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Lady Scorpio [WiP]

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Lady Scorpio [WiP] Empty Lady Scorpio [WiP]

Post by Scorpio January 4th 2016, 4:58 am

"Learn to be a little more... Flexible."

Basic Biography

Real Name: Experiment 02
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Scorpio
Title: Lady Scorpio, Scorpion Queen
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Asian - Japanese
Hair: Navy Blue
Eyes: Crimson Red
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 158 lbs
Blood type: O-

The Looks

Lady Scorpio (1):
Lady Scorpio (2):
Lady Scorpio, or Experiment 02, has always been a relatively lean and moderately toned girl. Although she is quite strong, her muscle mass is not all that noticeable in her appearance. Standing at five feet and eleven inches tall, you could say she's close to average for your typical female as far as her height is concerned. Cascading from the top of her head is a navy blue hairstyle that's somewhere between short and medium in length with a criss-crossing hairband holding her bangs to the side of her head. Over each of her ears, and jutting out of Lady Scorpio's hair, are two sound devices called Sonic Analyzers that are similar to two headphone pieces in appearance. These Sonic Analyzers are surgically attached to her skull and can not be removed any easier than removing a pair of ears would be.

Lady Scorpio wears a top that is short enough to reveal her entire midriff and is also sleeveless in design. The top itself is black leather with purple decals and straps along the sides. The top, rather than stopping just below the neck, reaches the top of her nose to form a mask of sorts that hides her entire face other than her crimson red eyes. A zipper line runs from the bottom of the top up the center to the top of the mask, with a large zipper nearly the height of her head resting over the mask. Protruding from the back of both of Lady Scorpio's shoulder blades are two surgically implanted mechanical weapons in the shape and design of scorpion tails, each able to reach a maximum length of three feet while they are also able to retract completely into the three-pronged attachments at the base. The actual bladed portion of the tail, the part generally used as a weapon, is approximately ten inches in length.

Although her shoulders, as well as the uppermost portion of her biceps, remain bare, Lady Scorpio brandishes dual sleeves that start tight around the middle of her biceps and cascade down to expand and end around her wrists. These sleeves are lined with stainless steel along the edge of the sleeve, serving no real purpose outside of decoration, and have the same purple decals and straps found along the sides of her top. On the outside of each sleeve, six inches above the stainless steel trim, is a device on each arm called a Sonic Manipulator. These Sonic Manipulators are the foundation of Lady Scorpio's abilities and grant her an assortment of abilities to be outlined in the Powers & Weaknesses section, along with other abilities. These Sonic Manipulators, though a part of the sleeves, are actually integrated into her arms. Although the sleeves could be ripped or shredded, it would not pull them loose from her arms. Removing one would be of equal difficulty to removing her hand entirely.

Each of Lady Scorpio's hands have been replaced with mechanical replacements equal in efficiency to the standard human hand while also maintaining more power an durability. They are made up of stainless steel, primarily, for the exterior and armor of the hands. Although the inner components are much weaker and easy to destroy, the outer shell is very difficult to penetrate and thus must be destroyed in order to reach the inner portion. The joints are motorized allowing for a significantly stronger grip and firmer punch, paired with the weight and density of the metal materials. At the end of each finger it is sharpened to form a claw capable of cutting clean through flesh, cloth, leather and other light materials and substances as equally as a blade would. Lady Scorpio's hands are integrated directly with her Sonic Manipulators, allowing her more diversity in the application of the power, particularly in close quarters combat.

The Legacy



The Powers and Weaknesses

(All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)

Power 1: Lady Scorpio, being a cyborg, has had her body outfitted with numerous gadgets granting her a myriad of abilities that all tie together to form one fighting style. Replacing her ears, she has two devices called Sonic Analyzers that allow her to not only take in a much larger spectrum of sounds than the standard human ear, but also enhance her ability to process the slightest sound, as well as locate and decipher its estimated cause and source. Paired with her ability to quickly discern the characteristics of the sound, this makes it much more difficult to sneak up on her. They also grant her immunity to her own sound-based abilities and attacks. Due to their direct connection to one another through Lady Scorpio, the Sonic Analyzers can immediately pick up when the Sonic Manipulators intend to put out a damaging or disorienting sound and will immediately block reception of that sound through the Analyzers. Lady Scorpio can use these Sonic Manipulators to release sound waves affecting anyone within seven meters of the devices, who are able to hear them. They can be used to disorient the target, reducing their ability to perceive their surroundings and reaction time by roughly half. Other abilities include the ability to release a deafening sound wave that affects anyone caught within ten meters when released who are prone to hear it. This sound causes anyone who hears it to lose their sense of hearing entirely for four of their own posts. The third and final ability exhausts all of the energy reserves of the Sonic Manipulators but allow for Lady Scorpio to move her arms at the speed of sound for two of her posts. At the end of these two posts, the energy of her Sonic Manipulators becomes drained and she loses the ability to use sound waves at all for the remainder of the topic, retaining function of her arms however. This third ability also applies to movements of the fingers, primarily the claws, allowing for devastating damage to be dealt to bare targets.

Power 2: Lady Scorpio has a total of three weapons located on her back, two small ones over each shoulder blade, and a third larger one at the base of her lower back, almost similar to a tail in appearance. Each weapon takes the form of a sharp, pointed scorpion tail with a bladed end. Outside of having a very long range and devastating sharpness, they are made of a titanium steel alloy for improved durability. Other than their general use as multipurpose weapons and defense mechanisms, each tail has a small channel that distributes poison throughout the blade of the tip of each tail. If even a drop of this poison makes its way into a living organism, it hijacks the auditory sensors of the brain causing the potency of sounds they hear to greatly rise. Ordinary sounds like the clanking of metal, the act of speaking, the pitter patter of rain, etc will cause moderate distress and severe distraction. Along with this, Lady Scorpio is able to use a fourth sound-based ability that is only possible when this poison is successfully released into the target. This fourth ability, when played through the Sonic Manipulators, is enough to cause the target to seize and drop to the ground writhing until they drift unconscious. This is particularly useful if death is not a necessary response to the threat or target.

Power 3: Being a cyborg, Lady Scorpio has increased perception and reaction times compared to that of your standard human being. She is able to assess situations at five times the speed and react to incoming attacks or threats in half the time. She is also able to notice minor details in her surroundings and miniscule motion and changes. For example, while a normal person might be able to have their attention misled, Lady Scorpio takes in every detail that is visible to her eyes. Focusing on a specific spot to take in the details is thus unnecessary, as her ability to see is much more passive and encompassing than the natural human's sense of sight.


Weakness 1: Lady Scorpio has a great weakness to water, meaning that should her opponent be able to penetrate the exterior of any of her devices or body, for that matter, introduction of water to that area will fry those components of her body that are cyborg in nature, forcing immediate shutdown. She is, however, able to drink water and consume foods. However, that is because the only parts of her body that is cyborg in nature are her hands, arms, sides of her neck, and her skull; with the exception of her mouth.

Weakness 2: Due to certain laws she was programmed with, Lady Scorpio is limited in her interactions with human beings. Although she is evil in nature and extremely violent, she is not allowed to intentionally take the life of a human being. Should she take the life of a human being, her body will immediately and permanent shut itself down. Beating, dismemberment and torture are fully within her allowed parameters of violence against humans, however. Should she take the life of a human being by mistake, the system will recognize this and rather than a permanent shutdown, Lady Scorpio will be immediately shutdown for the remainder of the topic only. Cyborgs, robots, beasts, aliens, or otherwise non-human entities, or entities that are only partially human, are not protected under this law; However, super-powered human beings are protected.

Weakness 3: The scorpion tails
RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):


Physical Priority

  1. Agility
  2. Reaction
  3. Endurance
  4. Strength

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