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Electric Highway (Open)

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Electric Highway (Open) Empty Electric Highway (Open)

Post by Skyscraper March 17th 2013, 7:58 pm

Skyscraper had just been dismissed from the tournament. He wasn't too disappointed about his loss. He just had to become that much stronger. However, he did have a little bit of steam to let off from his little altercation. He was frustrated with himself for not being fast enough or strong enough to defeat her. That altercation however did spark up a fuse inside of him that influenced him not only to get stronger to rule humans. However, that had no meaning anymore. He wanted to reign over meta humans as well. He wanted to become unbeatable, he wanted to become an all powerful machine that could never be stopped.

He would fly past a highway that was in the middle of a jam. He took a deep breath and looked down at the traffic and sighed. "I'm gonna wreck it!" He shouted as he charged two orbs of electricity in his hands and launched both orbs of electricity at the traffic. As they landed it caused a huge concussive force knock cars away as he laughed. He would send two lightning bolts from his finger tips straight at two more cars sending them flying as he put his hands up and laughed more. "Havoc! Chaos! Destruction! Yes!"

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Electric Highway (Open) Empty Re: Electric Highway (Open)

Post by Saileyra April 24th 2013, 12:15 pm

Saileyra wouldn't be too far from the scene she had been on top of a building watching the lightning people dying. She had to test her capabilities somewhere, this would be the place she'd like to think. Albeit, she didn't really care for the people at the moment she really needed to know her capabilities where she was currently. Jumping from the building, she slid down the sides as the enclosure borne electricity. Jumping off the building her diamond carbonate boots worne into the glass and she bounded off the thick encloser causing her weight to collapse the two story buildings window allowing her to bound off it. With a twist f her weight she landed down on the ground in front of the kid her eyes scanning him.

Magenta hues watching as she was ten feet away from him, fingers reached to her hip and she pulled her blade. Xetakka' pulled from it's hilt as it flared to life the scream chaotic as her edge resounded from the hilt. Radiation seeped from the blade Sai's x-cells adapted. Her eyes stared at him, destruction? Inside it called, her own need for destruction. Hell, he did something wrong. Why not correct him? Why not show him how superior she was on all levels. Staring, the blade was drawn and it's screaming had resounded. The unnatural blade created from the primordial soup of the galaxy. Ores of meteors crashing into each other carbonizing from the stellar oxidization of hydrogen from the big bang forming this stellar-diamond.

Sai's blade crafted from this it was unnatural, non-conductive, and was razor sharp. Arching the blade across from her she pulled the trigger, two rounds were fired from the impact pistol her reaction time instant. It was ridiculous, the fire came in his direction the bullets aimed for his lung cavity. It was there the mercury inside the round would heat and broil, on impact, the bullet would explode from the hollow tip round and shrapnel the wound. The mercury would expand and burn his skin off in seconds. Considering the rounds were star-diamond to a brittle degree it would snap into caustic radiation based shrapnel. It would cause cellular abundance and eventually radiation poisoning.

Electric Highway (Open) SaiSig_zpsbe04a7d2
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