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Bright lights and big explosions

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Bright lights and big explosions Empty Bright lights and big explosions

Post by Guest June 25th 2013, 10:29 pm

The moon was high in the sky but barely seemed to give off any light compared to the bright gawdy neon lights lit up the night sky as far as the eye could see, drunken tourists stumbled about while sketchy looking locals moved through the crowds with an ease that came from continuous practice.  Everywhere you looked signs flashed promising good times to those fool hearty enough to enter the building they sat in front of.  The air was thick with the smell of cigarette smoke and the stench of sweat, horns honking and people yelling echoed as far as could be heard at a almost deafening roar. But amongst all the noise and merriment moved one solemn quite traveler, a large heavily armored shell of a man.

Winchester traveled thru the crowds with ease, most people assumed he was some sort of attraction and tried to stop him but he just continued to move forward, pushing away from the crowds trying to make his way back to the small dingy hotel he was booked at.  Following up on a lead he had come to Vegas hoping to find out about his past but this trip was yet again another dead end. Anger, frustration and dismay clogged the normally sharp constantly alert mind of Jason, he was not feeling like himself and just need to rest so he could recharge and think things over. A fat sweating man in a Hawaiian shirt with a cheap dollar store camera snapped a photo of Jason and said something along the lines of a autograph but Jason just kept walking, he had no time for these useless people who mistook him for a character for there entertainment.

As he continued to push through the crowds Jason realized he had taken a wrong turn, he now sat in front of a twenty story tall hotel. The building was massive and imposing, clearly meant to attract the wealthy tourists. Out front there were lines of fancy cars, all being driven away by valets just hoping for a small tip from the wealthy men and model women who were on there arms.  Before the parking area of the hotel sat a large fountain in the middle of a massive plaza where no people seemed to gathering around.

"I hate this city." Jason mumbled under his breathe before sitting down on the large marble fountain, the water flew high in the air and the neon lights built into the fountain caused the water to appear to be multicolored as it flew through the air. Resting his hands on the cold marble felt calming amongst the heat from the warm desert air. Quietly staring up at the water and the sky Jason seemed to get lost in thoughts, not about his past or all the difficulties he had run into in the past few months but instead of what his next move would be....

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Bright lights and big explosions Empty Re: Bright lights and big explosions

Post by Seathe Allogonis June 25th 2013, 10:44 pm

A had heard rumors that lots of small chapels littered Vegas but never like this. He was hauling out his bags of money when he saw the heavily armored man walking through the crowd. It send a chill crawling down his spine. He felt insecure knowing a potential Metahuman was this far west as well. Why would he be? 

He shook it off and continued forward with his ill gotten money.

Yotari could feel the heat starting to rise. His ship was gaining speed toward the mass of blue and green below. He looked over at his dead crew mate.
"Vox, why are you always asleep?? C'mon man, we've got to deploy the parachutes for landing! Bahahaha, isn't this exciting Palon? We haven't seen a planet years?" 

Yotari skipped merrily to the mast of his spaceship. He climbed the ladder, realizing fully that his ship was now on fire from the level of speed they were approaching Earth. He pulled out his telescope and could clearly see the city streets. And on them a man, whom he studied carefully, fully aware that he wouldn't be able to stop the ship. The man was carrying two very large bags, and was looking very suspicious. 

"Bahahhahaha, look at that guy Vox! What a dolt. Hey man, you gotta deploy the chutes. Vox. You lazy shit head, fine ill do it myself."

He vaulted over the side of the mast and fell to the ground, wiped the dirt off of his knees, and grabbed the lever to deploy the parachutes. Which immediately were vaporized. 


The ship slammed through a tall skyscraper and directly into the funny man with the bags. Vaporizing everything in a mile radius.
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