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The Creature

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The Creature

Post by The Damned on November 3rd 2011, 11:27 pm

Real Name: Christopher Stevens
Villain Name: The Creature
Title: The Living Science Experiment
Alignment: Villain
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Race: Monstrosity
Hair: None
Eyes: Black
Height: 7'2"
Weight: 400 Lbs.

Costume Description/Image: No costume; only pants, Chris finds clothes to be restricting with his body's new form.

Personality: Chris is not the greatest person in the world. He is greedy, arrogant, selfish, and overconfident, but can be extremely loyal if the situation is right. He is guarded, well articulated, and in emotional control. If he doesn't want something to slip, he isn't going to let it slip. On the outside, he is a very funny man and can lie himself out of most situations.

Before his accident, Chris was a decent looking man, who cared greatly about his appearance. So now when someone gives him an odd look or comments on his appearance, he is very likely to respond in an aggressive way.

Chris is very perceptive. He is a good tracker and scout because of his quick, sharp eyes and his above-average ability at following trails left by unwary travelers. His high perception also gives him the edge in mechanical repair and (if the situation warrants it) destruction.

He enjoys scientific and mechanical pursuits, and he is skilled in them. He is also knowledgeable in medicine, but he dislikes it, and therefor his skill is limited when not dealing with machines, weapons, and robots. His intelligence also lends him to be somewhat of an explosives expert.

Chris is power-hungry and ambitious, and in the words of Ceasar, he has a lean look in his eye. He wants to his life out in relative comfort, and enjoy all of the spoils of doing so.

History: After discovering their child was born with a rare neurological disorder called Wundt’s Syndrome, Christopher Stevens’ parents made the impossible decision to place their son in a medically-induced coma at the age of seven, a last act of desperation to stave off the potentially fatal effects of his disease. They prayed he could survive long enough in this state for a cure to be found.

Eight years later, the boy miraculously recovers, with the help of a temporary cure recently discovered!

Having awoken in an unfamiliar city, the Stevens’ child searched desperately for the whereabouts of his parents, though his doctors remained tight-lipped on the subject. But the boy was relentless, and at last they broke the news to him that his parents had died in an earthquake three years prior to his revival. Devastated, he became sullen and uncooperative with his doctors, giving them no other option but to release him to the adoption system.

Now a ward of the state, Chris was placed in an orphanage, withdrawing even further into himself. Though his medication kept the Wundt’s Syndrome at bay, the side-effects of the disease remained, and the child found that he was infinitely more perceptive of his surroundings than any other. This distinction only served to cement the idea that he was alone in this world. Feeling abandoned and restless, the teen wished for nothing more than the day he could leave this prison and set out on his own. His prayers were answered when two super-powered beings brought their fight to his room at the orphanage, wrecking the building and providing a means for his escape. Having been caught in the crossfire, Chris stumbled away from the scene to a nearby alleyway, where he succumbed to his injuries and lost consciousness.

Upon waking several hours later Chris found that his meds had been destroyed in the fight and that if he didn't find more soon his disease would start quickly ravaging his body. Heading back to the hospital Chris ran into a seedy looking man by the name of Giles, the man informed Chris that he could make him any drug he wanted. Desperate for help Chris trusted the stranger.

After a long trip Chris found himself outside a large warehouse in a crummy neighborhood. Following Giles' down a hallway and into a hastily made laboratory, Chris say the remains of body parts and grotesque mutations everywhere, but before he could act Giles' smashed him in the back of the head with a brick and Chris was down for the count.

Several hours later Chris awoke and found he was strapped to a large table with all types of tubes and wires hooked into his skin. It took him almost a minute to realize his skin was now a odd shade of green while his hands were a light purple and he suddenly had four arms! Noticing his prisoner was awake Giles walked over to what use to be Chris and explained that he had modified Chris' DNA to make the perfect lab assistant, he was strong, intelligent and had multiple arms to build things faster.

Giles kept Chris prisoner forcing him to read books on medicine and mechanics, while in his spare time he was forced to either build weapons or fight other abominations for Giles entertainment.

This lasted for several years, not because Chris couldn't escape but he didn't know where to go. He knew no matter where he went he would be considered a freak and would be shunned. So he continued to live his life, and over time grew to enjoy the fights and reading the books.

But one day Chris awoke to Giles screaming and clutching his heart. The old bastard had a heart attack and died at the feet of Chris who just stood over him with a twisted smile on his mutated face. Now knowing what to do or where to go Chris stayed at Giles' warehouse and continues to build weapons for highest bidders. In a odd way Chris is grateful to what Giles did too him and considers him the father figure he never had.

When Chris isn't busy creating powerful weapons he is out stealing items for his creations or finding some poor sap to test his newest device out on.

Powers: Chris has superhuman levels of strength and endurance, those coupled with his four arms make him a dangerous foe.
But his greatest weapon is his mind and the cunning weapons he develops.

Power Grid:
STR: 6
SPD: 2
END: 4
INT: 6
EP: 0
FS: 4

Power Grid colours: Black and Green.

Rp Sample: It was a warm muggy day, the sun sat high in the sky, while the smell of blood and rust filled Chris' small laboratory. Every wall was either covered with rows of books or shelves full of unfinished science projects, In the center of the room was a metal table with wheels, covered with various sharp objects and surgery tools. Lying in a broken heap next to the cart was a dirty homeless man Chris' had lured to his lair with promises of food and shelter. "Your stinking up the place." Chris said in a mocking tone as he kicked the huddled man soundly in the ribs, he felt 3 or 4 crack under the weight of his kick. Grabbing the man by the scruff of his neck Chris laid him against a wall so he was in a sitting upright position. With one of his arms, Chris grabbed a long syringe filled with a warm green liquid, and with a twisted smile said "This will only hurt a moment." As he jammed the needle into the man's throat and watched as he rolled in screamed in misery, the whole time chuckling softly to himself.

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Re: The Creature

Post by The Damned on November 4th 2011, 12:00 am

The Damned

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Re: The Creature

Post by Illya on November 4th 2011, 12:21 am

Approved until stated otherwise
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Re: The Creature

Post by Archer Roland on November 4th 2011, 3:39 pm

This guy is a troll and Rinne banned him sometime this morning, just thought I'd let you know.

Archer Roland

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