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The Epic Heist

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INV ONLY The Epic Heist

Post by Red Ring May 4th 2017, 7:24 pm

The Glitch waits within an alleyway, watching the street in front of him. An Epique truck is going to come by carrying valuable cargo, if his source was correct. Guarded fiercely, but nothing the Red Ring believes he can't handle - maybe one super, but it's not like he's not equipped to battle supers.

Even if he wasn't, this heist was important to him - the glitches he experiences. The pain he goes through. A definite limiting factor in his ability to battle against those so-called heroes. And that stabilizer will end the pain, removing this obstacle in his path, allowing him to venture forth into his true goals.

He would smile if this form had a mouth. The plan is in motion. Everything will go according to plan, and nobody - human or super, no matter their strength - will stop him from getting his hands on that stabilizer, ending the pain, and then, following through with future plans.

And if anyone gets in his way...? He'll just have to remove them, by force.
Red Ring
Red Ring

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INV ONLY Re: The Epic Heist

Post by Jossalyn Packard May 5th 2017, 1:42 pm

There was a sparkle in the night sky, a sky filled with stars, lights on planes, and the bright light of the Epique-sponsored metahuman, Photon, a level three with photokinetic powers who could have easily been a drone, a plane, or something else. The air was frigid at this height, but it was nothing that her light couldn’t take care of as she trailed at what she considered a disappointing speed high up in the air, behind the truck. Normally a human without enhanced senses wouldn’t be able to see so far below, but the visor on Photon’s eyes allowed the British woman to pick up things much further away than they normally could. Something made her halt - the meta detector. It was going off, but she couldn’t detect anything else below - her tech would have to be adapted later on to do that.

Her eyes furrowed, and the cube of lights trailing behind her and around her shifted into three sided shapes before returning to their original shape, a result of her emotional state. She would decide to be patient, to see if there was an attack. This wasn’t her first solo mission, but it was one of her most important. The adaptive power stabilizer was part of the future of metahuman sciences, and would help define the world for those who were less fortunate in their abilities; she wasn’t about to lose sight of the injection.

As soon as the truck was struck by the meta, Photon would strike from above, and dish out punishment against the perpetrator, if they were bold enough to strike at all. The armored truck, no different from any other armored truck fueled by electricity, continued to drive along the dark street lit only by moonlight and the rays being cast by streetlights. Photon knew that they were working on a new armored truck service, but they had foregone any further reinforcements for the adaptive power stabilizer aside from her and standard non-Corporate Security Force armed guards. If she weren’t here, it would be easy pickings, and her tactical training told her that. Were they just banking on the fact that no one had been dumb enough to strike an Epique truck before? Everyone knew what happened to the last suspect, and though no charges were ever brought against Epique for that people could still figure it out.

The hope for the 27 year old Photon, whose real name was Gwen Price, was that the metahuman wouldn’t attack, and that if they did she could easily dispatch them with her combat training. The armed guards weren’t going to do much against a meta if they were strong enough, and so Photon would have to protect them. She didn’t like needless casualties occurring when she had the power to stop them; people often tried to use that against her in combat, but it gave an advantage that was as slight as the minimal training of the guards, and could in fact fuel her combat, meaning that it just wasn’t worth using them. Photon wasn’t a hero. She was a corporate agent, and though more moral than some of her counterparts, she still carried out black operations. That meant this kind of thing would normally be child’s play for her, but the shipment was important, and the CSF was stretched thin defending other areas in a time of activity.

Soon, though, every armed guard in the fleet would undergo CSF training as the shipping company was absorbed into Epique’s shipping branch, and the armored cars would be enhanced. Then Photon would have people to command who were more than casualties just waiting to happen. That would make things much easier for people like Gwen Price and her alter ego. While the public liked to look at metas and think they were much more capable than normal humans, they were just people. People needed all the help that they could get, even when they had the training that Photon did.
Jossalyn Packard
Jossalyn Packard

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