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Seventeen 2: Electric Boogaloo

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INV ONLY Seventeen 2: Electric Boogaloo

Post by Rowan Eldraine September 14th 2020, 11:28 pm

The glade was unnaturally still save for the wind blowing through the trees and occasionally the few remaining birds brave enough to remain letting out their chirping songs. This clearing was where mortality and the transcendent beyond touched, where sensitive enough humans or unfortunate enough ones were able to slip through. The scene before him suggested no human interference however, just something beyond that turned Rowan’s stomach. What was once nature was something else. Trees that weathered the millennia with leaves that caught light like so many jewels now dripping with inky black corruption.

Writhing abominations locked within throes of pain drug themselves across the forest floor, burning and turning the grass under them. When they opened their mouths, loud and pained croaking sounds issued from destroyed throats. It made Rowan hurt, feeling the deep spiritual voices of pain that worked from them. As if clawed hands had grasped his gut and began to twist them into tight knots. His fingers grew taught around the body of his bow, nocking an arrow and taking aim at the large form of what could have once been a deer.

Large red eyes peering out from a sludgy black, dripping body. He hated humans.

The arrow flew with a whistle, air enveloping the projectile infused with his own mana. It ripped through the black form of the deer and tore apart its blasphemous form and sent scraps of tarry waste splattering across a nearby tree. It carried the ruined deer back a few feet, slamming against the ground and drawing the attention of a few birds crawling across the ground alongside rabbits and anything else that was likely waiting for anything living and animal to come. What he was drew their attention even more. Even as the now dead target began to fade from existence, the others let out trumpeting screeches.

Tarry wings came out, and soon they took flight with speeds that he didn’t expect.

Leaping from the thick branch he was perched upon, Rowan landed on the ground with a reverberation through shot through his entire body. It stung but not enough to hurt. Without wasting time, he darted off into the forest while letting off what shots he could through the thick, enclosing branches around him.

Breaking beyond the dimensional bounds into the mortal world happened within a few minutes into his chase, gashes that cut through his armor as well as along his arms, legs and cheeks showing. Small patches of blood clinging to the fur armor he had crafted for himself. What few creatures he could destroys were back within the borders between worlds and he was running through thick bushes of what could at this moment be called a park. His body was wracked with cutting pain, as well as exhaustion, though that didn’t slow down his movements and reactions.

Ducking and weaving around deadly sharp talons, avoiding as much of the corruption as he could, bringing his bow back around like a cudgel and smacking another corrupted bird against the ground. He didn’t even think about what was around him, until he saw a few humans and pulling the hood up and drew the glamour over his ears. There was so much he didn’t want anyone seeing.

Once they saw the choicer prey, multiple corrupted animals split from him and attacked anything nearby.
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INV ONLY Re: Seventeen 2: Electric Boogaloo

Post by FantasyBound January 23rd 2021, 7:22 pm

‘Drip, drip, drip...’

There were several puddles of water inside this rather run-down restroom out in the middle of what was a rather barren park, Takuma swore it was about one in ten people here probably had some form of a criminal record, that or it was just him making unnecessary and rather blunt observations based on appearances.
Takuma sniffed the air, a poor decision he sorta held back a choking cough, holding up a closed fist to catch it.
Looks, or scent. Smells like somebody died then poured a bunch of alcohol onto the corpse.
Takuma thought to himself, staring into the mirror while scrubbing the outside of some white sneakers he found in a ditch the other day with a brush. The brown stains mostly coming out from the leather-like material but leaving the shoes with irremovable caramel hues staining what would have been really nice running shoes.

Barefoot, Takuma began tapping his feet with the scrubbing, a rhythm coming to mind he began operating in a more synchronized manner. Really getting into the sound of the music playing inside his head he closed his eyes and nodded his head, little bobs making his curly hair dance around a bit, some of it coming out of place from the pulled back style and ending up in his face, he swept it around with fingers covered in tap water in hopes for it to stay in place and even furthering his groove of motion.

Shaking his head, tapping his feet, and moving a bit side to side, fingers drumming against the damaged sink with the water running after he taps the button, sometimes a bit more than he needs, double taps, triple, quadruple as he kept playing around with the rhythm.
Takuma began humming, reaching a real peak of enthusiasm! Some shuffling and Takuma froze, turning around he noticed somebody has taken one of the stalls well he wasn’t looking, too distracted with his little fiasco that somebody was already in the stall and heard the whole humming thing. But then a click sounded and so did Takuma’s brain click together.

They must have seen the whole show, but was it embarrassing? Not at all.

“I hope you enjoyed the show!”

Nothing from them, Takuma picked up his stuff and shaking his head, walked outside by pushing the door with his hip, catching against his belt around his pair of jeans he was capable of moving the door handle just enough to make it out, arms full of some cleaned clothing, shoes, and bags. Takuma made his way to a bench and sat down after placing his stuff right where he would sit down. Digging through his clothing, already wearing a plain white tank top and one of several pairs of jeans, he pulled out one of the socks he had before and slipped it on his foot, reaching for the other his hand brushed against what ha assumed it was, but pulling it out it wasn’t the same color, another random sock.

A small annoyed huff made its way from the boy as he grabbed his bag and set it on his lap, digging through it he couldn’t find anything, frustrated even further he more aggressively tossed the bag onto his back and marched back into the restroom, digging around with one foot with its shoe and the other foot without anything on, unable to locate his sock. Takuma growled and threw his arms in the air, thinking how it just had t be today that he would be losing another sock! He made his way back out and slammed the door, hearing screaming from some woman out in the distance he held his hands up by his head, freaked out by the sound he initially thought it was regarding him or one of this parks weird and sketchy people, but something was also registering inside of his head, something felt gross.

Takuma peered around the corner, this feeling was both unfamiliar but he understood it was because something weird was nearby and Qualm’s sensory powers were picking up on them, and from what he learned, a lot of weird things like to hurt people.

Takuma ducked back and dug through his bag, pulling out a duck mask he put the little plastic strap behind his head, grabbing some duct tape he spun it round the cheap fragile cord to hold it together as he slipped it on. Shaking his head to test the tightness he grabbed his slingshot and pellets tin, the round casing spun into his hand he slipped it into the palm of his hand, flipping the lid with his thumb he snuck fourteen pellets, sticking them in between his left pinky and ring finger, six in his pinky and eight in his ring finger. Tightly gripping the handle of his slingshot he got one of the pellets already loaded, spinning it in his fingers and twisting it in the small leather piece until he found the center. Leaping from the side of the building in his ridiculous mask he held his slingshot up and tried to gather what he could from the scene, the senses where not wrong once again.

Takuma took aim for one of the winged animals, building up scenarios in his head in which he would be attacked, he didn’t have any chance against a flying foe, so pulling back one of these pellets would find its mark into the chest of one of the birds, it dropped considerably before swooping up and finding to get rid of the stone thrower, flew towards Takuma.

Takuma pulled another small shot into the sling, after finding the right spot the first time readying the second shot was nothing to him, a quick pull and the second one was fired off right where the first was shot, the hawk finally released a screech as it crashed into the wall beside him.

Takuma made an assumption with these things being sorta normal animals, they must have been possessed or something, and something enhanced them as the first shot didn’t take them down when normally it would have found its way into the bird and in one shot should have killed it. That and the guy with the whole rugged huntsman getup and the bow seemed to be fighting them, was he a hero of some sorts?

Takuma got more shots ready, the animals still moving erratically, he was worried if one caught him what would happen, as he wasn’t very durable, and against presumably the weakest target he could hardly injure.
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INV ONLY Re: Seventeen 2: Electric Boogaloo

Post by Zonkes January 31st 2021, 2:42 am


He had seen it.

The hotel bed was scratchy, and the television did very little to calm the voices in his head. He had been forced to take the antipsychotics that he had managed - barely - to steal off of another homeless person. The ghosts had quieted down, and he had managed a few moments of blissful sleep.

“Dante,” Supermodel Jennifer Parks said to the dream version of Dante. “I need you.” Dante grinned sheepishly, and nodded… then she turned into a sheep, and Dante was suddenly very much not interested in that. So he adjusted the dream, and found himself looking over a flock of sheep. “Alright, let’s see… What’s on the itinerary for today…” He checked his list, and found his flock were replaced with cardboard cutouts of sheep. He sighed, and began to walk down to find out what had happened.

As he walked, crook in hand, he heard something. Crashing hooves, and screams of pain from inhuman throats. Dante felt something land on his shoulder, and when he looked; he found a bullfrog. It croaked in his ear, and Dante reached out to touch it when something landed on the frog. A black substance that quickly took over his form. The creature screamed in his ears, and latched onto Dante’s skin. Immediately, Dante blasted the creature off him with fire.

He sucked in breath, and began breathing deeply. He closed his eyes to get his bearings, but the tar stuck to his ear where the frog had bitten him. It might’ve been the worst pain he had ever felt. Even after the month of torture and “initiation”, this pain was still worse. He began to shriek in his sleep, so much so that he heard the knocking at the door. But he couldn’t wake. He turned around, and saw to his horror a forest burning. Not from flame, but from corruption.

He looked and saw himself, blind. Covered in a dark teal robe with cyan swirls and writing covering it. He held in his hands a flaming scythe with an eye beside the blade.

”Humanity’s constructed plight has brought a magical blight. A guardian stands tall, but without ally’s will surely fall. The other Dante said, waving a vague hand towards the woods where there was a boy around his age perched in the branches. He saw as arrows flew towards dark flying shapes, and didn’t find purchase. ”The fate of the world rests in our hands, but not ours alone.” In shadow, there were individuals. He couldn’t make out how many, or even any facial features. But without even thinking, he could sense they were people of power.

He nodded. “Where is it?”


Dante hadn’t slept all week. It was a long bus ride to this place. He steadied himself and pulled the hood up on his dark teal hoodie. The bus driver had promised to help him off the bus when they arrived at the nearest bus stop to his location, but after that he had to rely on the staff he had fashioned as a walking stick to avoid getting hit by a car. Alright, here we go. He tapped his staff in the street, and allowed himself to move forward. He had a very quick vision of himself being hit by a car going way too fast, and backed off the street. The car swerved, and managed to avoid him with a honk. Maybe a seeing eye dog wouldn’t be a bad idea. A female voice popped up, bright and cheery. ”Babe, you don’t need a dog... I’ll be your puppy.” Nina purred to her ex-boyfriend, turned victim, turned murderer. ”If I wanted the help of a psychopathic acrobat, I’d go to Mad Jack’s girlfriend, Kitty. He said, but motioned her forward anyway. ”You can help me cross the street? He asked the ghost, and she nodded. ”Course I can. I can still…. Whatever the ghost version of seeing is. Dante nodded. ”And why would you?” Nina shrugged. ”Be a shame to see your pretty face smeared all over the concrete. Besides, would be a wasted effort if we let you die before you brought the Darkness to our world.” Oh yeah. He had forgotten for even a brief second that he was destined to bring an end to the world himself someday… great.... ”Fine. Lead the way.”

Dante followed the ghost, through darkness. She stopped him whenever he was about to fall or hit something he wasn’t supposed to hit. Soon, he heard the sounds from his dream. They had been travelling through the trees for about an hour now, and he came into the glade around the same time as a vision hit him of a tar colored bird sweeping down to take his useless eyes. He breathed in, and held his staff upward. Dante swept the staff out as a lash of flame swept out from the top.

The bird made a horrific sound, even more shrill than it made when it was corrupted, and Dante winced. He heard and felt the cyan flames connect as the whooshing cyan flame took the poor creature. It was in such agony, that it just writhed on the ground. He scratched the star shaped scar on his chest, that glowed with an angry green light. ”...god I’m so sorry for what I’ve done to you…” He whispered beneath his breath as he stared toward where the creature lay dying.

He looked towards where he knew the boy in the branches stood, and looked to him. ”What has done this?” Dante had a feeling he knew the response, but felt the need to ask anyway.

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INV ONLY Re: Seventeen 2: Electric Boogaloo

Post by Chellizard February 27th 2021, 1:18 am

48 Hours Ago

"No! You can't make me!" she screamed, anger rising through her as she looked her foster parents in the eyes. She was seventeen, her birthday literally in two days, and she was trying to pack her bags and leave.

"I won't stay," her voice was stern, steady, and surprisingly calm. Hazel eyes bore into them both, her arms crossed over her chest, and a scowl etched across her face. "I'm turning eighteen, and after that, I'm gone." She would roll her eyes as her foster parents continued on, droning on how they wouldn't be able to afford to live there anymore if she left.

"I don't care what you do with the checks you get from the government, either. It's not like you ever give me anything else, anyway." full brat was coming out as she seethed with rage. She felt her blood boiling as she attempted to stand her ground. It was typical that they would care about the money instead of her well being. She was hurt, tears threatening to spill over. She sniffled a bit, and cleared her throat.

Opening her mouth to say something, she closed it and decided against it. It wasn't worth the effort. Turning away from them, she shrugged the strap of her messenger bag over her shoulder and slipped out the front door. Nothing could keep her here. Not even a warm bed.

Shrill cries for help stirred her from her slumber. She had been crashing on benches in the local park, and made sure to use the benches on the back trails to avoid people. They rarely wandered this far out during the day, let alone at night.

Wiping sleep from her eyes, she then used her breath to try and thaw her icy fingers. She shivered a bit, the cool air nipping at the end of her nose and tips of her ears. She rubbed her hands together a few more times before blinking the final remnants of sleep from her conscious mind.

Bleary eyed, Cyrilla finally realized there was rabid animals attempting to attack a few children running through the park. As they did, she noticed a boy with a slingshot type device shooting small round bullets at the creatures. They were inky black, and looked like their flesh was boiling and almost melting in a way. It made her stomach churn. The poor birds, raccoons, and other small park life was running for the nearest person.

A rabid raccoon covered with the dripping, vile darkness made it's way toward Cyrilla. She let out a scream and grabbed her bag, making a run for the boy with the slingshot. Maybe he would be able to help her.

As she was making her way to Takuma, she realized there was another figure covered in fur and some kind of armor standing at the opposite end of the park, a few more of the creatures making their way back to him. As her gaze crossed the from the boy in wolf's clothing, she laid eyes upon a boy that looked vaguely familiar. It was as if she had met him before.

A shrill screeching caw from a crow that had been taken over by the disgusting tar would dive down at Cyrilla. She let out a cry for help and turned, running as fast as she could for Takuma, making to duck behind of him. He had a weapon. She had watched him knock one of the creatures out of the air.

"Get em!!" she cried out, panic in her voice as she forced herself behind of the curly haired male. "Shoot another! Go!" she cried out again, the idea of facing these things not exactly what she had in mind for her birthday.

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INV ONLY Re: Seventeen 2: Electric Boogaloo

Post by Rowan Eldraine February 27th 2021, 2:45 pm

There was one thing he knew about beings infected by The Blight and it was they hated all things that lived. Humans tended to be their favorite targets when they were available, not that he held any love for them.  Should some humans die due to their own sins, well that would have been justice within his own eyes but that also meant ignoring the innocent souls that could have been lost within the incursion. So this compelled the halfling and ranger to fight against these corrupted beings, attempting to ignore the cries of their souls for release. Death was not what he wanted to give them but that was all he could give now that they were consumed.

A low sighed worked through his lips, stringing another arrow ready to strike down a corrupted rabbit when something struck it in the head and sent the hopping monster careening. The blow was not enough to kill it but enough to stun it for a few seconds. Enough time dor the arrow to catch it through the ribs and pin it against the ground. There was a second of struggle, the spiritual voice ripping through his mind until it fell still and was reduced to pulpy sludge. Even still it left his heart heavy, eyes feeling misty for a moment before that constant surge of anger towards the fleeing humans rose.

This was their fault.

That was when someone else arrived, bringing green fire and a question. ”A stain called humanity,” Was all he said through a voice colored with anger, preternatural reflexes sending more arrows imbued with wind mana through birds trying to rake blight coated talons through the flesh of fleeing innocents. No, they weren’t innocent. ”don’t let the blight touch you, it’ll corrupt you if you’re lucky,” Without thinking he leapt to the ground, slamming the hard yew bow against the skull of a corrupted wolf, stunning but not killing it. ”if you care about the lives of these humans you should get them to safety, these won’t be the last of them,” A human screamed, aggravating his sensitive ears.

”If you’re not any good in a fight, get out of my way,
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