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Karah helstine

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Karah helstine Empty Karah helstine

Post by creator September 5th 2014, 5:08 pm

Karah Helsitne
"All for her."

Basic Biography


Real Name: Karah Helstine
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Karah
Title: The trinity blade
Alignment: chaotic Neutral
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Demon
Hair: bloody red
Eyes: purple
Height: 6'2
Weight: 170ib
Blood type: n/a

The Looks

normal day

battle gear

Either include pictures in Spoilers, a smaller picture/s for the profile, or a very detailed description of your characters physical appearance and costume.

The Legacy

Karah doesn't really care about anything but the thrill of whatever she's doing.  Her main thrill is fighting since that is the only thing that can be decided by anything you can think of.  The only other thing she cares more about is her mother Roseria who protected her until she was able to protect herself. If one was to ever talk rudely about her like she was nothing, Karah would strike without even a warning towards the person.  However this side of her tends to be hidden behind a happiness that is seen by everyone.  To people that don't know her she seems incapable of any kiling or thrills of the lethal variety from afar.


Karah is a lavishtas which is an inter-dimensional demon that lives in the rift between dimensions that the lavishtas call the great breaker.  They feed on energy that is created when rifts are opened in different dimensions.  The dimension with the planet earth as ya'll know it has not yet been able to fully cross dimensions but they have done so on occasions.  Karah was attacked by hunters from another dimension who collect lavishtas as a trophy.  She narrowly escaped their attack but in the event of escaping she locked herself in the dimension of earth.  She luckily fell in the south pole where she almost froze to death until Roseria found her and took care of her.  She then transformed herself into a corrupted version of a 15 year old girl even though in earth years she is only 13.  This is her form that she roams the streets in unless she feels that roseria is being threatened or something big /powerful is coming to attack the both of them.  Roseria and Karah have formed a big sis lil sis/ mother daughter bond with each other.  She has been on earth for around 15 years and she has spent that time with roseria and she feels that she will never leave...but she knows that one day her kind will come for her because her parents are the king and queen and  even though she is not the princess she can be crowned if her older siblings die before she is crowned so they need her there as a fail safe, but will she have the courage to stand up for herself and fight by roseria to stay or will she be forced to go back leaving the world to be anihalated.

Recent history-
Roseria has resigned herself to stay in her snow castle as she takes on the given role of southern snow queen.  She now is a force equal to that of the snow king in the north and hence forth takes no orders from him any longer.  She also has no benefits of being a part of his kingdom and now has to find ways to get money.

After karah was saved in tampa bay florida she resolved herself to becoming stronger and following in Roseia's footsteps.  Now she is the royal guard to roseria and has even adopted the title of the red snow princess.  She now goes around in the world doing various missions for roseria in order to raise money for her world and also gain allies.

The Powers

Power 1: Trinity burst
This is the ability of karah to summon up explosive energy to knock back her enemy.

Power 2: Effortless speed
By training with the beings from the castle using immense gravity created by the mages. Karah is able to move at speeds close to what people call a god. She's able to move at speeds close to mach-3.

Power 3: God Strength
The scarf is able to lift roughly 500-700 tons easily.
The limit it can lift is 1000 tons before it begins to put a strain on Karah.

Power 4: Ice Manipulation
Because she has been raised by the ice queen Roseria she is able to fight using ice which she can also pull from the water in the air around her.  This ice Is 3x stronger than that of the ice created under normal means and as such is found to be harder to break and melt.

Power 5: Assasination skills
Karah has lethal assasin skills down to her reflexes which move at lightning speed. And silent movements capable of sneaking up on even the most keen of animals.


1: Fire
Karah has a very hard time fighting against someone using fire to attack because her scarf can be slowed for a minute by burning it and Her Ice magic is weak against fire.

The explosions during trinity burst can only detonate upon contact from one karah to one person.
The explosions will only go off if SHE hits you herself.

When surrounded by darkness or when thought to be surrounded by darkness Karah will have a panic attack and the scarf will turn a bright white and will be unusable until she calms down.

Karah is easily distracted though most of the time she won't show it, but at times during battle she will lose track of her objective and begin to focus on other things like bugs and candy.

Karah is weak against mental invading attacks. Specifically she's weakest against hypnosis and the only thing known to snap her out of hypnosis is the voice of or thought of her mentor Roseria.

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Karah helstine Empty Re: Karah helstine

Post by Odien September 5th 2014, 5:39 pm

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Karah helstine Empty Re: Karah helstine

Post by The Bolt June 19th 2016, 10:40 pm

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Karah helstine Empty Re: Karah helstine

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