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Night at a Museum

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INV ONLY Night at a Museum

Post by Nate6595 December 11th 2022, 3:41 pm

In the dim moonlight, the large, dark red gem seemed to glisten, those shades of red almost reflecting ominously against the glass walls of the display piece. Alexandrite, a gemstone that would change color depending on the light that glistened against it. In the bright daylight, it would appear to be blue or green, but now, in the moonlight, it was a dim red purplish color. Almost all sources of this gemstone had been expended only a few decades after it was discovered, making it one of the rarest gemstones with extremely finite amount. The value of it was only heightened by the size of this gem, cut in such a way that it resembled that of a large egg, so that each flat surface could reflect light in a dazzling display.

Needless to say, it was way above Sam’s paygrade.

He looked at from his place at the doorframe. It sat on a large pillar, placed within a glass display case, set in the middle of a wide, open room. The only window in the room was from above, though it had been thoughtfully covered with thick, steel bars, preventing anything but light from coming through. The empty room meant that no one could hide. And then, while he couldn’t see them, apparently there was little under a hundred invisible lines of laser trip wires that, when crossed, would seal the room, lower the gem into a secure vault beneath the floor, and send out an alarm and message to the local authorities.

Honestly, Sam had felt a bit useless being here. It wasn’t uncommon to hire heroes, or even any random Meta, to add onto security, but this…this seemed pretty secure. There were night patrol folk here at the museum too, and seemed to have a pretty good handle on the job. He only knew a few metas who could break steal, and even then the vault that the gem could sink into was apparently even tougher than that. He was only here to stop someone who could either break or bend steel, avoid invisible lasers, and then get through something that was even stronger than steel.

That seemed unlikely. Both in the sense that someone who could do all of that would actually want the shiny rock or that if someone like that showed up that they expected him to stop them. Sam was tough, he liked to think he was somewhere in that mid-tier, but against someone who could do all of that…he found his chances rather lacking. Still, he found comfort in the fact that someone like that showing up was probably not gonna happen.

After tonight, the gemstone would be moved and under the care of a different, probably more capable hero. He just had to watch it tonight. Just eight hours of…looking at a stone. From across the room. With nothing to do.

Oh boy…

He at least had a chair and a map of the museum to occupy the time.

It seemed like a relatively secure place. It wasn’t the Museum of Natural History or of Modern Art, or Metropolitan, but it was still a nice, well sized one on the edge of the city, right before the reconstruction sites. A wall of green hedges around the two story building. A large parking lot to the side, a small café, currently and understandably closed, and…it didn’t show it on the map but he knew there was a basement storage area where they kept some of the other pieces of art.

He let out a small huff and leaned back in his chair, starting to look over the map again. “Yep…this is the life of a hero…” He breathed out, trying to come to terms with the impending boredom.
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INV ONLY Re: Night at a Museum

Post by Cerek February 5th 2023, 9:02 pm

The janitor went by mopping up the floor with his bucket in tow, his overalls were quite baggy and his head hung low obscured by his baseball cap. He nodded as he passed by the security without uttering a word. He mopped and swept and wiped one surface after another. He was a hunched looking man that moved with a surprising vigor in his step. All the while sneaking passing glances towards the display of the Alexandrite gem. He maintained cleaning for some time until he was able to sneak away to a small janitors closet. The janitor closes and locks the door behind him as he enters and turns to a large, gray, old locker that seems to be breathing. The janitor takes off his hat and reveals the face of a young dark skinned man with the ears of a wolf, indeed it was Ornlu the troublesome wolf thief.

From the hunch shape in his back come muffled voices clearly disgruntled and possibly British. Bobby and Tom emerge from under Ornlu's shirt, the hunchback he had is gone now. Ornlu opens the locker to reveal the real janitor bound, gagged and wearing nothing but his underwear.  

"Hmm you're doing alright in there, just shut up for a while buddy and we'll be out of your hair." Ornlu explains with a sly tone and possibly feigned New York accent. The three lads gather around a layout of the exhibit that Ornlu pulls out from a cabinet, something he had stashed away from an earlier point. There are childish markings all over the layout that are virtually indecipherable in meaning, yet the three seem to read the nonsense like plain English. "Alright boys here's the play, we gonna run distractions here, here and here. Bobby, you're going to help me portal close to that gem when everyone is distracted. Tom you need to do big boom things." The animated paintbrush and hammer nod in unison like they were going out on a deadly mission.

Ornlu was back on his "shift" mopping around some wooden carvings from a bygone era. Tom creeps along the hallways hatching his own hairbrained scheme to cause some chaos, avoiding the sight of the guards with relative ease due to his height and inconspicuous form. Bobby has painted one side of a portal in the Janitors closet and waits for the signal to finish his work.
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