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Sage Sets Up Shop

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Sage Sets Up Shop  Empty Sage Sets Up Shop

Post by The Nekromonga March 16th 2022, 9:34 pm

Item Advancement Name: Sage's home and workshop

Item/Character Advancement Description:

Mansion Level
A cavernous complex cunningly concealed by a copiously castle-like creation. The manor itself is an expansive but otherwise mundane two-level residential estate with robust, thick and high walls. It accommodates vast gardens, many and assorted rooms, and large number of guests. Located as it is in the desert, it is connected to a massive, underground, water tight cistern with an equally massive Archimedes screw, connected to a metal hamster-wheel that can operated by staff or by metal manipulation, which fills up a water tank for daily needs. The place also accommodates more modern conveniences, and is fully staffed.

Those who are privy to its secrets will learn it has many shortcuts, concealed passages, hidden rooms with peeking holes and acoustically designed for listening and so forth, allowing allies an advantage in maneuvering around and spy on guests. Without a guide, those trying to enter the secret passages may not be able to navigate effectively.

The Workshop level 1

The true purpose of the estate is to sit atop and conceal Sage’s massive underground workshops, with large ventilation and light shafts connected to the surface, concealed as massive columns or decorated garden walls. The Workshop first level is reachable by secret elevators and tunnels, and begins some 40 feet below the surface – this earth space reserved for future protective layer. During the day time, a series of angled mirrors illuminates the workshop.

For now, Sage has completed the first level, a massive receiving and storage area for materials as well as the rudimentary workshops needed to forge personal magic items, components for humanoid constructs. The workshops also have ventilated, metal working and precious stones workshops that can process and refine material into finished products. This level is devoted to research and prototyping – mass production will be handled by succeeding levels.

Item Power(s): Allows the research and production of prototype constructs.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es): the mansion’s secrets may be compromised by the civilian staff. A skilled and prepared infiltrator may be able to pass themselves off as staff and enter the mansion. The general civilian staff are not privy to the workshop, only the head butler.

Item/Character Advancement Price: (The amount of XP used to purchase this item)

Character Advancement Name: Arcane Crafting

Character Advancement Description: Sage channels her arcane knowledge and earth-based powers into the creation of magical items and clockwork automatons. As someone already intimately familiar with magic, earth and metal, she begins the journey to create such items and beings to serve her purposes. Some Clockwork automatons are gifted the spark of sentience and will, but must obey their creators. They are made of many moving parts, giving them a more refined, elegant appearance.

Item Power(s): Allows Sage to develop / acquire magical items and construct advancements.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es): Crafting can only take place at the workshop.

Item/Character Advancement Price: (The amount of XP used to purchase this item)

(( Exp available for these advancements: 19 ))

Dragon Girl Experience
Dabbler Experience
The Steel Sage Experience
Thalassophobia Experience
Lady Deathblow Experience
The Nekromonga
The Nekromonga
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Mega Poster!

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