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Space Tombs and Monkey Pirates

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INV ONLY Space Tombs and Monkey Pirates

Post by The Nekromonga October 1st 2021, 5:01 am

“The Invitation”

Every now and then, something unusual falls into the hands of exceptional individuals, whether metahuman, magical or superbly skilled. Whether slipped under a door or at one’s feet, a small piece of parchment and a gold coin served as unorthodox invitation.

“If ye have arcane skills, unusual talents or great might
And seek ye treasure outside the law
Come ye to the Docks at midnight
And seek the monkey’s paw”

Midnight at the Docks, during the onset of winter, meant things got really cold and very few souls were out and about. Security was huddled indoors so the perimeter was empty and easy to traverse. Among the colossal container ships, one unusual craft managed to slip in unnoticed, docked inconspicuously under cover of darkness. Here the gold piece and parchment matched the symbol on the side of the mysterious ship, and a small crowd gathered in a circle, watching two figures square off. One was a hunched over behemoth of a humanoid, wearing heavy armor and swinging a hammer. The other was a diminutive woman, in anachronistic Chinese garb and merely wielding a single rapier one handed.

“What’s the matter Mimir? I thought you’d squash the human in one blow!” One fellow in the crowd taunted the hammer wielder. The fight had been going on awhile, and the ground was pockmarked with hammer blows.

“I. would. If. She. Stayed. STILL!” The large humanoid called Mimir swung his oversized Warhammer over and over at the mentioned human again and again but didn’t seem to find his target, Seasoned fighters would know at a glance such a tiny opponent with an equally slim weapon as a rapier should stand no chance against this slab of muscle and armor, yet somehow, she was managing to not only avoid his blows but knock him down with a sweep kick.

Once on his back, Mimir’s helmet fell off, revealing that he was not a man, but an intelligent ape with an eyepatch. A rapier touched his cheek, uncomfortably close to his exposed eye. “I yield!” He yelled out.

“Here, let me assist you to your feet Mimir.” The small lady in the outfit put her sword away and helped him up. Mimir put his helmet back on.

“I don’t know how you did those things midget, but you’re definitely something else.” Mimir turned to the gathered crew. “She’s in.”

The crew cheered and welcomed the Chinese princess, who boarded the ship.

“Is that everyone? We’ve six unusual fellows onboard to complement our marines.” An armored chimp spoke with an bespectacled orangutan. “We’ve an hour till we sail Captain. We can wait.” He replied.

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