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Lady Carmine: Daughter of Salvation

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Lady Carmine: Daughter of Salvation Empty Lady Carmine: Daughter of Salvation

Post by Sage March 4th 2023, 12:26 am

"Under the grace of a red moon and black sky, Crimson colors never fade."

The Bio

Real Name: Yasmin Carmesi
Renegade Name: Lady Carmine
Title: Daughter of Salvation
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: Roughly 200
Gender: Female | She/Her
Race: Human
Hair: Blood red
Eyes: Blood red
Height: 5”8’
Weight: 178lb
Blood type: Universal

The Looks

The Personality

Yasmin Carmesi is an elusive woman. She follows her own whims and never allows others to dictate what she is free to do. Though she occasionally appears to provide aid to wounded in times of crisis, Lady Carmine does not consider herself a hero. She has no explicit goals or dreams, and simply drifts from one place to another. People who get to know her learn quickly that Yasmin is an intimidating person to be around. She sneers at the faintest slight in her direction, and is quick to talk sense into people acting foolish.

Lady Carmine keeps many secrets, and sometimes it shows in how knowledgeable she seems on certain things. She shows little interest in making the world a better place, but will ruthlessly attack any villains who she comes across. Her behavior is inconsistent at best and self-centered at worst, but she comes through when people need her. One thing that always manages to elicit empathy from Yasmin is seeing someone who is completely helpless and defenseless suffer. In those rare cases, she takes on a much gentler demeanor, and does what she can out of what can only be considered genuine kindness.

The Story

In a time well before the meta-gene, there lived a family in Mexico, near what is known as the Gulf of California today. The Carmesis were heavily involved in the medical field, having several well-practiced doctors in their city that sometimes traveled to other places. What made them special was their bloodline. The Carmesis were practitioners of blood-based magic that allowed them to heal wounds and sickness centuries beyond the capability of modern medicine at the time. Limbs were lost in conflicts, and miraculously healed and restored in days. Plagues were purged from bodies in minutes, and mortal wounds were closed in seconds.

By all accounts, they were regarded as being touched by a higher power; their gifts were divine, and their work as doctors was only a natural extension of this holy power. Except the gift wasn’t “holy” by any stretch of the imagination. Regardless, many people held great respect for anyone from the Carmesi family. Though they were like saviors to many, they swore their “patients” to utmost secrecy. Anyone who received their gifts was told to keep it a secret, and not to tell anyone unless it was an emergency, such as another person needing healing. This was because the Carmesis knew their abilities would spell their demise if word reached the wrong people.

And it did.

One day, their home was set on fire in the dead of night by people who history refers to as inquisitors. They set out to purge the land of the supposedly divine witches playing god among mankind. Their garden was the first to be razed to ash, and then their doorstep, to give them no escape. Three members of the family perished before anyone awoke to the sounds of screaming. “Burn it all!,” they heard. As the fires slowly consumed everything they held dear, the eldest member of the family gave a gift to the youngest. A beautiful dagger decorated with depictions of a red moon, and a blade as black as oil.

”Go. And make them feel the greatest agony of their lives.”

The child obeyed her elder, and under the full moon, she tore the inquisitors apart from the inside out. Their own blood clawed its way out of their eyes, and they screamed louder than anyone had ever screamed in their lives. Their veins collapsed inwards like broken glass, and their hearts shriveled up like wilted flowers. The inquisitors perished before their dedicated husks fell to the ground. By the time they were dead, there was nothing left to save of the Carmesi home. The fire consumed everything, and as the child watched her life smolder to dust, she heard a voice whispering from the dagger.

”I will always be with you, Yasmin.”

The last surviving Carmesi has lived for 200 years, having fed on the blood of those who took everything from her. Few know who she is, or where she goes. Those who are familiar with her know her exclusively as Lady Carmine, an enigmatic healer who acts on her own wishes, occasionally coming to the aid of others when it’s convenient for her, or at least when it isn’t inconvenient for her.

The Powers

Lady Carmine is a descendent of the Carmesi family, and as such, she is able to use blood magic. By using either her blood or the blood of another person, Yasmin can perform a variety of magical acts that can either save someone from the brink of death, or leave them in more pain than they’ve ever experienced.

Lifeblood: By mixing Yasmin’s blood with that of another person, she can heal illnesses and the effects of poison or venom. The greater the effect, the more blood is required. This can also be used to heal grievous injuries.

Red Water: By drawing her own blood, Lady Carmine can manipulate it in a somewhat telekinetic way. When controlled this way, her blood generally behaves like water, and can be solidified in small amounts for unsuspected tricks that Yasmin keeps up her sleeve. She cannot do this much, as pulling the blood out of someone’s body tends to have adverse effects on a person.

Heartstrings: In the event that a person steps within 20 feet of Yasmin, she can wrest control of them by pulling at the blood in their veins. Using this, she can puppet their body with loose control, but her control over them becomes weaker when they’re further away. Past 20 feet, she can’t do anything to them. It could be possible for someone to break free of this with their powers or magic, as Yasmin only manipulates the physical body. Requires one post to prepare, and another to cast.

The Weaknesses

Physiological Dependency: Yasmin’s magic relies on blood to use, and as a result, anyone without human blood is completely immune to any of her magic. If someone cannot bleed, can heal themselves, or is simply not human biologically, then Yasmin can do nothing against them. Humans with hybrid biology of any kind may be vulnerable to Yasmin’s magic, but to a lesser extent. Usually, this only affects Yasmin’s ability to heal someone, unless she is actively trying to hurt them.

One Way Healing: Yasmin’s healing abilities require mixing her blood with another person’s. She can only heal others, and is unable to magically heal herself.

The Items

Dagger of Liliana: An ornate stiletto dagger, once owned by Liliana Carmesi, the matriarch of Yasmin’s deceased family. It is a delicately beautiful blade, gifted to Liliana by a man who loved her very much, and craves blood. If someone is cut by the blade, and is capable of shedding blood, then they will do so as normal. However, they will not stop bleeding naturally, and will need to seek out help from someone with medical skills, or otherwise non-mundane healing abilities. Someone who is incapable of bleeding, or someone who has their own healing abilities may find being wounded by the dagger somewhat harmless.

The Fluff

Theme Song

The RP Sample

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Lady Carmine: Daughter of Salvation Empty Re: Lady Carmine: Daughter of Salvation

Post by Zonkes March 4th 2023, 8:36 pm

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