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Deep underground [Invite only]

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Deep underground [Invite only] Empty Deep underground [Invite only]

Post by The Bolt on April 20th 2015, 10:03 pm

The city underneath was a blur as he flew above it, wind blowing past him at speeds that would have proven painful to the unprotected human. Luckily, his suit could take it for him and so he kept on flying as Vanguard usually did when on patrol like this. Some noticed the strange shape flying through the sky, but they didn't really know what it was, aside from the possible metahuman. Colin had been following some information that his suit had been gathering was about some kind of metahuman trafficking ring or something along those lines. Who was doing that, well he had no clue but it sounded like something he had to stop. While he may have been for metahuman control, this was something he didn't quite have in mind as far as that meant, the whole thing just stank really. The fact that people were even getting away with it was another thing entirely.

Still, he was mapping out the location of where the meeting was supposed to be taking place. It was closing faster as he approached near super sonic speeds, his suit performing this with seeming ease but that was not quite the case. Not that he planned to jump in there guns ablaze, as that would have been rather stupid considering that he had to know more about his information before he did anything about it. True enough, his source had been reliable but there were so many things to consider, like if this was an actual thing. So Colin landed not too far off from the site itself, making sure he had gone unnoticed as he slipped out of the suit and hid it where no one would find it. Not that they could simply step into the suit, he had a password for that kind of thing anyway.

Underneath the suit he was for the most part dressed casually, in a comfortable jacket, blue jeans and a pair of glasses. Nothing that anyone would find odd, and all he had to do was make sure everything was done right from then on. The location was hidden within a rather fancy looking bar, all flash and ceremony really. The outside had a rather nice neon sign in front of it with a bouncer standing outside letting people in. Of course he had to stand in a small line, and finally he was standing before the man around a good foot taller than him. ”I'm representing Travis Masters for the 11:15.” he said in the official tone he always did, and it took the guy a few seconds to realize what he was talking about. He had likely been expecting Travis Masters to come personally, but instead he got him. Likely a disappointment, but he did have a company to run.

Once inside he took notice of the entirety of the place, more color inside much like the exterior but he was lead further into the building, a place that was less flash and more substance. It was well hidden, perhaps not on any records and with what looked like some manner of auction hall. Part of him wondered how this was even legal, but then again perhaps it wasn't, maybe they were getting away with it another way. Once he thought about it, Colin felt woefully underdressed compared to everyone there, so for a mysterious figure in black.

They were literally all dressed in black, with a black jacket, black pants and a strange black mask. They reminded him of a villain in his database, though the information about them was minimal at best, a vague outline on their powers and nothing else. From what he could tell, the guy wasn't one of the most destructive of individuals, but he was still a criminal. So when the time came, he would have to go down with everyone else here.

Finding himself a seat, he sat down on one of the soft cushions and so the waiting began.
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