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Seventeen 2: Electric Boogaloo

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INV ONLY Seventeen 2: Electric Boogaloo

Post by Rowan Eldraine on September 14th 2020, 11:28 pm

The glade was unnaturally still save for the wind blowing through the trees and occasionally the few remaining birds brave enough letting out their chirping songs. This clearing was where mortality and the transcendent beyond touched, where sensitive enough humans or unfortunate enough ones were able to slip through. The scene before him suggested no human interference however, just something beyond that turned Rowan’s stomach. What was once nature was something else. Trees that weathered the millennia with leaves that caught light like so many jewels now dripping with inky black corruption.

Writhing abominations locked within throes of pain drug themselves across the forest floor, burning and turning the grass under them. When they opened their mouths, loud and pain croaking sounds issued from destroyed throats. It made Rowan hurt, feeling the deep spiritual voices of pain that worked from them. As if clawed hands had grasped his gut and began to twist them into tight knots. His fingers grew taught around the body of his bow, nocking an arrow and taking aim at the large form of what could have once been a deer.

Large red eyes peering out from a sludgy black, dripping body. He hated humans.

The arrow flew with a whistle, air enveloping the projectile infused with his own mana. It ripped through the black form of the deer and tore apart the blasphemous form and sent scraps of tarry waste splattering across a nearby tree. It carried the ruined deer back a few feet, slamming against the ground and drawing the attention of a few birds crawling across the ground alongside rabbits and anything else that was likely waiting for anything living and animal to come. What he was drew their attention even more. Even as the now dead target began to fade from existence, the others let out trumpeting screeches.

Tarry wings came out, and soon they took flight with speeds that he didn’t expect.

Leaping from the thick branch he was perched upon, Rowan landed on the ground with a reverberation through shot through his entire body. It stung but not enough to hurt. Without wasting time, he darted off into the forest while letting off what shots he could through the thick, enclosing branches around him.

Breaking beyond the dimensional bounds into the mortal world happened within a few minutes into his chase, gashes that cut through his armor as well as along his arms, legs and cheeks showing. Small patches of blood clinging to the fur armor he had crafted for himself. What few creatures he could destroys were back within the borders between worlds and he was running through thick bushes of what could at this moment be called a park. His body was wracked with cutting pain, as well as exhaustion, though that didn’t slow down his movements and reactions.

Ducking and weaving around deadly sharp talons, avoiding as much of the corruption as he could, bringing his bow back around like a cudgel and smacking another corrupted bird against the ground. He didn’t even think about what was around him, until he saw a few humans and pulling the hood up and drew the glamour over his ears. There was so much he didn’t want anyone seeing.

Once they saw the choicer prey, multiple corrupted animals split from him and attacked anything nearbye.
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