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The armageddon that didn't happen (open)

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The armageddon that didn't happen (open) Empty The armageddon that didn't happen (open)

Post by creator October 1st 2013, 6:02 pm

( it was the year 2013 and all of the reactors across the world simoultaneously exploded. The attack was so quick that the alarms didn't have time to warn civilians about what happened. The first year after was spent trying to figure out what happened but then when a group of scientests whent in and only one came back crying and shaking violently like he was still reliving his nightmare. He explained weird human yet demon looking things roaming the streets. When the government was notified they recieved word that creatures like this were begining to appear all over the countries. In retaliation to what they were told they created an island they named exodus. There were several of these islands present around the world and now each one was occupied by a country. The evacuation routes was set up at military bases around the world and at first it was very easy. But then a lady appeared from the blast zone in miami one time. She was very dark looking and most only saw her with her black mask and cloak. Without hesitation she sent those creatures on a destruction spree. These creatures was so destructive that planes fell from the sky in mid take off. Buildings began to collapse and explode. The people who lived on exodus right now just look for a savior who will help them get their hometowns back.)

Helia was looking around for where she was.  The last thing she remembered doing was connecting fists with this white haired guy that tried to attack her city.  They were fighting, like fighting to the death, and when everything was all said and done a huge explosion of green light engulfed them as they landed the final blow on each other.  She began to stand when she felt a sharp aching in her stomach.  She looked down and saw a kind of burn mark on her torn up super hero suit right where her stomach was.  She rolled her eyes and began to walk the pain off.  As she did she surveyed her current area.

   There were pieces of planes everywhere and the buildings were desimated.  It was as if the planes were simoultaniously taken over by suicide bombers and their target was the city, whatever this city was.  She was still walking when she noticed a newspaper stand.  She jogged to it and the paper read out a long story and at the top it said Miami.  Helia began to throw it down after finding out what she did but then she noticed the date.  The date was set around 4 years ago.

"But that can't be right."  She thought to herself as she looked around again.

The buildings the time of this great destruction was set for today, and yet the city looked abandoned for years now.  She began to pace back and forth as she thought about this.  She couldn't believe it, she didn't know how to explain it, she constantly racked her brain with the same conclusions but just none made since. She decided to read the paper once more.

In the year 2013 the power plants all over the world exploded leaving descalate buildings and dirt standing where it once did.  The explosions happened all at once and the reason is still undetermined but what the police do know is that this was no accident.  Sources say that few witnessed people evacuating the plants hours before it exploded.  All over the world there is mass panic as recent findings also indicate that something else was reborn out of the power plants.  The survivors of these new threats only say that these threats appear human until they begin to attack.  It has been determined that these things have control of elements and are now being called the vengeful ones.  These creatures appear in many forms shapes and sizes.  It is said though that these things have really bad eyesite but all other senses have been hightened.  The most logical thing to do is run and hide.  To escape this madness the US have created an island known as exodus and escape routes will be posted in the papers.

when she looked at the date this morning before that guy appeared it was august 2013 but here it is on the newspaper going on august 2017, and that was on the abandoned paper. All she could do is sit and think about it which is exactly what she did. She racked her brain trying to figure out what was going on in this town. That's when a smell got her attention. She hadn't noticed it before but there was a weird smell in the air. The smell itself had no scent but it made her nose burn like she was smelling bleach. She rubbed her nose and then continued walking trying to find out what to do now. Abruptly she heard a weird screaming from around the corner.

Yumo was slowly getting up off of the hood of a car.  All he remembered was a green light that completely blinded him while he was fighting that chick who was trying to stop him from doing his job.  They were going at it for a while before he ended up in this place.  He looked around and sighed as he realized he had no idea where he was.  He jumped to the floor and began walking when something caught his eye.  He turned to see a bird sitting in the window.  The window belonged to a store named Miami pizza palace.

"Last time i checked miami didn't look like this and i was on water when the light whent off so how'd i get here?"  He asked himself quietly.

The buildings around him were destroyed and he could feel a strange thickness in the air like there was a chemical in it that wasn't suppose to be there but it wasn't bad.  He stretched and gave a deep sigh as he stopped to look for something to do.  The alleys were dark but there had to have been something there he thought.  He looked up and noticed the sun wasn't out which aggrivated him.  When he looked back to the alley a tall severly bow legged woman was standing in front of it.  He squinted at her and watched as she staggered slowly to her at first but then he picked up a spontaneous rush of speed.

"What the he-?! he was cut off by the lady's hand as she swung at him with long ragged nails.

He ducked and flipped backwards to gain distance but his back touched another person.  His muscles were as hard as stone and his skin was below natural by alot.  Yumo slipped sideways as the man's hands clasped where he was.  There was a slight fizzing noise like a quick spark of electricity and the guys hands began to spew streams of lightning.  Yumo llooked in shock and took a battle stance prepairing himself to fight the two people in front of him.

"Well this isn't right." He said jumping back as the man shot a bolt of lightning.
Before he retaliated the female began to wail loudly causing chills to stream through his spine. Abruptly more people began to appear out if thin air and spontaneous places. When it was over and people stopped appearing there was close to fifty of them. Yumo smiled and got ready to stand his ground.

Helia ran around the corner at a rapid speed to see who was screaming. But something just wasn't right. That scream made her want to run and hide instead of go to help. But her main problem was that she still didn't know where she was but she was determined to get her answers but for now she was going to get to this person to help.
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The armageddon that didn't happen (open) Empty Re: The armageddon that didn't happen (open)

Post by Nathaniel A. Lincoln December 1st 2013, 4:16 pm

"Jessica!" Talon ran with all he had, the ceiling was too low to fly but he'd be damned if that stopped him from getting to her. The reactor began to glow and flare howling while sweeping up a whirlwind of dust and debrea as it grew hotter, still if he did anything with his last few moments it would be to save her! As he finally reached her now unconscious form he bent down picking her up and spreading his wings he ran to the nearest door and flew from the place now undergoing a supernova. Although he wasn't the only thing leaving that building a blinding light soon ensued swallowing him and Jessica whole as he fled.

Fast forward to 2022

Conor was visiting her this day. The anniversary, she still hadn't woken up even after all this time.  He had gotten married of course, but his wife understood, he loved her but Jessica being sent into the coma was his fault he at least owed her a visit. He had a few minutes prior stepped out of her room intent on getting some much needed fresh air, but now he was ready to go back in and say his goodbyes and return home. As the doorknob clicked open he was dragged into a blinding light no doubt sourced from the room.

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The armageddon that didn't happen (open) Empty Re: The armageddon that didn't happen (open)

Post by creator December 14th 2013, 8:13 pm

Once she slid around the corner she stopped.  The guy from earlier was fighting a gang of odd looking people.  Before she had a chance to figure out what was going on she was attacked by two people.  One was a large man whom spewed acid at her through his mouth.  The other was a long boney man who seemed to have good fighting reflexes.  Helia dodged a few blows from the money guy but the big one swathed her into the man from earlier.  She rolled off him as a fog wrapped around her.  The fog wiggled a bit then lunged forward hitting a few people in it's wake.

Yumo was getting off the floor when that irritating fog from before had appeared.  He smiled as he looked at the damage it was doing to the enemy.  He shot tendrils of blood at people behind them and began to swing his arms, slashing the people and leaving deep wounds but unlike normal people these people spewed no blood.  Instead a green light erupted from their bodies and they dissolved in place.  As Yumo and that girl continued to eliminate people more kept appearing.

"What's your name...mine is blood weaver."  Yumo said as he looked behind him for a second.

Helia glanced back at him as her fog lurched forward and split it branches stabbing multiple people.

"Mine is illianis." She said as she pulled out two daggers.

The fight continued as people rushed from all directions still attacking them, but then a bright green light went off a few blocks away and the people stopped and began to walk to it. Helia and yumo looked at each other for a minute then began to head to the green light themselves.
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The armageddon that didn't happen (open) Empty Re: The armageddon that didn't happen (open)

Post by Sponsored content

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