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Zell Atterrius

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Zell Atterrius Empty Zell Atterrius

Post by Zell September 23rd 2015, 11:56 pm

Zell Atterrius
"When the first breath of any existence is given it whispers "Zell" and then it inhales the nothingness and whispers "Rozmer". Such is as it's been in not only this realm but all realms. The Avatar of Existence, The Existential, Satan in some realms and in a few they even called me God. But they are wrong. You may look and think of how vast I must be to be within all of existence...but oh how little I truly am. "

Basic Biography

Real Name: "Professor" Zell Atterrius
Hero/Villain Name: The Archon, Origin
Title: "The most intelligent boy in the world", "Canadian Poster-Boy", "Professor" *"The Existential"*  
"The Death Lord of Arthritic Aches and Pains" (Xibalba),
Alignment:  Neutral Good
Age: Ageless
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes:  Green.
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Blood type: AB +

The Looks


The Legacy

Alignment Justification:

"I'm finally free... but I've been what I was...saw things so differently for over an eternity and even still. Can I ever go back to being who I was...can I really ever be the man I once was? That simple little prince in his simple little life... ~ Zell Atterrius

  Neutral Good:  A neutral good character does the best that a good person can do. He is devoted to helping others. He works with kings and magistrates but does not feel beholden to them.

 Justification: Zell Atterrius is freed of the binds of the Archon Energy, however it came with a price. He is finally free to do what he feels is right, helping the common man and not needing to fear his "leash" being pulled by the existential force. That also being said he serves the greater good and abides by the laws of the world and society as best he can as a human being.

Exceptions:  Zell Atterrius becomes is willing to forsake the laws of the land and kill, maim, destroy, undermine, and absolutely obliterate anyone who threatens his children. Without question.

Personal Twists:  Zell Atterrius  goes out of his way to do the right thing, and save the day. He doesn't have time for looking flashy or caring over his reputation or fame. He fights hard and continues to persevere through all forms of mental and moral crisis. He holds true to the fact that all life is sacred and will actively go out of his way to save not only the innocent's, but to save the villain as well if possible. This only contrasts to those who threaten his children.

"I like to think I'm a pleasant person. Shut up Rozmer!" ~ Zell Atterrius

 Zell Atterrius is a rather "kind-hearted" individual. He is a suave, charismatic and alluring individual with a seemingly generous attitude geared towards philanthropy. He is a charming and altruistic young man who seems to always have the best of others in his mind and his actions. Zell uses his perception to his advantage and he prides himself on his "integrity" and his capacity to uphold his bargains and deals, and is a very competent businessman.

Zell's intelligence dominates the majority of his actions, and with Zell very little actions are not thought through. He is a person of planning, calculating and of tactical advantage. He is also known for being rather benevolent, but fearsome and protective when need be.

 The source of Zell's fearsome nature and his "dark" personality comes from the strong desire to protect. Be it protecting the Omniverse, or protecting his family and loved ones. When threatening one of those three types of things, Zell is most likely to seem less "noble" and less "lawful" type of a character. His ferocity and loyalty for his family and the "Omniversal order"  are most apparent when one of them is endangered.

 Ultimately summed up. Zell Atterrius is a driven, calculating character with a kind-heart and an altruistic approach to all he interacts with, though he is absolutely dedicated and hell-bent on the preservation and safety of his family and the Omniversal Order. He is cunning, manipulative, and tactful. He values his family above all else. Deep behind this person is a true hero that is simply doing the best he can to protect all he knows.

"There's no such thing a Villain. Just a victim whose story you haven't heard yet." ~ Yancey "Castiel" Zazel

The life of Zell Atterrius:

The Powers

Existential Essence: Being the embodiment of the entirety of all existence itself, Zell Atterrius is very in tune with reality as it is. As such, he is capable of imposing his will upon other things and altering the fabrics of existence in order to repair or assist in keeping the planes of reality and existence in total harmony. Zell's means of manifesting this power are many, but in this universe and reality it is a requirement for him to SPEAK. That being said, he utilizes the power of Vocifery to implement his will onto the universe around him. If a storm is brewing, or magic is running amok he needs only to say the right word to implement his will. Likewise if he wanted to start a storm he'd only need to speak the correct words. His power is incredibly fierce, although he is highly specific about how he uses his power and when it is acceptable to utilize such a powerful, reality restoring power. Despite being capable of doing unfathomable things, he is bound only to protect the fabric of all realities everywhere.

Superhuman Intellect/Nigh Omniscience: The intellect of a superhuman border lining nigh-omniscience in many aspects of life. Of course this knowledge does not pertain to people's thoughts, feelings and histories. Though magic, things of the occult and all forms of sciences and pseudoscience's are unable to escape him. His processing speeds are incredible.

Macabre Waltz: A type of fighting skill developed in order to strike even the fastest opponents and defend against even the swiftest blows. This fighting style employs and works with mental prowess and statistical assessment to accurately predict and react, before the move was even made. Similar to combat ESP. Also incredibly effective with a bow.

Detection: Zell can instantly identify something that is not where it's supposed to be. Dimensional travel, universe shifting or even basic attempts to lie to him through illusion are all rendered pointless. If you aren't from this reality, he knows it.

FOLLOW THE RULES: People with powers sourcing from outside the reality he is present in will have no effect upon him. Powers that are detrimental to the stability of reality (quantum fusion, molecular reconstruction, neogenesis creationism, and multi-dimensional travel/portals) can be negated/rendered ineffective in his presence. It's his job to protect the stability of the universe, even when others cannot see how their powers may be harmful. Even other Existential beings are challenged to his word, being he is acknowledged as the primary defender.

The Weaknesses

Time of Need: As protecting realities throughout the omniverse is his personal responsibility, Zell has limited himself to only being capable of utilizing his vociferous powers in time of dire consequence. This means that someone is either using a power that could cause problems to the balance and safety of reality (puncturing, bypassing, phasing, Quantum mechanics) or when a being of a higher presence has been detected (Dr.Hayse, Misake Mae, Tsukiyomi, Lord Zleawr, Madaline, The Outsiders, The Lych, or Yamm/Azrael)

Bound By My Word: Zell Atterrius is unable to lie, if he agrees to do something or if he says he will do something, he MUST. Part of his power is that what he speaks will be so. Zell may be suave, but he's most certainly not a liar.

Fallen Intellect: Zell is often times bothered by his inability to recall certain things or information. heis known to react violently when others poke and prod at this.

My Imperium: Zell keeps a unique blade that he had made by the mighty magister-Blacksmith "Manamagnus" on his person. This blade is called "The Imperium" and whoever wields this blade is in command of Zell entirely. The only thing they cannot force him to do is stop talking and kill one of his children. He can knock them out, fight them or render them unable to fight, but he cannot be commanded to kill them.

Prophecy: A prophecy states that someone born of blond hair and has purple eyes will be his undoing in not only one realm, but in all realms. That being said he finds himself incredibly untrusting of people with blonde hair.

Silus: Zell's greatest weakness is his most precious treasure. His son, Eros (a.k.a Lucifer) (a.k.a Loki) (a.k.a Peter Pan) a.k.a Silus. Zell has openly admitted that he would end a thousand planes of existence if it meant saving one Silus from death. Silus is actually the anchor of Zell's sanity. Zell is an omniverseal directly connected, but in every realm there is also a Silus that is there to help guide Archon and keep him level headed. That being said, if Silus is endangered he will forsake any current task or objective in order to save him.

Alcoholic: Zell is 17 and a total alcoholic. He tries to fight the urge though he fails miserably more often than not. He is able to get drunk from a substance names "SEAL" which is an alcohol made of dragon's blood. He always carries a little of this so he can spike any drink he has given an occasion. Bars are the bane of his existence.

People are stupid: His nigh-omniscience doesn't extend to the thoughts, desires and actions of others.

Hero at heart: Zell's conscience is a horrific weakness to him. Failure and doing things he know he shouldn't will eat him away for years at a time. It also makes him easier to reason with.

Religious: Zell, despite being what he is, is horrifically religious even going as far to slay gods that "pretended" to be the "One true God" that Zell reveres. The God he worships the Christian God and has proven very many times to have little patience for those whom proclaim themselves to be gods.

Item/suit reliant: Reliant on suits and items to actually make use of anything overly successful when not dealing with an existential threat...which is 90% of the time.

A Hero's Call: Zell is busy balancing his heroic life, running a college and meeting the demands as a Hero.

The Items

The Urban Assault Suit
The Urban Assault Suit:

The Enlightened
The Enlightened:

The Void Watcher
The Void Watcher Suit:


The Minions

S.T.A.R.K Forces The band is back together as Zell reunites the Specialized Tactical Assistance and Relief Knights. In addition to these rather mundane minions and soldiers, they have been rejoined by an old friend of Zell's. The great cyborg-dragon S.T.A.R.K has emerged from the depths of the old, ruined Gene-tech compound.


S.T.A.R.K Soldiers:

S.T.A.R.K Officers:

RP Mechanics

Wealth: Zell Atterrius is a successful young man whom inherited a crooked company and straightened it out to be more profitable, productive and patriotic. As such he's received billions and trillions of dollars for his work in pioneering the uses and research of genetics and the engineering of genetics to eliminate a few forms of cancer, bestow superpowers.

Exo-suits: Zell's exosuits can be summoned to him via their remote control function and can be placed on himself or whomever else he targets (permission). They have their own docking station in orbit and in Canada.

Gene-Tech: (Said like Genetic) is the company he inherited and brought to the top. The world's leader in genetic research, development and home to several mini-companies of Zell's including weapons, armors, robots and even Seraphim a "Heroes for donation" group he started. One of many sources of wealth for him. Gene-Tech

Ageless: As a genetic engineer, Zell put his brainpower to work in order to ensure his body never grew old, never wore out and never decayed. As such he is an ageless entity and forever stuck at seventeen years old.

Physical Priorities
1 :Reaction: 1
2 :Endurance: 2
3 :Agility: 3
4 :Strength: 4


  • In his original world Atterrius comes from the words "A" meaning without "Terri" meaning earth and "us" meaning love. Archdemons were said to be the only creations that the earth itself held no love for. He took the name "Atterrius" because it essentially was him accepting that he was "Without Earth's Love"

  • Zell has never missed a shot with a bow. Despite this, he hardly ever picks one up for personal reasons.

  • Zell, despite being Omniversal and having no knowledge of a "Higher power" is still a devout Christian, regardless of the realm he is in.

  • The original Zell (Zell Amuri) has a son named Silus. The Archon energy always recreates a "Silus" in some form or another before Zell is "woken up" to being Archon, in order to help him adjust and keep his sanity.

  • Zell is actually prone to confusing which reality he is in, and will cause him to occasionally do or say random things at random times that seem to have no rhyme or reason, but essentially were him trying to act somewhere else but failing epically and doming something in our world.

  • Zell has an addiction to a strange Alcohol called "Seal" it is actually made of dragon blood.

  • Zell will occasionally screw up and speak as if he were more than one person. (I.e saying "we" when he should be saying "I" or "Us" when he should be saying "me")

  • Zell's natural hair color is blonde and he requires glasses to read. He genetically changed his hair to be black and he now wears contacts to help conceal his oddly glowing eyes.

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Zell Atterrius Empty Re: Zell Atterrius

Post by Arcana September 24th 2015, 12:33 am

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Zell Atterrius Empty Re: Zell Atterrius

Post by Zell September 30th 2015, 1:54 am

Advancements added: Advancement I - S.T.A.R.K Forces

Zell Atterrius Samhai10

"Gone from light, lead astray. Soul turned to darkness in a single day. Lead me back to the light. Killing me...the only way to set things right."
The Once and Future King
The Once and Future King

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Quote : "A villain is just a victim whose story you haven't learned yet."

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Number of posts : 1417
Location : In my room...or a coffee shop.
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Zell Atterrius Empty Re: Zell Atterrius

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