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The Fall of Tiberius International

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The Fall of Tiberius International Empty The Fall of Tiberius International

Post by Halite October 16th 2011, 2:43 am

The line of sight outside would indicate that one was looking at a massive tower, one that was in Florida high above the other buildings situated in this specific area. Tampa Bay, Florida. The main location of Tiberius International. This large building was smack dab in the middle of the city and boasted an impressive roster of hardworking citizens all employed by Mr. Tiberius himself. They found their lives comfortable and the work was not too hard. This building was large for a very specific reason after-all. This was the location of the impressive research and development agency and the marketing agency. Deeming this the most important building in the entire corporation. Upon entering through those front doors, which where revolving and automated, one would notice the reception desk an a large main floor. Seemed that their where people walking about and it would appear to be quite normal. For in essence it really was. There was white tiles and white walls. Large projection monitors on the wall had the same message playing. It read: Tiberius International - The Worlds Leading Pharmaceutical Company. From here a group of suited men entered the building and held briefcases, heading up the stairway.

They made it up the first floor and pressed the button too indicate the elevators arrival. As they entered they seemed too mumble words among one another. A bit nervous was the taller one, and no one would ever understand why his hands where shaking exactly. As the elevator hit the executive level they exited and entered through security parameters before entering the one main room. It was a large white table, which was oval in shape. Fifty men sit in seats, twenty five on each side. With one man sitting farthest too the back. He had his elbows on the table and his ring was covered by his open palm. He stared quite awkwardly forward as he would glare at the men. Teeth gritting a bit as he spoke. A heavily Irish accent would be visible in his voice. "Why are ye here? I dun remember asking ye too come here boyos. I surggest you all explain this a wee bit." He stated as his eyes darted towards the shorter one. No one could see his eyes though. They where covered by the black shades which sat upon his chocolate skin. He would smirk a bit before awaiting the reply.

They would stall for a moment as they placed the suitcase upon the table and slide it towards the man. The man would reach out and grab the case, clicking the lockpad too pen it as he took out the folder which sat upon some organized neatly placed piles of cash. He looked in the folder and took out some papers. Reading upon them. Inside contained a floppy disc that had information that detailed how too create a highly advanced sleep inducing properties that could be released airborne. "Oh I love schematics. I tell you what boyo. You want a concoction capable of drugging and kidnapping the mayors daughter. Sounds fine and dandy, we can do that easily. However." He paused for a bit before sliding the briefcase back too the duo. Putting the file into his jacket pocket along with the floppy disc. "That would require for me too be a citizen on the wrong side of the law. I believe ye wasted your time and insulted my family name by coming here with such a request. Now get off me property before I have ye forcefully." He stated his words clearly as the duo panicked a bit. They grabbed the suitcase and headed too the elevators. As they slid shut they spoke too each other. "Dammit, we can never catch that guy doing anything illegal. So much for these disguises." The undercover officers stated.

The man smirked as he looked at the little monitor that popped out of the table. He stared at it and listened in on their little conversation. "I swear, these people get worse and worse as time goes on. They are always harassing me at my place of work, as if I actually have something that they can fine me on. I think its time that I give them a reason eh? What do ye think gentlemen?" He looked at the council of advisers who worked in his company, they all nodded and such. He stood up and made his presence known clearly. "Such honored employees. I, Abigail Tiberius am never one too attract public attention. I find it hard too believe that ye would all think of me in that way. I am deeply hurt." He joked as his signature laugh echoed throughout the meeting room. He would walk towards the entrance of the room and speak too them. "Keep the meeting going. I'm going out for a walk." He stated these words clearly as he exited the room. His own decoy would enter shortly after him, Idiots. They greeted him back as they all continued the meeting. Not suspecting the switch. Moments later in a far off security room Severity hit the pressure lock switch that they had installed into the room and then hit a little intercom.

"By the way. I don't really like the whole, ye people knowing about my private affairs. I run a legitimate business. So I think that ye are no longer reflecting what we look for in employees, ye do not enhance the goals for the future of the company. Considering this your resignation gentlemen." He stated boldly, hitting another button the room started too fill up with a very deadly gas. It was only the meeting room. Which was becoming more of a hazard as time wore on. It was quite deadly really, the gas, causing the people too spazz out and die. He had already devised a perfect plan. With his death the company would be left in charge by a close relative of his who would fund him on his future endeavors. For now however this tragedy had too seem real. Not really willing too sit here at his company and wait for the people too die off fully. He activated the automated defense system and put on a strange mask. It was a gas mask. The reason he put it on was because he unlocked the hydraulics in the air-filters, making it fill into every inch of the building.

He walked out of the Security room and brandished what appeared too be a pencil. Stabbing the fleeing workers in the throats as they got too near. His gas-mask looked like a skull, and his methods of killing off these people was quite...severe...It was all part of the master plan none the less. Fake his own death and then reap the benefits later. It was just unfortunate that the Law Enforcement had not left the building yet. They might have radioed in back-up, it was not clear as of what the direct course of action was however. With the gloves on he left no finger-prints as he opened doors and navigated his way down stairs. Reaching the entrance. He grasped hold of the metal counter. It was made of titanium alloy. His body started too change under his clothing. The reason for this action was quite obvious. Sirens. Sirens could be heard. He was just a man, so he would really need to activate his power in order too survive whatever onslaught was about too ensue. He cracked his neck too the side as speakers from outside could be heard. "You with the mask. Are you okay. Come outside slowly with your hands up. We will extract you." They stated as hostages ran out the building and such. Like ants scattering from a fire. He looked over too them and spoke. Loud enough for them too hear him as he walked too the front doors. He changed his voice. Making it deeper and a bit menacing "I wouldn't worry about me, you all are the ones who are about too get some severe bodily injury." He stated cautiously as the cops looked puzzled. Crows seemed too fly in strange and yet beautiful. They stopped in front of the building. Separating the cops from the man. They cops would call out too him. "Freeze Terrorist! Come outside fully with your hands up." They would talk too him from the intercom as they drew side-arms, waiting for his response. "Who is this guy..." One of them stated. He would then speak outwards towards them once more. "Dear boy, remember this name. I am Severity." He stated clearly as the wind brushed past them. They where at a stand still. He was reaching for something. Perhaps a weapon.


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