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Fresh Off the Boat

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Fresh Off the Boat Empty Fresh Off the Boat

Post by Alexander Mason December 14th 2014, 3:00 am

Such a strange world this new place was. The clothes were weird. The phrases people used were weird. All of this technology was weird, too. All of these thoughts came into Alexander's head, but were all silenced by one resounding conclusion. I kind of like it. Change was not always a bad thing, and this was something that Alexander held to be true. Already he had infiltrated this world without alerting anybody to his true origin. It was a simple place, filled with simple people. But, it also contained amazing things that he was sure there were more of. The landmarks, both natural and man made, were completely astounding. It wasn't as though his homeland lacked anything similar to it, but Alexander could honestly say he had seen it all. This was a new world with new things to see and experience and with new people to meet. People that seemed to never cease to bore him. These people had something called movies which always had people of an extremely high caliber that the story revolved around. Yet, these people did not seem to exist in this world. Everybody was selfish, weak, and closed their minds a long time ago. Alexander had no interest in racists, worker bees, rapists, or thugs. Be they disgusting or just another cog in this simple design which is society, Alexander did not want to waste his time with them. No, he wanted to meet these people that the media called metahumans. These were the ones that had power and held the secrets of this world.

Alexander wasn't willing to immerse himself in the society of this world just yet. The route of the wealthy and famous was not one that he would take just yet. For now he wanted to see firsthand the capabilities of the most powerful people in this world. Alexander himself was a contender for that title in his home realm. While the general people of this world seem weaker, less intelligent, and all around less exciting than the general Aionians, it is still possible that the 1% of this world could bring all of the strongest Aionians to their demise. That was something that whet Alexander's excitement. However, just simply coming into contact with these metahumans doesn't seem to just happen coincidentally. From a statistical standpoint, they make up even less that 1% of the population and even then they don't hold signs indicating what they are. Alexander awoke from his thoughts to remember where he was. A concrete jungle.

People were busy on the streets. Everyone was going about their business like a regular weekday. They return to their routines and turn into cogs to start the machine. Yet here was Alexander, sitting outside just waiting for something to happen. He was waiting for one of these super powered beings to just force their way into his life. He had been here for weeks and still there was no memorable encounter with anybody. Technology and these earthly languages already became part of his academic arsenal. He figured that should have helped him be able to interact with these people. But, he figured out quickly that they bore him easily. His vacation before he had to work towards wealth and fame was being wasted. "Well, maybe it's time to get a job." Alexander stood up from his chair and began walking. His combination of jeans, white t-shirt, and Converse shoes was his basic outfit. These shoes weren't the best for athletic activities, but they were comfortable enough. But soon, Alexander found himself burdened by their form as he started running down the street. He was going to find those damn metahumans one way or another. Alexander took in a deep breath and let it out in an exasperated scream. "Why are you all so boring?!"
Alexander Mason
Alexander Mason

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Fresh Off the Boat Empty Re: Fresh Off the Boat

Post by Vesa December 16th 2014, 5:45 pm

Hospital runs.

Vesa had never quite gotten out of the habit, and to be honest, they gave him another reason to feel good about himself. They required preparation though, as some of the nastier injuries required a fair bit of blood, sometimes more then he could normally provide safely. So instead, he was walking to the hospital rather than driving, and pumping litres of blood out of himself, as fast as it regenerated. He'd gathered enough now to make himself a fairly bulky set of armour, and for aesthetics sake, he was currently making a huge three metre sword. It was all completely useless, but it looked cool as hell, and the look on some peoples faces were flat out hilarious.

He really needed a proper hobby.

Vesa continued walking through the streets, ignoring peoples looks, wishing someone would ask him for his autograph. Who was he kidding? He wasn't much of a media super, a cape if you'd like. He was famous in other ways, a celebrity in hospitals, and sought after by crime lords and heroes alike. Maybe a bit of media attention would bolster his reputation over all, though he had no idea how to go about getting it. Maybe he would stick around the hospital a little longer than normal, and see if some reporters would come along, eager to snap up a story about some heroic meta who was healing terminally injured patients at the hospital. Admittedly, his method of healing was gruesome, doubly so if it was cancer he was dealing with. Cancer was always tricky, his blood gave people regeneration, but it didn't make their body any better at detecting injuries. He essentially had to cut out the cancer and all of the flesh around it, and let his blood heal them back up. Their body may not register cancer, but it did register missing portions or organs.

Vesa looked at a street map, noting the his position, and quickly worked out a path to the hospital. He still had a few more minutes worth of walking to go. He shrugged and started to leave when he heard something strange. Someone was screaming something about everything being boring. The voice was powerful, and didn't sound like some bored teenager, to be honest, he could imagine some meta who thought themselves to be all powerful saying that. Usually right before they blew up a sky scraper. Vesa jogged round the corner to see the source of the yell, and quickly spotted him. A guy with blue hair, looking exasperated.

"Who are you to call everyone boring?"

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