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Void Empty Void

Post by VoidOfEclipse June 15th 2016, 5:47 pm

"I feel better not feeling anything."

Basic Biography

Real Name:Maura Debeaux
Renegade Name: Void
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Metahuman-French Caucasian/Spanish Peruvian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'4''
Weight: 115 lbs
Blood type: O-

The Looks


The Legacy


Introverted Feeling- The most dominate function of Maura's personality, as much as she loathes to admit it, are her feelings. Maura is a very emotional young woman even if she doesn't outwardly express it. Her own feelings often take precedence in her descision making. She is easily affected by the emotions of others and absolutely hates how easy her heart can be to sway. She keeps close watch over her emotions and shuts them down as best she can when they come up. Usually in vain.

Extraverted Intuition- Maura is very intuitive when it comes to others state of emotion and well being, as well as in reading the situation immediately around her. She can see opprotunities to act everywhere and this intuition usually plays right in hand with her feelings to help her make descisions. This makes her a creative problem solver. It also means she can get bored easily when things become too mundane, as her intuition is always tickling her creative side.

Introverted Sensing- When it comes to facts, the ones Maura can remember the best are ones she has experienced first hand. She holds on to deep seated emotions caused by certain events in her past, and can clearly recall events that have taken place. This is especially so when an event had affected her emotionally. This is a double edged sword, though, for as much as she can remember good emotions and learn from them, she also has a hard time letting go of bad memories. Her past is what drives her, for better or for worse.

Extraverted Thinking- Maura's logic is based on her morals and emotions, and this logic can often times be faulty. She uses her logic to stand up bravely for what she believes in and also to suppress her emotions at times. While this sort of logic can make her very insightful and intuitive when dealing with others and their emotions that she can't help but pick up on, it also isn't her strong suit to think logically. Often times her emotional state will crowd out her logic and she will become very irrational.

Despite herself, Maura usually becomes stressed regarding other people than herself. Under a moderate amount of stress she usually finds herself caught between doing what feels right for herself and what she wants, or doing what's best for someone else. In the end she will give up and just go with what she thinks will get rid of her turmoil. Because of this she is a bit of a loose cannon when under some pressure.

Under extreme stress, Maura becomes very sarcastic and cynical. She becomes obsessive with trying to resolve the problem causing her stress. During these times she becomes very violent in speech and action. Her imagination that usually helps her out becomes dark and rather destruction-oriented, and she usually will start muttering her plans and disturbing thoughts out loud.

Fortunately Maura doesn't often find herself in such situations to cause her 'grip' stress. Normally when she gets to be herself with minimum stress she is a pretty carefree spirit who doesn't really care about how people feel or think about her. She has a charming sense of humor and can even be quite silly at times.


Maura's childhood was relatively peaceful. Her father had the genes containing the abilities that she now possesses, while her mother was a quiet, normal human. They had lived in the underpopulated jungles of Peru since she was small, and thus she was never truly able to make friends or understand what it was like to have bonds other than familial with people.

Her father, Michael Debeaux, would go on business trips often for months at a time, leaving his daughter and compassionate wife, Lisa, in the heights of Peru to live quietly and uneventfully. During his time off, Michael would teach Maura how to use her powers and Aikido that he claimed to have learned back in high school.

Unbeknownst to his family, Michael Debeaux was in fact a well renown spy with the moniker 'Void'. He was an entity with no true allegiance to any one company, and would gather intelligence for organizations both great and small. He knew secrets so numerous and dark that he had the potential power to destroy some very influential groups. Though he never truly had the ambitions to do so. Such knowledge did not go unnoticed, and the time eventually came where it was decided Debeaux knew to much. Several groups conspired against the quiet, peaceful man and requested for his immediate disposal.

Knowing he had become a top priority on several hit-lists, Michael came clean to his wife and child and attempted to hide them. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to hide in time. Even with his meta human abilities, the man was unable to save his own soul, or that of his wife's.

Maura, hidden away in the depths of Peruvian mountains and never having had a birth record to trace her to Michael, miraculously survived. At the age of twelve she had been left with no one.

It was hard as she grew into her teenage years to live on and find a place in the world. Grief, anger, fear, and loneliness became her closest companions as she struggled to survive. Stealing became a habit for her until she was caught and thrown into a juvenile detention facility  for it only a couple of years afterwards. While the authorities tried to figure out her identity, Maura became numb to her surroundings. It was there in her depression that she found solace. Her mind was clear, devoid of emotions and desires, and the ache in her heart seemed duller than it had been in a long time.

Then and there, after fourteen years of life, Maura decided to take up the name of her late father's secret identity, in both memory of him and as a reminder that being without emotion was better than with.

Even after she was sent to the States to move from one foster home to another, Maura trained in her abilities in secret and planned to take up the mantle of Void once more.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Density Control: Void's inherited powers allow her to manipulate the density of inorganic material without changing its volume. This phenomenon allows her to make objects harder or more brittle. For instance, her suit is made entirely of synthetic material and thus she can change its density so that it becomes a sort of armor; Resistant to physical damage (much like a bullet proof vest). She can also defend herself by making an object less dense; e.g. Making a knife coming her way less dense and easier to break by giving it the density of styrofoam.

Intangibility: Her ability to control the density of inorganic material also makes it possible for Void to decrease the density of objects so much so that they become intangible. In this way she is able to walk through walls and let others also pass through objects.

Light as a Feather; Heavy as Steel: Void can make inorganic objects lighter or heavier by manipulating their density. This makes it easy to carry normally heavy objects or weigh down opponents by making her suit more dense.

Aikido: Void has spent nearly her entire life training in the martial art known as Aikido, and is skilled in using her opponent's power against them. Though this is not a skill to harm others, she is proficient in taking an opponent down and immobilizing them.


Organic vs. Inorganic: While her father had perfected his powers to the point of being able to control the density of even organic matter, Void cannot. No matter how much she tries, she control the density of her body, or any other carbon based matter. This makes things a bit more difficult if the opponent is only fighting with fists, or if she's in some sort of organic clothing.

Focus is Key!: The abilities Void has are not simply a subconscious reaction to danger. She has to think quickly and react the moment a punch or weapon is sent her way. If she's just a bit too slow to react, she may not be able to manipulate the object in time to protect herself.

Don't let Go: Void has to continuously touch an object to control its density. The instant she lets go of an object it will return to its natural density immediately. This means she can pick up a semi, but not throw it. It also means she can't do much damage to anything if she can't touch it.

Matter Fusion: Void's version of intangibility is not a skill suited for combat use. Making objects intangible requires immense focus on Void's part, and if she were to lose focus and accidentally let whatever she was manipulating go back to its original density before she or someone else was through the object, that object would fuse with with their bodies. This is especially dangerous when phasing through a wall or floor since if she was caught halfway through the floor/wall would likely fuse with her internal organs, instantly killing her if fused with something vital.

Zapped and Burned: While increasing the density of her suit could insulate her from water and ice related magics and weather conditions, electricity and fire would pose a great threat to her. After all, increasing the density of metal doesn't make it less conductive for electricity; and plastic will still melt in a fire regardless of how dense it is.

The Items

Motorcycle- Maura's one true possession is her beloved bike. It's a sleek, matte black bike that has plenty of power and maneuverability to make quick escapes in. It's actually quite a heavy bike, but with Maura's powers she can easily change that to make it usable for her small size. Other than that it's just a motorcycle.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):

-Because her ability is limited to inorganic material, Maura is almost always wearing spandex or other synthetic material when in casual clothing.

-Though she can hold her own in a fight, Void's set of abilities make her better suited to espionage and thievery, so she often looks for jobs that carry a lower risk of violent interactions.

-Maura hides her Peruvian accent when around others, preferring a city-going American accent instead. From time to time she slips, though.

-Due to bad past experiences, Maura always checks on her hair when maskless and other people's as well after phasing through objects. Getting your hair fused into the ceiling isn't a pleasant experience.


Physical Priority
Agility -2
Endurance -3
Strength -4

Edited 1 time on July 15, 2016 for grammatical adjustments.
Edited 1 time on July 16, 2016 for added images to Looks section and grammatical a adjustments.

Last edited by VoidOfEclipse on December 10th 2016, 11:02 am; edited 7 times in total (Reason for editing : Fixing outfit photo, Adding to RP mechanics, adding to Appearance, changing personality description, changing race, adding items, slight edit under 'Density Control')
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Void Empty Re: Void

Post by Hyperion June 16th 2016, 4:30 pm

Approved until stated otherwise

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Void Empty Re: Void

Post by Thorgron December 1st 2016, 7:46 pm

Moved for edits

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Void Empty Re: Void

Post by Sponsored content

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