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Chronicles Of The Library

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Chronicles Of The Library Empty Chronicles Of The Library

Post by Elena Vexus September 27th 2023, 7:40 pm

This is just gonna be some silly little stories that I kind of think up in my free time, and just need somewhere to record them instead of my phone notes and a notebook that I keep misplacing.

Not a whole lot of back story to this tbh. These probably wont be in any sort of order, just king of as I think of them. IDK where or when this will all take place, but we’ll just say a long time ago in the distant future in some multi-verse or another…

There is an organization known as The Library. After countless amounts of destruction, death, and lost knowledge across this known universe, one of the greatest powers that we’ve seen made themselves known. We’ll call this entity The Librarian. Their goal was very simple. To preserve knowledge. They wished to recover things lost, and prevent anything else from being lost to time. It was a simple goal, but with their intended reach wishing to span multiple dimensions they were going to need assistance. Within the hierarchy of The Library, The Librarian had two Assistants. There were three Galleries which contained multiple Books and Chapters. All of them were guardians of the knowledge they were collecting. In these stories we will typically be following the times and tales of the 3rd Gallery Member, Vermillion Vexus.

The Assistants and Galleries are not ranked by power, just in the order they were recruited. Assistants are typically far more powerful than the Gallery Members, and all of the Galleries have similar ability thresholds that are far above the Books, and further above the Chapters. There can be as many Books under a Gallery as they believe they can manage, and as many Chapters the Book believes they can handle under their leadership. And of course, The Librarian is revered as a God, at least by most.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“I heard that our Gallery is out on some crazy retrieval mission with an Assistant… We’re probably under the most powerful member…”
”Hah, yeah I agree. Feels safe. There’s been whispers of groups who really want us to stop doing what we’re doing. But with someone strong enough to keep up with the Assistants? I don’t think we have to worry”
”Yeahhh.. It’s just that, I think the 3rd Gallery is like our ‘Proxy’ commander or something. And to be honest, I’ve never even seen them before. Not even all of the Books under them have met. It’s wild. I don’t know how they even keep the order…”
”Oh…. Huh.. I.. I don’t know how I feel about that.”
These Chapters under the First Gallery were feeling uneasy about Vermillion’s supervision of their divisions. The Third Gallery was the smallest division of the three, but the Books and Chapters were rumored to be the most powerful. There’s never been any in-fighting or tournaments to prove the hierarchy, just field reporting.

The members under the Second Gallery have suffered some casualties during the raids from outside enemies. The Retrieval Mission the Assistant and Gallery 1 went on is more of a search and destroy. There have been some group classifications who have not taken nicely to The Library’s acquisitions. Where as all members within The Library view their goals as the right side of history, many view them as a tyrannical organization that is stealing and attempting to rewrite history. With no one but The Library having access to the knowledge they are obtaining, there is no telling what they may be doing with it. There have been undercover and double agents, bombings, full on coordinated raids, and heavy outside propaganda in attempts to sway current members to defect and spill the information about what goes on within The Library.

The absence of the assumed strongest Gallery was no exception.

The home location of The First Gallery was a cliff-side castle on an undisclosed island. Housing and hospitality was provided for all Books and Chapters that resided there. All members were dressed quite properly, the 1st Gallery was a very posh and polished individual and all of his subordinates followed suit. Throughout the sprawling hallways and mazes of staircases, there was a common area that was a little more populated than usual given their leader was out of the business. The desk at the head of the room where Gallery 1 typically sat and completed any office work was awkwardly vacant.
“Not even sure why they bothered with a babysitter. We are all quite literally grown adults…”
”I’m sure our leader trusts us on our own, but with the damage that’s been done to the Second Gallery, it might just be for protection..?”
”Can’t protect us if you’re not even here. I’ve always heard Gallery 3 was incredibly lazy, that’s why their unit is so small. Can’t be bothered to heard any more people…”
”Dude you can’t say stuff like that! I know #1 isn't here… And honestly he doesn’t even like #3…. But, insubordination is criminal in this organization. Even if you are Book 1.”
The 1st Book remained silent after the comment.
Another day passed, with no sign of Vermillion at the barracks of the 1st Gallery. Unbeknownst to anyone else besides the three Galleries and up, the 2nd Gallery was in critical condition after a recent attack on her residence. Vermillion was providing medical assistance to her and her injured subordinates. She would no doubt be bed ridden, but had it not have been for Vermillion’s rapid arrival they may have stuffed more damages.

It was a dark and stormy evening over the 1st Gallery residence. As cliche as it could be. Most of the Books and Chapters found themselves congregating in the common room yet again. Idle chatter, eating of snacks, nothing really worth mentioning. The rumble of thunder could be heard periodically out in the distance. There was a brief flash of lightning in the windows that ran the length of the common hall. The lights flickered for just moment, so brief most missed it if they had been blinking. One after the other, people in the room started to come to attention noticing a new person in the room. On top of their Master’s desk was someone in baggy sweats and an over sized hoodie. It was covered in haphazardly placed bleach stains. They were laying down incredibly comfortably, holding their phone above their head. The whispers began to turn into a roar before Book #2 effortlessly quieted the crowd.
”Identify yourself” She had her hand outstretched, charging some sort of attack aimed at the intruder.
They sat up quickly, causing the ball cap they had on to remain on the desk revealing short cut platinum hair. They grabbed it and put it on backwards, their light blonde hair poking through the adjustable space.
”I’m Vermillion Vexus, Gallery Number Three and your temporary commander.”
Book#2 who had their arm aimed at Vermillion slowly lowered their hand in disbelief. There was a deafening silence that shook the whole room, Vexus just smiled.
”I knew you all were fine, but I wouldn’t have been doing my job if I didn’t check in at least once…”they said swinging their feet over the edge of the desk and glancing back at everyone in the room. Vermillion could just tell they hated the fact they were sitting so causally at #1’s desk so they hopped down.
”I had JUST finished seeing the members of the second gallery, their Books and Chapters could use your good vibes. I’m sure you all heard the news. I was just collecting the information that I could, we all know how busy the assist—“ Vexus was cut off.
”Hope #2 is recovering.” said the 1st Book in a malicious tone.

Vermillion’s glare immediately shot to him, they raised a single finger and the Book was violently flung against one of the room’s large windows. It spiderwebbed and everyone let out a yell. Book 1 winced at the fast reaction.
The Books and Chapters in the room took to arms, aiming at Vexus.
”The condition of #2 was never released.” the threats began to subside, and Book 1 smirked. The remaining windows were shattered as dozens of outside operatives flew into the room. #1 had trained his constituents well, they reacted immediately and moved to combat the intruders. In a way that confused even Vexus, Book 1 released himself from the magical hold he was in. Placing his hands on the cracked window, it shattered completely with the shards like knives remaining in place before spearing themselves towards Vexus. A silver sand like substance moved to protect them, collecting and absorbing the glass into itself.
”Filthy mole.”
The grey sand rushed towards the now floating Book1. He bolted out of the building into the rain, dodging and weaving the sentient material’s advances. Vexus soon followed, remaining on a platform of this material with arms crossed. He laughed, proving he could fly far quicker than Vexus’ sand. The 3rd Gallery extended their arm and a multitude of bronze colored spell circles appeared around the area surrounding the traitor. They activated immediately constricting him in place, screaming in pain as bones broke. The sand writhed its way around his body as the magic faded. In a whipping motion, he was thrown back into the castle, not being released from the sand until he collided with on of the pillars leaving a mark from the impact. Vexus floated gracefully back in, noticing the numbers of combatants inside were dwindling on both sides.

Book 1 slammed his hands on the ground, the very structure began to warp and undulate even sucking in the unconscious members of the 1st Gallery. A disturbed looked crossed Vermillion’s face as the grey matter they had been manipulated roared to life yet again, quickly moving to save any members of The Library before they were absorbed into whatever monstrosity The Book was creating. This whole wing of the castle was began to transform and crumble as Vexus manipulated more and more of their matter attempting to save everyone. The sand moved itself through hallway after hallway carrying nearly every member of The Library down into the depth of the castle until it found its Apocalypse Shelter.

Meanwhile, Vexus watched in astonishment as this Book conjured up a Kaiju sized golem. Made from the castle, the island, and the bottom of the sea, it towered over the #1 Gallery HQ, every step creating massive waves that battered what was left of the castle.
”Hahahahah! We know you’re the weakest Gallery! That’s why we orchestrated this moment!! With you out of the way everything can be returned… Everything can be settled.” He shouted from the left shoulder of his creation.
The golem opened its mouth with its hands on either side as if it were going to shout. Energy began to build and condense, and as soon as Vermillion realized what was going to happen. A blast of this caliber would destroy the castle and cause unimaginable damage to the surrounding civilizations.

Vermillion but their hands together in an unusual pattern and outstretched their left arm. On it, ten bands of glowing light appeared tearing apart the long sleeve of he hoodie they had on up to the shoulder. Vexus descended onto a stable plateau of the remaining castle, braced their left arm with their right hand and took a solid stance. Palm facing the enemy, they were ready to counter.
The Golem fired.
The beam lit up the sky as if the sun was rising. Vermillion retaliated with a bright white beam of equivalent power. The collision of the two energies created an enormous shockwave, shattering what remaining windows there were on the castle and toppling the highest standing tower. Debris fell towards the energy, but were vaporized before getting close. Countless gallons of water were behind displaced below them, revealing the ocean floor as the struggle of powered continued. The bands of light on Vermillion’s arm began to fade away, starting at the shoulder. The solid ground underneath them began to splinter, the Golem giving no signs of yielding. As the bands of light dwindled down to the last couple, Vexus struggled to condense the beam to just one finger. They let out a grunt as they were successfully, the beam wet from being wider than a passenger plane to the diameter of their index finger. This pierced through the Golem’s beam, blowing the energy outwards. It continued forward blasting clean through the right side of the Golem’s head taking off the hand that was by its mouth on that side. Book 1 looked down at Vermillion with his frustration boiling over. He knew he was dealing with a Gallery Leader, but even Gallery #1 had more trouble with his Golem’s attacks. Placing his hand on the Golem’s shoulder, bright white veining ran down its arm into its hand. The Golem reached into the turbulent waters to touch the sea floor. Book 1 was straining. The veins on his forehead were protruding and he let out a painful yell as blood ran from his nose.

Vexus was winded, the lights on their arm were gone. They were doubled over, hands on their knees trying to catch their breath. A rumbling that felt as if the entire planet had just shifted knocked Vexus to the ground. They looked as more of the island crumbled into the sea with the Golem’s glowing arm submerged. Book 1’s efforts were not just for show. The water’s surface began to break as what first appeared to be pillars rising from the ocean’s floor. Vexus’ eyes widened in terror as they realized Book 1 had summoned an army of these monstrosities. The rows extended into the darkness of the night, giving Vermillion no idea to their true numbers.
“Ahhhhh…..Ugghhhh THIS masterpiece was supposed to be for toppling the Assistant….A disgrace to use it on someone of lower status. he said wiping blood and saliva from his mouth. This was a feat worthy of a Gallery Leader, but not a feat so great it could defeat one…
Vexus had not yet stood up, and could see that Book 1 was reveling in his impending victory. Gallery 3 gave a sigh as a spell circle golden in color appeared under them for a short moment. They then stood up and took a bow.
AaahahahahaAHAhahaHAh!? Conceding?! I’ll be glad to take you posi—“
Vexus began rising, swiping their arm in front of their legs. Once it passed, revealed what appeared to be form fitting green scale armor. As Vermillion returned to up right, their right arm slowly rose horizontally changing their appearance completely as it passsed. Their arm passed their face and extended to the right with a flick revealing a new form. They looked like a dragon had taken a humanoid form. The air had changed and Book 1 could feel it. The Golems staggered themselves in height and began charging the energy beams again. Vermillion took to the sky in their new form and extended their arms out and gilded back their head.
Like stars in the sky, a countless amount of spell circles flickered into existence above Vexus, Book 1, and the Golems. The beams were taking significantly longer to charge due to the sheer numbers. Vermillion raised their arms up and all different elements burst forth from the spell circles in the sky congregating above them in a perfect sphere. As it grew in size, mimicking a miniature sun, Book 1 began to grow worried. However his expression shifted as the small sun began to shrink despite energy and elements still flowing into it. Vermillion brought down one arm and shifted the shrinking ball of power onto just their out stretched index finger. As the orb grew smaller, and smaller, and smaller, Book 1’s expression turned to pure horror. He knew what Vexus was creating now. He began to attempt to rush the charging of his attack, but fell to his knees. He was already exerting an impossible amount of power and any more would kill him.
”It doesn’t matter, you coward, get back up. Destroy this Gallery. Destroy everything. If you get caught up in this, you’ll die anyways…”
The 1st Book stood back up with his resolve and let out a powerful yell raising up his arms, successfully increasing the charging speed of his golems, but at the cost of his own life span.

Energy had unceasingly flowed into Vexus’ ever shrinking ball of power. The spell circles began to flicker out, the beams of the elements fading away into a sparkling nothingness. The light from the Golems’ imminent attack clearly illuminated Vermillion’s form, but the point just above the tip of their finger was impossibly black. Book 1 shuddered in disbelief. Screaming, he released the Golems’ attacks at Vexus and the castle behind them. Aiming to obliterate everything. Vermillion brought down their hand and pointed the untold blackness towards the attack and released it.

A singularity is a point of infinite density and infinite energy. Something that cannot exist based on what is understood in physics. As the beams came near this impossible object the size of a pin head, they were strung out and warped into what looked like strands of hair before disappearing entirely. Book 1 kept the Golems firing as he was seen hoping from one to the other, attempting to get out of the way. Since releasing it, Vexus had been making their way to a safe distance before detonation.
The singularity reached the head Golem and Book 1 watched in disbelief as it was folded, twisted, and warped in on itself until vanishing in such a mind bending way it brought him to tears. Similar fates fell off the others as it moved closer to range, and with a snap from Vexus the singularity was released. Within an amount of time so short it could not be conceived and temperatures impossible to measure, everything was atomized. The ocean. The Castle. The Island. Book 1 and his army of Golems. And more than likely a neighboring city or two. Gone. Removed from any form of existence. Vermillion would deal with the aftermath from The Librarian and Assistants…

However, most importantly was the status of The Assistant with Gallery #1. The ‘filthy mole’ was #1. There wouldn’t have been any one else capable of causing such harm to #2 and her team… The Retrieval Mission was a trap, aiming to rid The Library of one of its most powerful members. And everyone in the First Gallery was in on it.
Vermillion stood on the barren hot land as the dragon scales fell like glitter, revealing the tattered beached hoodie underneath. There was going to be a lot of work to do.

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