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Now What? (Invite Only)

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DBL XP Now What? (Invite Only)

Post by Chellizard October 18th 2017, 2:39 am

There was a rumor that Mumbai's Elephanta Islands were a beautiful, mysterious place that housed a great power dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. There had been a grand temple with winding, endless tunnels that seemed to go down further and further into the center of the Earth. So of course it would be the best place for a getaway.

Vacations in the fall were usually spent in warm places, so why not travel to India for a week? Naomi had packed her bags and was ready to face the world. The best thing about people not knowing who you were when you got off the plane and started on your adventures is the fact that you do not have to ride around in your wheelchair at all times. Using her innate gift, Naomi found herself walking among the crowds touring the Elephanta Islands. She was actually staying in Mumbai, but had taken a detour down to see the beautifully carved caves in order to further stimulate her creative genius.

Wearing relaxed clothes, consisting of an off the shoulder floral top, and a pair of comfortable, mid-thigh length white shorts, Naomi looked like your typical tourist. She had on sunglasses, a wide brimmed hat, and carried a bag. She carried along with her a bottle of water in one hand, and a map in the other. If someone had reminded her that it was almost Halloween, she would have laughed in their face. It did not feel like it, and she was glad she had left the states to enjoy her holiday elsewhere.

Coming up to the caves, it felt empty. Not many people were braving the arid heat of the Elephanta Islands today. Naomi was determined, though. All five feet of her. She came prepared with a sketch pad and a whole arsenal of pens and pencils in her backpack, as well as a few more bottles of water. She didn't want to be dehydrated.

Taking the first brave steps into the cave system, she produced a small lantern, letting it hang from her wrist as she traded her map and bottled water for a sketch pad and a pen. As she walked, the ground would crunch beneath her feet. Step after step, she got herself deeper and deeper into the caves. The air became cold, and the glow of her lamp was the only way to see anything now. The walls were carved beautifully. It was amazing to see such a wonderful thing.

But then her lamp went out.

Now what?

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Now What? (Invite Only) JiLqjv0
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