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Canceling Armageddon...sorta [Open to 2]

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Canceling Armageddon...sorta [Open to 2] Empty Canceling Armageddon...sorta [Open to 2]

Post by Atlas on December 16th 2015, 6:55 am

"A job for just me?" Atlas asked with a single raised brow, resting elbows upon the table while looking at the middle aged woman in their sharply designed suit. Their eyes darted from the clipboard within their hand to the semi-naive metahuman super weapon in question. Despite how serious his missions usually were, that wide dopey grin was something that did not go away. It was as if his mind was a wellspring of continual optimism that was impossible to really fully extinguish. "Don't wanna include my partner or is this a little too dangerous for the infinitely dense man?" That appeared to draw a quick smirk from them before they reigned in their amusement.

"That would be part of the reason. The other is we do not fully trust this associate of yours, not quite yet." They noted adjusting their earpiece, settling down the clipboard on the nearest surface. "Recently someone has managed to break through our firewalls, gathered some rather sensitive data." They explained, though that more than anything confused him. A data leak didn't sound exactly like something that someone that could break buildings apart with their fists could exactly fix, granted it may have been that he was the only person that could do anything about that. Maybe this required that he do some major punching to get things fixed, because he was never trained to do the whole hacking thing.

"What does that have to do with me? Am I supposed to hack them back or something?"

"No, nothing like that. We're already tracking down the person or persons down that did the hacking. If we're dealing with a team of metahumans, then I think it would be best that deal with them." Maybe the information they had was something his handlers did not want out. That then begged the question what could be so important that they would send him of all people to deal with them. That then made him wonder if they would be willing to tell him what they information was, as unlikely as it was. After all, he only needed to know enough to put his fists in the right target. Destruction after all was unfortunately something that he was made to cause.

"Might not understand it, but what exactly got stolen? Sounds pretty important if you want to send me out there." He then noted, burying his hands into the pockets of his cargo shorts. Today had seemed like it would be a lazy day for him but that so quickly changed really. Not that Damian was one to complain openly, so he would just nod to whatever it was that they said.

"Important information. I cannot tell you too much but if it gets in the wrong hands, we could be dealing with another New York but on a larger scale." They mentioned with a tone that sounded rather serious. While he wasn't too aware of  what happened there beyond what files told him, having something worse happen would be...not so good.

"Okay, that does sound pretty bad." He said finally with a nod. Having another catastrophe like that would have been something maybe even he could not fix. "Alright, point and I'll do the punching." He said after a few seconds of thinking, arms cross over his chest as the woman seemed to apply pressure to their earpiece. He could hear the person on the other end, a voice chattering through it about some information. They had traced something back to the last known coordinates that the hacker had transmitted from. What they wanted with the information was unknown to him, but it was proven that they weren't dealing with some kind of technopath. That made things easier, because reading up on those things last week showed him that they would be far more dangerous than any strong guy.

"As I'm sure you've already heard, so I won't waste time explaining where they are. Suit up and be ready to move out."  

As soon as he changed into something else, Atlas was flying through the skies of Los Angeles with his mind on the objective, and how awesome teleportation was. He didn't need to be told that things could get potentially dangerous, because citywide destruction was something that always needed to be avoided. Just looking down he could see the people below, normally ants to someone flying this high but super sense made seeing a whole lot easier. Not that he was looking for anyone really, but he always tended to do things like this while flying. Flying while the sun shone down upon him however, still had a great feeling to it as his sun continued to soak up the light. "You're above the target now." As soon as that was said, he stopped before making a sharp dive downward as fast as he could go, a loud boom exploding outwards through the air.

His point of contact was with a roof, shattering the concrete much like wet paper as he hit the floor beneath with impressive force. Dust was thrown up, as fragments of the roof fell around him to hit the ground with a great clamor. However, a few hits to the floor itself lead him to a facility underground that was even deeper. Not exactly sterile whie like he expected of a scientific facility but then again things were as they were. The smell of unknown chemicals reached his nostrils as people in black appeared before him, holding rather dangerous looking guns. The question within his mind was if they would be of any danger to him. He didn't know if they knew exactly how tough he was, so that left this to a lot of guess work.

"Nice guns ya got there." He noted with a smirk, staring down the weapons calmly.
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Canceling Armageddon...sorta [Open to 2] Empty Re: Canceling Armageddon...sorta [Open to 2]

Post by Guest on December 26th 2015, 7:40 pm

The Cosmic Centurion casually drifts into the still air as he out reaches his long arms to grip at a thin white rope giving it a slight tug as his body slowly dips back onto the ground. At the northern tip of the string was a elastic oval filled helium air. His feet finally touch upon the soft grassy field on top of a small hill. A small human child of the female gender with her small hands covering her face as a stream of salty waters flows from her dark brown eyes lifts her head and finds the Centurion in front of her. The massive cosmic man steadily bends down going onto one of his knees taking the small helium oval down with him. He holds it out so that the start of the thin rope is at an equal level with the small human female's chin. The small female begins to sniffle lowering her hands as a smile begins to spread across her soft face she quickly grabs the balloon with a full smile appearing on her face.

A larger human a few meters away talking upon a mechanical/electrical handheld device turns around and sprints towards the two. The face of the larger human male shows fear as he rushes towards the girl throwing his phone down and grabbing the girl up into his arms. "What the hell do you want please don't hurt us" the larger human male speak with a shaken voice. Taking no hesitation he takes the small human female and begins to flee the area the female yells to the man
"Father please no the shiny man helped me, he is that good man who has been helping everyone on the TV." Arises from his knee position and gives a slow wave towards the small female as he floats back into the air continuing to wave as they get farther and flee in a mobile vehicle.

Cosmic Centurion floats up into the air high out of sight of the ground in the Los Angeles wishing he could have gotten the information of the human female's  moniker. As he prepares to move onto his next helpful deed suddenly his energy senses pick up a massive solar powered signature fly off in the distance. Centurion decides to investigate and quickly flies off in the direction to keep the solar being's energy signature in his radius. Abruptly the solar man makes a abrupt dive straight downward with tremendous speed causing a large boom. Utilizing his on speed he soars over the solar man's point of entry descending down the ravaged building. Until he finally lands down in the facility landing near the solar man's shoulder towering over him gleaming with energy. Multiple full grown humans covered in black garments surround them with projectile weapons.  

Just as the solar human male finishes his quick sentence towards the group.
"Explanation of the current situation...lowering of your projectiles would be advised " he calmly speaks eyeing the room.  

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