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Black Star

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Black Star Empty Black Star

Post by The Nekromonga February 2nd 2023, 2:10 am

Black Star

"It's nothing personal. Just business. Apologies."

The Bio

Real Name: Ellen Nakamura
Villain Name: Black Star
Title: the dark constellation, the portent of doom
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 94
Date of Birth: January 15, 1935
Gender: Female
Race: Japanese
Hair: Black
Eyes: Natural - Brown, one prosthetic eye with glowing PURPLE energy.
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Blood type: O+

The Looks

At first glance, Ellen Nakamura could pass as a model- tall, pale, straight hair, Japanese looks, and fond of fine office fashion and heels. Her normally cold demeanor, insincere smile, and demanding tone shows someone used to  wielding her authority over others, and her glowing prosthetic eye, whose Aperature adjusts constantly as though trying to scan you, is unsettling. You can scarcely believe it when you hear her date of birth, as she couldn't be a day over 30. She shows you the pictures, and the Institute's work, and it starts to make sense.

Then you see something you shouldn't have. Some contraband that looks like pills, spilling from the carcass of an Anomalous Subject- some kind of extradimensional monster. The last thing you see is that purple eye starting to glow brighter and brighter...

The Personality

Employee File - 00666
Psychiatric Evaluation
Dr. Erving Sheridan, Institute Psychologist.

[Transcript of tape recording – Dated October 6, 1953]

Ellen Nakamura. A name I am most familiar with, as her life story is tied to the Institute. Not a surprise when her father is a senior research member and... a personal friend. Well… Let me get to the point, this isn’t her biography after all.
After enduring… Indescribable, human inflicted horrors at Hiroshima, Director Hiroshi Nakamura pulled out all stops to have the Institute treat her after being exposed to the radioactive fallout. I am to understand an Anomalous procedure was involved, as after a month in surgery, and another in recovery, the child was presented to me was one of the most unsettling cases I’ve had the misfortune to handle. The child died in Hiroshima, and all I see before me is a human being bereft of joy, hope, of warmth. She asks me questions, questions no child should know to ask. Questions that make me want to call my friend back in Dublin who had joined the priesthood.  “Why did they do it?” “What did we do to deserve it?”
Mental Health is a science in its infancy. Warrior’s heart, Shellshock, Trauma, all words describing the yet imperceptible damage done to the human psyche after a terrible life event. I will do everything I can to rehabilitate… ah… hold on, I’m going on a tangent, I’m describing Ellen as she was as a ten-year-old patient. No don’t erase it, let’s keep going.
1953 – Psyche Evaluation of Ellen Nakamura, 18 years old, newly hired graduate of Electrical Engineering at MIT. Research Division.
Ellen Nakamura demonstrates intelligence, initiative, creativity and scientific curiosity that makes her an ideal member of Research. She works long hours, speaks passionately about her expertise, and is optimistic about the future of the Institute, and the roles it could fulfill in human society. However, Ellen is… a difficult colleague, and based on interviews, asocial, withdrawn and uninterested in out of work interactions. She is quick to criticize subordinates and superiors alike, and has more than once been cited for insubordination. She is also a reckless risk taker, more than willing to interact with anomalies far outside safety parameters or operating in an unsafe, high voltage setting.
Termination however, is out of the question, in part due to her father’s influence on the Board, in part due to the Institute’s responsibility towards the Japanese after Hiroshima, but also because Ellen’s understanding of energy is catapulting the Institute decades forward, and to my understanding, transform the Institute into a nuclear-powered institution. Highly ironic, and perhaps some vindication for her accident, turning a life crippling moment into a victory.
Summary Evaluation: Ellen Nakamura shall be on probation to perform her duties as a Researcher, required to take mandatory occupational safety seminars and optional social graces classes.

Ellen Nakamura is the epitome of a corporate leader. On the surface she is impeccably dressed for the occassion, Intelligent, articulate, amicable, has a firm handshake and a deep, piercing eye contact. She asks you for details about your life and addresses you by name, and remembers them later on. She asks about your hopes and dreams and makes you feel like you could achieve them all.

She'd prefer you to focus on this, and not look deeper into her affairs. She strongly suggests talking about science or current events, except current events about her activities. Challenge her at your own peril, because she will let her record speak for itself. She wishes you a good day nonetheless and to help yourself to the gift bag.

But you can't keep your nose out of her business. You decide to investigate go to the warehouse, you go over the documents. Goons show up and you fight them off- they're armed to the teeth, and most have prison tattoos. You find the damning evidence. You can take it to the authorities. You head to your getaway car, and the last thing you see is Ellen Nakamura, her right eye glowing a sickly purple light. It's the last thing you see.

The Story

Employee File - 00666
Institution Joining Date: January 15, 1953

Previous Positions: Research Division; Energy – Internship, Electrical Engineer, Senior Electrical Engineer, Manager of Institute Energy Systems
Current Position Occupied: Secretary of the Board

Biography – updated to the present date

Ellen Nakamura was born January 15th, 1935 in Hiroshima, Japan, only child of Hiroshi Nakamura, sitting member of the Board of Directors, and Yoko Kobayakawa, a nurse in Hiroshima. Until Aug 5, 1945, neither Ellen nor Yoko was considered for Institute membership, as Hiroshi wished them to live a relatively normal life.

The morning of Aug 6, 1945, Hiroshi made an unauthorized Institute based phone call [call is recorded and archived] to his residence in the city and ordered his wife to evacuate to a village outside of city limits. Yoko and Ellen had cleared the blast radius when the USAF B-29 Super Fortress Bomber, the Enola Gay, dropped the Little Boy atomic bomb on the city.

Yoko Kobayakawa expired from radiation poisoning after exposure to the subsequent fallout rain ten days after, while Ellen, wrapped in heavy clothing, was in critical condition at a makeshift hospital where thousands were dying of similar symptoms. The Institute evacuated Ellen to the Montreal HQ for treatment, but when her condition saw no improvement, she underwent an unauthorized Anomalous procedure led by Hiroshi. Ellen developed an accelerated healing factor that allowed her to overcome her radiation exposure and make a full physical recovery. Hiroshi was subsequently demoted to the lowest rank of researcher, but was gradually allowed to recover his old position.

Ellen attended MIT under a scholarship of the IIII, and finished her electrical engineering degree with honors. She joins the IIII as an electrical engineer, bringing much needed expertise to upgrade energy infrastructure. Decades go by and Ellen climbs the ranks, while maintaining connections to outside the Institute, securing investments and exporting her expertise on Anomalous energy phenomena.

Ellen’s career is characterized by engaging in numerous high-risk activities, a significant number of Institute personnel casualties, a significant number of criminal accusations inside and out of the Institute (all of which she is acquitted of) and large gains in research, infrastructure and influence of the Institute. She is also one of a small number of people who have switched divisions and achieved high ranks, switching from Research to Technical to Leadership, until she secured the position of Institute Secretary of the Board. As a multi-role member of the Institute, she is likely the next in line for Board Membership should a position open up.

Biography authorized by:
Administrative Approval signed by E. Nakamura

The Powers


Embedded  into the right side of Ellen's head, covered mostly by her long hair, is the Containment device of the Eye of Xerxeus, the Anomalous Object which metabolized the radiation in her body and now grants her a host of abilities. The device, resembling parts of a camera and a prosthetic, has been upgraded and improved upon over the years, by Institute experts and later Nakamura herself. It grants her all of the following abilities:

(The Eye of Xerxeus) Super Vision: When the outer shutter is opened, Anomaly X-99 allows the host to view through matter by emitting a host of known and unknown radiations, and be able to perceive said radiation. Ellen has refined this ability to emit completely safe, non-ionizing radiations. Furthermore, by adjusting the lenses in the aperature, the viewer may instead view some far off object as though with high powered telescope, or see incredibly minute details down to the microscopic level... as if with a microscope.  

(The Eye of Xerxeus) Heat Vision: By partially opening all the lenses of the containment device, Ellen may unleash X-99’s full energy as a sustained laser beam of a peculiar PURPLE color. The Beam produced is a beam of darklight, black and purple,  about 1mm across, and as such the laser cuts that thinly to avoid unwanted collateral damage. Few non-reflective materials can withstand it for more than a few seconds. Flesh, stone and steel are quickly cut apart and any flammables are quickly ignited, and focusing it on a point will rapidly drill through whatever material is struck.  The eye of Xerxeus is theorized to have some connection to an anomalous purple star somewhere within the galaxy, following its own trajectory rather than the natural gravitational orbits. This is still a heat-based attack.

(The Eye of Xerxeus) Dark Arc Flashes Even Observing the Dark Light Beam without sufficient protective eye wear will leave lasting retinal scarring. Once the beam contacts matter, Some yet unobserved radiation, "Anti-UV" radiation, is emitted, and anyone who sees it are subject to similar effect as being caught in the flash of a flashbang.

(The Eye of Xerxeus) Personal Gravity Control (level 1): The eye allows for personalized gravity control on (only) the wearer, imparting the ability to walk on any surface by reorienting the direction of gravity; controlled descent when the subject finds themselves falling, and limited flight in the form of levitation. Levitation is barely above the speed of a brisk sprint, so this ability is not so useful for long distance.

Regeneration: Ellen possesses a regeneration metagene which, not only keeps her young and healthy, it has also allowed her to survive bonding with the Eye of Xerxeus. It has adapted to and has been supercharged by the eye, allowing Ellen to convert its energy into matter, allowing her to reconstitute herself at the cellular level. This also results in Ellen possessing next to unlimited physical stamina, quickly metabolizes poisons, though she is not immune to the mental anguish of grievous injury.

The Weaknesses

Whirrrr Click Click: The Device mounted on the side of Ellen’s head contains many moving parts inspired by camera technology. Whenever she begins using her abilities, it is preceded by the telltale sounds not unlike that of camera shutters very audibly opening.

Dials and switches: To ensure the Device is as robust as possible, it is almost entirely mechanical in its construction, of a strange plastic like material but much more robust. Ellen needs a free hand to operate all her powers (except regeneration).

Tunnel vision: Using super vision takes a lot of concentration and staying still, making Ellenunable to do anything else and is thus vulnerable.

Heat signature: Ellen has a constantly elevated body temperature and emits a unique radiation. She is very easy to detect on infrared and other detection measures. The air around her also feels warmer, though not so much as to cause harm, but definitely cause discomfort. This is usually concealed by really powerful airconditioning.

Reflective surfaces: Reflective surfaces have a remarkable tendency to deflect the heat vision, including redirecting up to 98% of the heat and resist melting on contact with the beam. And, Ellen is NOT immune to her own laser beam.

Welding Curtain: Protective Eye Wear that welders use, or equivalent eye protection, can also neutralize the Dark Arc flashes of the eye of Xerxeus.

Lead and other dense materials: Lead and other materials of similar density or greater blocks her see-through vision.

Physically human, sort of: While thanks to regeneration Ellen is no longer at risk of death from many conventional attacks, she does not possess elevated durability, and still needs to breath. She can be otherwise incapacitated by several means: suffocation and drowning, decapitation, frozen, set on fire. Unless completely carbonized or atomized, she will eventually recover from these.

The Fluff

Electrical Engineer - Graduated from MIT at 17 in Electrical Engineering, and helped develop Nuclear Power infrastructure for the institute and later on most of the western world. Possesses Ph.D's in Nuclear Physics, Quantum Mechanics and Theoretical Physics, among other fields. Has an extremely good understanding of circuits, electrical and power systems, even the maintenance of her Anamoly regulator device.

Genius: - Exceptionally gifted with scientific and anomalous devices, technology and machinery, past and present, an expert in a multitude of topics such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and even psychology, philosophy, business and economics. Speaks over 30 languages, plays many musical instruments, and picks up topics virtually overnight.

Wealth Outside the Institute, Ellen has investments in many energy companies, stake in OPEC, many power plants, and is a well regarded consultant in the energy industry. She also has spread out into Real Estate and Banking. This has helped her pool a personal net worth in the range of a few billion US dollars.  

Highly Athletic: While not a dedicated fighter, Ellen's bountiful stamina allows her to perform feats of strength and speed of the 'highly trained human' or 'pro crossfitter' level, and has at least a minor edge over normal humans. This helps in her hobbies of free diving, rock climbing, and martial arts.

(Eye of Xerxeus) Geiger Counter The eye allows the detection and measurement of ambient radiation, all known to science and those yet unknown and unidentified. Ellen can 'see' the radiation and can usually identify them on sight, while these numerical readings may be seen on a customized pocket watch of Nakamura's design, which connects to her prosthetic.

The Minions

Office Interns, Orderlies, and Staff: Nakamura's army of personal assistants and office personnel who help her with many mundane tasks.

Nakamura's Black Guard: Nakamura's Personal bodyguards, who are technically members of her PMC, the Order of the Five Rings. While normal members of the Five Rings serve as general security personnel, the Black Guard refers to those who have signed up for the most high risk missions Nakamura undertakes, ensuring the safety of her person. The deal for the Black Guard is simple: survive 5 years and you'll be paid enough to retire comfortably, and any past criminal charges are pardoned by the criminal's respective government. No one has yet to survive 5 months. Those who think of rescinding on the deal tend to lose their head explosively.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Black Star Empty Re: Black Star

Post by Zonkes February 5th 2023, 8:15 pm

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