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Wright Price's Epic Armory

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Wright Price's Epic Armory Empty Wright Price's Epic Armory

Post by Wright Price on January 15th 2012, 7:55 pm

The Wright Price's Amazing Armory, Better Than Yours

Today, you will be taken on a journey of amazement, as I, The Wright Price, take you through my extensive armory. We will see things such as my favorite weapons, all of which are modified to my own taste, as well taking a view of my amazing vehicles of choice!

We start the tour with my favorite weapon. I call her Mindy!
Wright Price's Epic Armory N5obo2
Mindy is my pride and joy. I take her everywhere I go! Although I don't have a walking issue, a man of my stature in society should always carry a cane to prove his worth to the world!

Next on the tour is my favorite handgun! I named him Ted.
Wright Price's Epic Armory 23jk100
Ted has been with me since I was young. My dear father gave it to me when i was 10 years old, and I've taken great care of it since then.

These are the weapons I keep on my person at all times. Being The Wright Price, I have alot of enemies who would love to kill me. But, as everyone of them has learned, that is far easier said then done!

Even with my combat prowess, there are situations where I simply can't afford to put aesthetics over practicality. Because of this, I have secondary weapons that I love to use. But, because they are unsightly and unpractical to carry around, I only use them when it is absolutely necessary!

The first of these weapons is my strongest blade, Theresa!
Wright Price's Epic Armory 2it5yli
As you can see, Theresa would be far from practical for me to carry around! I do love her all the same for her destructive abilities. Incredibly sharp, it's no effort to cleave a Hummer in two. I do miss that hummer though. It got me some places, that's for sure. ANYWAY, moving on!

Last of our weapons is my own Rapid Fire TMP, Mariah!
Wright Price's Epic Armory 33b0fgn
Mariah is a spitfire in a gun's casing. She doesn't play around, so it's highly unpractical to use her in crowded areas. Unless of course I attend a Harbinger convention.

Sometimes, conventional weaponry isn't enough to convey my full meaning. That's why on occasion I must enlist the help of my friend, Pepper.
Wright Price's Epic Armory 121spaf
Pepper is a China Lake 40mm Grenade Launcher. Very rarely do I use her, but when I do, my point gets across very quickly.

Of course these aren't my only weapons, but the rest are merely generic blades and guns. Each of my weapons is hand crafted by yours truly, each blade and bullet coated with a superheated titanium alloy and fine-tuned to be far superior to the average weaponry.

Next on our tour is the garage. Being as rich and fabulous as I am, I have no shortage of wonderous whips to ride around in.

First is my own Suzuki Katana, custom made, of course.
Wright Price's Epic Armory 350jbep
I use this baby when I feel like going hog wild.

Next up is my own custom Bugatti Veyron, 2012 Edition.
Wright Price's Epic Armory 23shn2h
This is my "getaway vehicle". Able to reach up to 95 mph in a matter of seconds, this baby means business. When needed, I store extra weapons in the trunk for long excursions.

To wrap up our tour, I would like to thank you all for attending. It was such a delight to astound the lesser people with my amazing wealth. So with that, I bid you ado, and remember, The Price is always Wright.
Wright Price
Wright Price

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