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Pureeva || The Void (WIP)

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Pureeva || The Void (WIP) Empty Pureeva || The Void (WIP)

Post by Descendants January 24th 2022, 5:03 pm

PUREEVA || Ṭ̠̗̫̫͝H̲̼͈̜̞̣̭E̱̞̬̪̞͓͟ ̩̻̮̣̭̫͔V̜͎̥͢O̱͈̖̼̪͞ͅI͏͔D͍͔̱̺̖̺̞

"I would love to help you but I͍̲͓͖̝̺ͅ ҉̪̞w͈̙o̷u͖̯͕l͎d̠͖̺̰ ͔̖̮̭͞r͉̺͜a̸͔̖ṯ̰̝h̶̻͕̘̝e͔͕͇̗̦̫r̸̞̪͉̜͈͔̤ ҉̬̠͈͈̟w̢͔á̭͚ͅt̬̝̣͓ͅc̝͉͉͓̪̬̗h͎͍̪̝͓̳͍ ̥͎̼͟y̟͇̭̺͓ͅo͙̙͝u͙̻̻̮͓̰͜ ̦̰͇̬̙̞b̴̝̰l̳̰̜͕̣̮͢e̷̫̻͉̘͈ͅè̮̲͕͉͎̗d̛̥"

The Bio

Real Name: Pureeva Amostikis
Alter Ego/Other Names: The Vessel
Title(s): Last of the Erogeons; Planet-Eater
Alignment: Neutral Good (The Void is above such petty things like alignment as mortals understand it)

Physical Age/Apparent Age: 16/hundreds of thousands
Sexuality: Pansexual
Gender: Female
Race: Erogeon

Blood type: Though Erogeon have interesting properties to their blue-green blood, Pureeva has long ago had her veins filled with the black ooze of the Void.

The Looks

Hair Color: Green
Hair Style: The Erogeon, and Pureeva in particular, have control over every inch of their body; though she can easily wear whichever hair style she wishes, she prefers a twintail style.

Eye Color: Black.
Skin Color: Green and fuzzy

Body Type: Petite
Foot Size: US 4
Butt Size: 21 in.
Bust Size: 22C

Scars/Tattoos: The Erogeon do not visibly scar; not due to any superior combat ability, but rather the elastic knits together flawlessly. As such, Pureeva has no scars from the rigors of battle; however, there are few things that can permanently damage an Erogeons tissue, the touch of The Void being one. On her arms and back, twisted, knotted lines of black scar tissue, seeming to pulse with some energy, evidence of the Touch of the Void. Lesser variants of these scars appear all over her body - typically only in areas where the flesh and muscle is lean, such as the ankles and wrists, though a gnarly scar is across her gut. The Void has not been kind to her over the years.

Clothing: Pureeva wears traditional Erogeon clothing, similar to monk-style clothing for an Earth parallel. Even in the most formal of occasions, she refuses to wear shoes, her natural resistance meaning she doesn’t have to worry much about stepping on a stray rock or shard of glass,

General Appearance:

The Personality

Joys and Pleasures:

Fears and Failures:

Defining Habit(s):


General Personality:

The Story

Notable Figures:
Current Residence:



The Powers

Overall Power Profile: There are several sources of power from which Pureeva draws.  Perhaps the most obvious is her race; the Erogeon are one of the elder races of the universe, achieving perfect peace and harmony with themselves and the universe. They are incredibly resilient individuals, evolving to have limbs made of an organic elastic with incredible tensile properties. Even the meanest Erogeon can stretch themselves and control every part of their body, but those with talent and skill can take it to extreme levels; shapeshifting, physical amplification, and nigh-invulnerability. These skills are completely natural to their race, though, of course, take time and practice to master.

The lesser-known well of power is that of The Void. A being as ancient as time, devoid of life, meaning, or emotion, it wishes only to return things to the state before existence. It inhabits the body of Pureeva, granting her incredible cosmic power, but at the cost of her well-being, both physical and mental. It is not easy to channel the endless power of The Void, tearing apart her flesh and psyche in exchange for limitless power. The Void is constantly present, an oppressive force in her mind, whispering evil things to her; however, stuck in the body of a mortal, he has weakened greatly, unable to exert his will without Pureeva drawing on his power. Possessing her body has granted it unnatural durability and agelessness.

In addition to these cosmic powers, Pureeva is a member of the Penumbra Corps, and though newly minted, has the tech and training that comes with it. Along with her thousands of years of combat experience, she has the military training of the Corps, as well as their weaponry and resources. This includes the powerful Penumbra Guns, the regenerating Sub-Space Suits, and her own spaceship.

Applications: Elasticity: Pureeva’s body can stretch to extreme degrees, even seeming to defy logic in doing so. A single limb can stretch several miles while maintaining full mobility and power, and if she were to use her full body, she can cover an entire Terran city with her body, like a fuzzy green blanket. The speed of her “expansion” increases exponentially; regardless of how far she wishes to stretch, she will reach full length in only a matter of seconds.

Enhanced Physical Strength: Along with her elasticity, the Erogeon have incredible physical strength due to their unique physiology. Without any enhancements, Prime Erogeon, among which Pureeva counts herself, can easily lift 5 tons in Terran gravity.

Decentralized Nervous System: Though she lacks the standard durability that a lot of alien species have, or Terran Meta’s, Pureeva is equally difficult to kill. Her body is capable of reconstituting from its disparate parts, as well as autonomous control of her pieces. Should a hand get cut off, she can control said hand with all the abilities and finesse as if it was still attached. This is a somewhat psychic ability, and thus only can be done within 10 meters radius unless enhanced through some other method.

Shapeshifting: A derivative of her shapeshifting ability, Pureeva can later nearly every aspect about herself to serve some purpose; from color, composition, skin tone, hair length and style, and even her proportions and physical features, Pureeva can become anyone or anything she needs. This is not perfect, as she cannot change the material she is made of, nor can she prevent the tell-tale signs of her living; her pulse, her heartbeat, and her heat. But otherwise, if she has experience and knowledge about what she’s turning into, the transformation is flawless.


The Techniques/Spells


Basic Techniques: Pistol Punch: An incredibly fast that closes the gap in under three milliseconds. The sheer power and force of this punch can shatter diamonds. Using this technique is taxing, however, and can only be done twice every three posts.

Shotgun Sock: A series of blindingly fast punches, each capable of denting steel and reaching their target in under a second.

Advanced Techniques:

Finisher/”Limit Break”:

The Weaknesses

Physical Weaknesses:

Mental Weaknesses:

Power Restrictions:

Tech Restrictions:

The Items

Basic Items: Like all members of the Penumbra Corps, Pureeva possesses the items default for the Corps; her identification card, her uniform, and an inter-space communicator are always on her person, as are a memento from her past life, a simple necklace; a black, shiny rock threaded through with a silver-like cord.



Plot Items:



The Fluff

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