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Broken Arrows

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Broken Arrows  - Page 2 Empty Re: Broken Arrows

Post by Humanity April 10th 2023, 6:01 pm

Wow there was a sudden burst of hatred towards the fey. Not really hatred, but there was this sudden surge of innate racism. Were they not supposed to like each other? Dragons and Fey that is. it made his relationship with his baby brother all the stranger. Granted his brother had many names throughout the multiverse; Lucifer, Loki, Peter. Many of them were all misdirection, or more literal translations, but he knew that many of them were just playful little monikers. He was shocked that nobody ever stopped to think about how many antagonistic figures his cherubic baby brother had under his belt.

"H-hey. No love for the Fey? Imma have to warn my bros." Jordan said with a slight chuckle, nervously walking with the group. He was trying to focus on the group, gauge their reactions and see maybe if anyone had any particular reactions, or if they decided to elaborate on more. If not that'd be fine too, after all they ended up in the shop of a particular gobolinoid. One that decided to go on a small rant about worms and a bunch of things he didn't quite get.

The concept of dried lizard dicks came up, a thought that made Jordan so inherently comfortable that his leg shifted and his hands moved to the front of his jeans, almost as if sympathetic pains caused him to start shielding himself from the potential extractions. The conversation was lively enough, though Jordan couldn't help but shiver slightly, reaching up and rubbing his neck he didn't even realize the way he bumped the chain caused a loosening in the clasp, as the necklace dropped to the ground.

"This time?" Jordan asked, giving an uncomfortable and inquisitive look towards Deimos. As the small green creature returned with it's elderly gaze to grant Deimos his books. "Thanks Barny-bus" Jordan said quickly as he stepped out of shop, trying to funnel the others. Left behind on the ground was a small, faintly pulsing magical amulet, the necklace appearing to hold an emerald or agate gemstone.

"I'm good with either. My brother's real close with the Fae, most probably won't mess with me...but then again... so....uh...Elves it is?" Jordan asked, almost as if he were verifying his thought process.

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Broken Arrows  - Page 2 Empty Re: Broken Arrows

Post by Demonhunter April 26th 2023, 7:29 pm

“Eh, Not that I don’t love the fey, just distrust. Have to watch your mouth around them or you get beat over the head with your own words… I’d rather have a bit more clarity over what I say if I’m anywhere near the fey.” Deimos shrugs, not really feeling like having to watch himself so closely tonight. The half dragon flips through his books for a second, realizing the answer to Jordan’s question might actually be in the book he’d ordered.

“It’s an ingredient for a regeneration spell like this one.” Deimos finds the page he was looking for in a green leather bound book titled ‘Druid’s practical guide to component spell casting.’ and holds it up showing a rather nicely illustrated diagram of the intricate brewing system such an elixir called for and amongst it’s ingredients, things such as bog water, toad eyeballs, and the dreaded lizard penis. “You’d think you’d use a lizard’s tail but that is more for regenerating limbs, this is more for curing sniffles and bruises. It can also be substituted in a spell for… um…”

“Erectile dysfunction!” Barnabas suddenly blurts as Deimos stalls with the specifics. “Shit works like magic!”

“Ah… thankyou, Barnabas… yes, it’s a magic viagra. Substituted for a much harder to get ingredient-”

“Minotaur penis!”

“Fuckin hell.”

“Yer welcome!” The homely little goblin hobbles over to the ‘ethically procured human fingernails’ and plucks the jar off the shelf, shuffling back to his chair behind his counter and working at the jar’s lid.

“Bye Barnabas” Deimos groans as he shifts to push his new books into a satchel neatly tucked up under his left wing. “Yeah, I’m more for drinking with elves, if we go to a fey bar I just won’t drink so much.” And god knows he needed a drink… as they left the bar he could feel something just not right… as if there was a disturbance in the force. It was like some cosmic force was trying to reach out to him… and laugh ‘I told you so’ in his face. It started the moment he left the magic store and only grew more as they continued walking. One more flick of his deck box and one card practically flies from the deck. The tower.

A red dragon smoldering in rage, signifying it’s inevitable and violent collapse, a card he’d drawn before only seeming to be here to taunt him. Calamity wasn’t coming as it was already here. “I heard there's a bowling alley nearby too. We could get smoked then go bowling!” Deimos suggests, choosing to just shrug it off. What did these cards know anyway!? Not like they were psychic.


Meanwhile the grouchy little goblin sit, surveying his shop before quickly stuffing his hand into the jar of fingernails and munching down a few fistfuls. Barnabas knew it was bad to eat your own supply, but he couldn’t help himself. So crunchy and delicious.

Stupid kids and their new age magic bullshit. Anyone who didn’t cast magic like a goblin was trash, magic should be green and goopy and smell like shit. In the middle of his mental rant he glimmering of green caught his eye… merchandise always falling off the shelves.

Sighing heavily the goblin shuffles to the rug where Jordan had so kindly offloaded the amulet and places it in an empty spot on his store shelf, thinking nothing of the calamity to follow.
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Broken Arrows  - Page 2 Empty Re: Broken Arrows

Post by Jordan Reynolds May 16th 2023, 7:29 pm

”I was raised with a few fey. Love’em like family but could do without some of them pranks,” Lately he never worried about the pranks killing him but he always worried about what else they could do. Not that magic held much purchase against him to begin with. His attention turned to the conversation about lizard genitalia, smirking when its uses were brought up.  ”Sounds like a gift that might work for someone I know,” He said though didn’t elaborate further on the matter. Not his business to spread around anyway.

”Don’t know too much about how elves work here though. Most elves I knew were just people born with Fae blood,” he added thinking over how they might work here. Would it be more like the fantasy elves that were in Dungeons and Dragons? If so, well he had no idea beyond superiority complexes and maybe liking trees a lot. ”Elf Bar it is! Lets hope they have some good drinks and elf drugs then,” Jordan grinned toothily,  just imagining what could happen. This was supposed to be a night to cut loose and have fun afterall, so he hoped it could be a good one.

The three of them found the Elven Bar eventually, a building with an almost foresty facade. Vines covered in a multitude of colorful flowers covering the front of the bar. A sigh in formed wood above said “A Midsummer Nights Drink”. ”Wonder if this is like some kind of dig at the Fae.” Jordan noted as he stepped through the front door, taking in the scent of flowers and fruit beyond the entryway. A small artificial river winded through the interior, tables formed from formed small trees had people set around them. Sipping from cups and laughing among st each other.

The lighting right now was like the night, large luminous flowers casting of their low blue light that illuminated the room. It felt like he stepped off the streets into a secret grove where one could drink and enjoy themselves, down to even it being larger on the inside. There was of course a clearing where a good portion of people danced, sometimes with each other and at other times by themselves. Jordan approached a wooden bar, and smiled at the elf behind it. ”Can I have some of your elven wine. Uuuuuummmm...the winter kind.” The woman looked at him for a moment, not breaking eye contact as she reached under the bar and produced a dark looking wine.

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Broken Arrows  - Page 2 Empty Re: Broken Arrows

Post by Sponsored content

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