him out without the whole killing him thing.
Shael Atterrius
Shael Atterrius
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I Am (Invite Only) - Page 2 Empty Re: I Am (Invite Only)

Post by Aurelius May 1st 2016, 4:21 pm

"Get up! Get up!" Agent Daniels said, helping Gavins to his feet. They both had their guns drawn now, and Daniels took the time to put another couple rounds in his Magnum to fully reload it. This mysterious new infected was tough, apparent by his getting out of that explosion. The Agents had to be quick, had to remain sharp. Espada shadow ported once again, which meant chasing him down. But first they had to deal with the energy ball coming their way.

Daniels simply stepped forward and shot it, and the two explosive projectiles did what they were meant for. Luckily though, it wasn't close enough to cause any damage. After that, the new guy left. Gavins felt like going after him, but Daniels stopped him with a simple outstretched hand as he lowered his smoking gun and holstered it.

"He isn't the target and we know nothing about him, let him go." Daniels said. Their top priority was Espada, but unfortunately he wasn't in sight of any cameras. He wouldn't be able to stay hidden forever though, he had to leave sometime and the likelihood he would be caught by a camera was high.

"Sweep that direction, I'll get this way. We'll get a location soon but until then all we have is our eyes." Daniels said. And so the Agents split, looking down alleyways and peaking in heavily shadowed areas. If he was away from the cameras he was likely in an alley, so that's what they checked.

It took a few hours of tireless looking to realize this was hopeless, the metahuman could be halfway across the country by now. Even though Daniels made sure this would not be the last of the case, he called off the search for the day and got the wounded back to HQ.


I Am (Invite Only) - Page 2 Aureli10
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I Am (Invite Only) - Page 2 Empty Re: I Am (Invite Only)

Post by Sponsored content

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