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Hey don't touch me!!! (Travis)

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Hey don't touch me!!! (Travis) Empty Hey don't touch me!!! (Travis)

Post by creator October 8th 2014, 3:49 pm

Yumo slammed into the roof a building below as he avoided the attack by the giant grenstak.  The worm like creature was wrapped around a corporate building known as new beginnings.  It was screaming with wild lust as it sent out lare tendrils of hair to destroy everything nearby.  Yumo took a deep sigh and looked around.  Behind him was a wave a fearful innocent people who seemed to be staring at him for help.  They knew who he was and what he did, he wasn't like his friends helia and creator.  He'd kill whenever he felt the need to and walk off without holding any grudges.  He's known for using innnocents as a decoy and such, and nobody can forget his spectacle on the bridge that one time.

Yumo pushed his hands out to his sides and blood pushed out and began to float around him.  It wrapped around several times forming large rings of blood.  He crossed his arms over his body and the blood pushed out and rushed towards the worm as it shreeded it's hairs.  Yumo then jumped in the air and towards the building.  He landed at about teh middle of the building, using the worm as a footing.  He then continued to jump towards the worm as his blood worked its way through the worms tough skin.  

The hairs on the worm sensed his presence and instantly tried to skewer him, but the demon of blood wasn't going to go down by such a stupid attack.  He flipped over the threads as he worked his way to the things head.  The blood wasn't going to get through teh thing s skin, but it could still serve a purpose.  With one swift swing of his hands and a puppet like gesture with his fingers Yumo sent the blood hurtiling back towards the city and it served as a defense for the people.  He made it to the top of the worm then began his plan.  He jumped as high as he could then began to use his blood as a step ladder to get several thousand feet above the worm.

When he thought he was high enough, Yumo pushed off of the bottom of the last platform he made, like a swimmer kicks off a wall to finish another lap.  He sent himself hurtling down like a bullet and hit the worm with enough force to shatter the windows on the upper floor as he made contact.  The worm screamed and began to fall as yumo continued to punch the forehead of the giant creature.  It hit the ground with a hard thud and caused the whole city to shake.  With that crash the fight with the worm was over.  The blood Yumo used earlier appeared again and  pushed itself into the vials on his wrists and ankles.  He then jumped into the air and swung away before he could be seen by the cops, landing on a roof 15 miles from the scene.  The building was high enough that he could still see the worm and the surrounding area as it stood for his current victory.




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