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Those Who Plot [Travis Masters]

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Those Who Plot [Travis Masters] Empty Those Who Plot [Travis Masters]

Post by The Haze Sun Oct 19, 2014 3:32 pm

"That is the end of it Svetlana, do not bring this up again."

"You're such a buzzkill pops, also call me by my handle, Halite!"

"I only let you participate because it was your mother's dying wish...but sure. You've proven yourself more than capable of handling Moscow, I'll let you keep sovereign protecting it without me. But I insist that you get a better costume, don't argue with me."

"Fine fine, could have said, 'Don't get salty with me.' but whateves. I love you, Dad. Stay safe. Say hello to mom for me."

"Stay safe, my rose. I will."

With a tap of the finger, the call ended. It had been nearly a year since "The Haze" left Chicago to go back to Moscow, Russia. As much as he had loved Chicago, he knew that it was safe in the hands of Knightwatch, and so he felt no guilt for leaving. His main goal more than anything was to get his daughter into the family business. The "Hero" business. He spent his time helping his daughter rise up from being a sidekick, training her and educating her personally. Making sure she had both combat skills and strong heroic ideals. It was there that he found that the government forged the death of his wife, and she was finally able to come out of hiding with the defeat of Professor Skarr, who had been threatening to kill all of his hostages should her corpse not be delivered to him. He was grateful that she didn't die, and together he and his wife continued to train his daughter.

He left his rose petal alone after she passed his final tests, she showed an affinity for the occult which was something that bothered him, but he decided not to make any comments on it. He had shunned the realm of magic, believing that it was nothing more than some sort of unexplainable cosmological anomaly, although something in his gut told him to throw away these harsh preconceptions. However like the bag in his hand he clung on. The mysterious world that existed in a realm unexplainable meant little to nothing to him, but if his daughter mastered it, excellent.

He had hated the airport, this place being packed with a great abundance of random individuals, each one more expendable than the last, his recognition as being a local hero made him feel nauseous, as that was a honor that his fellow heroes could claim easily, he was just someone who stood up for the ideals instilled within him. Preaching about the greater good and only the greater good. He wasn't one that often cared about protecting people, more so than protecting a great amount of people. The larger the number the more comfortable he felt about acting the part.

It was therefore lucky that on this day specifically a rather rude young man attempted to cause a disturbance here in this small café. A café that Kodiak took a taxi to from the air port, after stopping back at his place to drop off his luggage. Today wasn't the day that he was scheduled to start working at his new job, and he felt the urge to relax a place that he frequented regularly. However this brute of a man before him, who stood near the cashier barking about how he needed energy, seemed to make this relaxation impossible. With his aggressive behavior and striking out at costumers. At least two individuals had been tossed aside by the boorish oaf.

As Kodiak lounged in his chair, he was forced to look up from his novel, The Good Ole Boys. He had been trying to finish it since his flight, but between this annoying hulk of a man causing a ruckus and those bastard children whining up a storm on his flight, he had reached his limit. Closing the leather-bound book tightly shut, he waltzed over towards his target. His yes slightly open as if he was nearing sleep. With a slight huff he placed his hand on the shoulder of the monstrosity, shaking his head solemnly.

"Just...leave in peace."

The large man peered down at Kodiak, pupils dilating and adrenaline flowing through his veins rapidly.

"Don't touch me worm!!"

With his arm bubbling as if it were mutating into a new form, the larger male went to backhand Kodiak away from him, only to have the assaulting action ducked in time. With little to no expression on his emotionless face the Captain of Fogs rolled back and stood up. Dusting himself off and peering towards the baristas.

"Clean up your floors for pete's sake. I must have collected at least five layers of dust from these floors." He groaned.

His wife had not been here, as she stayed at their apartment due too lack of interest in these places, it was beneficial to him however because she would not have to deal with seeing how petty the ex G2 agent was. He bounced a bit on his tip toes and moved a few steps towards the rather larger individual. Who seemed to be ready to throw down. It was over in an instant however. As the massive male when to strike out with his impressively large fists he was ducked again. Closing the gap, Kodiak, formed a knife hand swinging.

The force of his hand chopping at the Adams apple of the opposing grunt was perhaps just enough to take the massive man off his feet on his own, however there was more to this assault than just a simple hindrance of breathing. No with the man staggered, stunned at the abruptness of the prior strike. Kodiak sprang up and let his knee become close friends with the aggressor's jaw. Knocking the males head backwards, so that he was facing the ceiling of the establishment. Upon landing, the final ingredient in the smack down was carried out, pulling his other leg up to his chest and turning on the hell of his own leg, he kicked the larger  fiend straight in the chest, sending him reeling back and out the glass window.

Peering at the barista's ounce again he shrugged a bit and slapped some cash on the countertop.

"Apologies. Err, don't forget to "

Retrieving his book he headed out the entrance of the building and towards the large mastodon. Eyes narrowed. It seemed that the less than intelligent freak seemed to be unconscious, but that didn't really seem to matter.

"You need to learn to control your powers, or leave. My. City."

He shook his head from left to right at a brisk pace before shoving one hand into his pocket and stepping over the goliath. Sometimes people just really got on his nerves. He continued down the sidewalk, ever vigilant and aware of his surroundings. Though the bustle of the local populace didn't do him any favors. He did make quite the scene.

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