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The International Supers Organization

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The International Supers Organization Empty The International Supers Organization

Post by Pinnacle on August 6th 2019, 4:11 pm

The Overview

The International Supers Organization is a public sector online journalism site that operates in a similar fashion to Wikipedia, albeit a bit more closed off to public edits. The Organization's mission is to cover global supers activity as it pertains to current events, and to provide information about those individuals to the public.

It should be noted that as large as ISO is, it does not have perfect information; There are many powered individuals that either escape its knowledge entirely or of which they have incomplete data on. Additionally, the International Supers Organization suffers from journalistic biases and flaws in the same way that other media outlets suffer, and thus, the ratings and rating system used by ISO are not a 100% accurate way to gauge any individuals true potential.

The Rating System

F class - Below average capabilities. Perhaps possessing a powerset that is only a hindrance.
E class - Average capabilities. Regular people fit into this category.
D class - Great capabilities. Perhaps possessing unusual agility or skill, or a powerset that can perform up to peak human feats.
C class - Superhuman capabilities. Perhaps Possessing powers or equipment that allow for above peak human feats.
B class - Exceptional capabilities. Often immune to damage from D or lower sources.
A class - Astonishing capabilities. Able to dish out rather high damage. Can pretty much always blast through a material with time.
S class - Godly capabilities. People of this class can potentially level cities on their own.

The Subcategories

F class Strength - Weak Strength; cannot lift own body weight.
E class Strength - Average Strength: able to lift own body weight.
D class Strength - Great Strength; able to lift twice own body weight.
C class Strength - Superhuman Strength; able to lift up to 25 tons.
B class Strength - Exceptional Superhuman Strength; able to lift in the 25-75 ton range.
A class Strength - Astonishing Superhuman Strength; able to lift in the 75-100 ton range.
S class Strength - Godlike Strength; can lift an excess of 100 tons.

F class Durability - Weak Durability. Survivability worse than an average human.
E class Durability - Normal Durability. Survivability the same as an average human.
D class Durability - Great Durability. Can narrowly survive normally lethal wounds.
C class Durability - Superhuman Durability. Can shrug off all or most low to medium velocity attacks.
B class Durability - Exceptional Durability. Can shrug off regular bullets like nothing.
A class Durability - Astonishing Durability. Can shrug off armor piercing rounds like nothing.
S class Durability - Virtually indestructible. Can survive nearly any attack.

F class Speed - Below average speed.  Less than 15 MPH.
E class Speed - Average speed. Up to 15 MPH.
D class Speed - Great speed. Up to 40 MPH.
C class Speed - Superhuman speed. Up to 400 MPH.
B class Speed - Exceptional speed. Up to mach-1.
A class Speed - Supersonic speed. Up to Orbital Velocity.
S class Speed - Relativistic speed. Up to the speed of light or beyond. (Instant teleporters go here.)

F class Agility - Below average human kinesthetics. Reaction time of >300 milliseconds.
E class Agility - Average human kinesthetics. Reaction time of 270-300 milliseconds.
D class Agility - Above average to peak human kinesthetics. Reaction time of 240-269 milliseconds.
C class Agility - Superhuman kinesthetics. Reaction time of 200-239 milliseconds.
B class Agility - Exceptional kinesthetics. Reaction time of 140-199 milliseconds.
A class Agility - Astonishing kinesthetics. Reaction time of 100-139 milliseconds.
S class Agility - Unparalelled kinesthetics. Reaction time of >100 milliseconds.

F class Fighting - Poor fighter. Fights about as well as toilet paper fights water.
E class Fighting - Average fighter. Fights like an average untrained person.
D class Fighting - Great fighter. Fights with good proficiency or experience.
C class Fighting - Superhuman fighter. Fighting skills surpass peak human capabilities.
B class Fighting - Exceptional fighter. Demonstrates complete mastery over at least one form of combat.
A class Fighting - Astonishing fighter. Demonstrates complete mastery over several forms of combat
S class Fighting - Godlike fighter. Demonstrates complete mastery over myriad forms of combat.

F class Intelligence - Slow/Impaired. Below average intelligence. <90 IQ range.
E class Intelligence - Normal. Average intelligence. 90-110 IQ range.
D class Intelligence - Learned. Above average intelligence. 111-130 IQ range.
C class Intelligence - Gifted. High above average intelligence. 131-160 IQ range.
B class Intelligence - Genius. Certifiable genius intelligence. 161-200 IQ range.
A class Intelligence - Super-Genius. Certifiable super-genius intelligence. 201-250 range.
S class Intelligence - Pansophical. Off the charts intelligence. >250 IQ range.

F class Manipulation - Cannot manipulate any kind of energy or thing in any nonconventional sense.
E class Manipulation - Ability to discharge or manipulate at least one kind of energy or thing on contact.
D class Manipulation - Short range and/or duration.
C class Manipulation - Medium range and/or duration.
B class Manipulation - Long range and or duration.
A class Manipulation - Extremely long range and/or duration.
S class Manipulation - Virtually unlimited command of at least one form of energy.

The International Supers Organization PinnacleSig

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