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Into a Deep...

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INV ONLY Into a Deep...

Post by ghost January 17th 2021, 8:23 pm

It was finally happening. Amanda pushed her long braid over her shoulder, picked up one of the boxes in the attic, and headed back downstairs. She chose to spend the winter months scanning all of her old documents into the ORCHID system. It would make things a lot easier to find and organize, which was becoming more and more handy as computers got more and more complex. They seemed to require all of the data she had accumulated over the years, one hundred years worth of taxes and the like, it was becoming a second job.

Setting the box down next to the scanner she quickly started to pull it apart. The papers flung around and the machine squealed to life, a sign of old age she was afraid. She could feel how tired and slow it seemed. None the less her project continued, each paper popping up on the screen after it was successfully loaded. Receipts, receipts, and what was this? An old paper done in college, "Nanorobotics and Life." She remembers those days, the fun, the boys. Her cheeks flushed.

She worked till mid day. The box was rather large and packed full of large envelopes, letters, receipts, and old college papers. Amanda tried not to hold on to the sentimental value of some of them, and often had to remind herself that the information wasn't going away, but being transferred to another reality.

At the bottom of the box was a letter from a professor she used to know. An archeology professor if she was remembering correctly. Amanda picked up her tea and sipped as she read.

"Miss Amanda Martin,

Attached to this note is a type of cypher I have come across in my studies, by what exact means I am not at liberty to say now. I must ask for your help. I am limited by my technology at the university, but you, someone with your skills, must be able to find out it's history. It looks to have a base of Greek or ancient Hebrew, but none of the words match exactly. Please, analyze the cypher and get back to me at the university, there is much for use to discuss.
~Professor Arnold K."

She set her cup down and scanned the paper into the computer along with the cypher that was below it. She couldn't find anything useful for him and did reply with a letter of apology. Though, it had been more than 30 years, maybe there was something more to it now, something one had found.

"ORCHID, search the database for anything concerning this cypher."
"Searching." The male voice said as it's system whirled. "A communiqué was submitted by Professor Kelly one week ago concerning a journal that had letters similar to these. It resides in the university of Oxford."
"What was the nature of this communiqué?"
"In summery, It stated that the university was in no way responsible for the injures resulted to the readers of the journal of Professor Kelly. No matter the amount of knowledge they may, or may not, have received from such a venture."
"Wait... Professor K. is still alive?"
"Professor Andrew Kelly, son of Professor Arnold Kelly, is the head of archeology at the university of Oxford. "He thought it fitting to take his fathers place.""
She sighed, outliving everyone was getting old. "Where did this Journal come from?"
"Unable to verify it's origins. This is the first mention of it I can find."

She stroked her braid. "Book me a flight to England." She threw her braid back over her shoulder and set her tea down. "And get me all of the information you can find on these injures the bulletin mention."
"Yes, ma'am." The voice vanished from the house as fast as it appeared.

-- -- --

She had her suit on, wearing it loosely under her clothes. When she walked up to the university it was raining, the drops of water pouring off her umbrella like waterfalls. Amanda's work boots and jeans wicked it all away. Her bright plaid shirt  was in stark contrast to the gloom around her. As she opened the door to the archeological center in Oxford it gave way to a large vaulted corridor with a dark wood mahogany desk in the middle. The lady on the other side was very pretty, red hair, and with freckles that spotted her nose.

"Ma'am." Amanda said, trying to gain the woman's attention from the computer. "I am here to see Professor Kelly. I believe I have a scheduled appointment."
"Oh.. I must have over looked that. You can fallow me." The woman said in a voice as beautiful as her face.

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INV ONLY Re: Into a Deep...

Post by The Nekromonga January 20th 2021, 4:07 am

Somewhere in Seoul


Dragon Girl ripped out its spine with her bare hands, then tossed the bloodied halves of the body onto the table.

“Ja-eun! Don’t be lazy! Use a knife when taking out the back to make a clean cut!” A much smaller Asian woman carried the bag of whole dressed chickens onto the kitchen counter beside Dragon Girl, tasking the superhero with preparing them for fried chicken.

“Yes, mom.” June sighed then chimed, and picked up a kitchen cleaver to de-back the bird, making cleaner chicken halves and tossing them into the large pail for marinade. June got the weekend off from her official Marine duties, and instead woke up at 6am for chicken duty. This was a job where super strength did not come into play, and was one of the times June felt like a normal Asian young adult who had to assist the family business.

The service door buzzer rang, and June motioned to go get it, but her mother told her to keep doing the chicken.

“Maaa,Is that the soju?” June called from the prep area, neatly cutting around the back bone and taking it out, then dumping it into the back pile.

“No, it’s for you Ja-eun.” She answered back, and June wiped her hands on her apron to go see who it was. Maybe it was those shoes she ordered online, but instead was met by a large black SUV and two guys in battle dress, berets and aviators.

“Miss Yong, we’ve a special assignment from Command. Urgent. We are going to the airport- you have an international flight. You’ll be briefed on the way.” They explained to the point, which meant DG had a special job to do.

Dragon Girl sighed, a strange mixture of relief at leaving the chickens and disappointment. “Hey man, it’s the weekend, I’m with my ma. Gimme a break-” she starts before the Special Forces Guy holds up some tickets.

“London. First Class seat.”

Dragon Girl’s eyes lit up at the ticket. “I’ll get my things.”  

= = = =

20 hours later…


The old halls of Oxford University’s College of Archeology rang with the footsteps of academics, young and old, going about their business. It was a chilly January, a thin fog hanging over the air, which meant winter wear amongst the ones who braved the campus. The thick wardrobes hid the expressions of surprise when June, in a big coat and wearing a scarf and shades, carrying a suitcase, came through.  

June quickly ingresses through a door, to avoid letting in the cold air. She took off her shades.  She looked around and was already met by another secretary, a young looking redhead Irish lass with short curly hair and glasses, a working student assistant by her I.D. she was taken aback by the size of the new arrival but took it in stride. “Oh! Welcome to the Archeology department! How may I help you?” She said with a cheery smile.

“Good afternoon! I’m June Young. I’m answering professor Kelly’s letter to Seoul University… about the amulet piece?” She tapped on the briefcase and showed the printed email.

“Ah, welcome miss Young. Yer expected. Go straight to the lecture room, one of the guests ‘ave already arrived.” She directed her over to a room where Amanda too was led. It was a well appointed archeology collection room, the walls finished mahogany and shelves with an array of artifacts. Two modern heaters keeping the temperature bearable. A large carved table sat in the middle, the black bound journal ominously placed in the center.

June looked around and spotted Amanda, seemingly one of her colleagues for the task at hand. She extended a hand to shake, towering over her. “Hello. I’m June Young, Seoul University. I brought the uh... amulet, which is uh... blinking. How about you?”

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