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Bright Lights, Big City! [Open]

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OPEN Bright Lights, Big City! [Open]

Post by Gnome October 8th 2018, 11:24 pm

Why had Adrien been so against this hero thing for so long again? He had been doing it for a few weeks now, and what had made his stomach churn at the start now was something he legitimately enjoyed, to the point where during the day he counted down the hours until he could put on the suit and feel that rush. He did a flip as he jumped from one building to another, using his suit to flash when necessary to cover the gap. 'So what'll it be tonight?' He thought to himself, 'A mugging? A fire? Or another quiet night with no one stupid enough to pull anything.' Well that last one was doubtful. Even in a city like New York, which for whatever reason seemed to be some kind of superhero mecca, crime was ubiquitous, as though it were rebelling against the superhuman enforcers of the law. But, he could only dream. Beating the crap out of assholes had its charms, to be sure, but he also liked just being able to hop rooftops for a few hours as well. But, he wasn't going to get anywhere if he didn't turn on the damn crime monitor.

He had been surprised with how easy it had been to install it into the suit's helmet. Maybe his sister had some premonition about what this suit would be used for. He pressed the button on the side, and after a bit of radio static, a voice came through. He landed with a small flash of light onto the roof of an apartment building, listening to what was being said.

"Hm, home invasion... I'd probably break more things than the robbers." Be muttered to himself. Even with all his practice he was still a bit of a bull in a china shop. Things that required finesse were a bit out of his forte. He was sure another hero would handle that. The next one that came up caught his attention. "Armored car got jacked? Okay, that I can do." He said, kicking off the building and taking off for the location described by radio. If he booked it he could get there before they got too far. Knock over a car, knock the thieves' heads, run off before the cops showed up to give him shit for being a good citizen. What could possibly go wrong?

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OPEN Re: Bright Lights, Big City! [Open]

Post by Kashmir195 October 8th 2018, 11:37 pm

Kashmir flew at maximum speed, 100 mph.

"Armored car jacking, protected assets involved, Kashmir. Intervention is necessary."

The earpiece she wore buzzed. Kashmir nodded, banking around a corner, and slowing up some for a potential course correction. She put a hand to the ear wearing the piece.

" Hostiles?" she asked.

Silence, then.

"Stay tuned. We don't have details yet, but go to ____, and ____ for interception. Read?"

Kashmir nodded again, orienting herself mid air towards her new coordinates.

"Loud and clear. Kashmir out!"

Picking up speed back to 100 mph, Kashmir raced along. First her adventure with Arrowman some time ago, now this solo outing. But she was excited. Lips tugging upwards. She was excited to see what she could do for the US today.

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