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Sebastian (New hero)

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Sebastian (New hero) Empty Sebastian (New hero)

Post by RoyalAurelius May 8th 2021, 2:01 pm



The Bio

Real Name: Sebastian Horne
Hero Name:
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 134 lbs
Blood type: A positive

The Looks

Sebastian is a fairly average looking young adult; brown hair, hazel eyes, slim figure. His ears protrude out just slightly more than everyone else's, but not too much. His facial features are young and fresh, but also sharp and defined. His eyebrows are prominent, but not thick while his darker hair is accented by his lightly toned skin. His cheeks and chin are soft and smooth, having never actually grown facial hair.

The Personality

Sebastian is quiet, to say the least. However, despite being quiet, he often finds himself more engaged than most people would think him. His eyes are sharp from years of observation, and these observations let him engage with other people, despite his lack of hearing or verbal communication. His condition does not get him down, quite the opposite in fact. Sebastian is bubbly and cheerful, always boasting a smile and a friendly face. He has never heard someone laugh, or tell a joke, or even cough..... but he thinks that's all right. The human face and body can say so much without having to hear a thing.

The Story

Sebastian was born rather normally; within a nuclear family, most would say. His mother was a teacher for juniors, while his father was a mechanic for big rig trucks. His mother was pregnant with him, and she still went to class to teach. You couldn't keep her out of the classroom, in all honesty. His father worried for her often, but knew better than to try and convince her to stay off her feet. It was pleasant, for a while.

During labor, his father never left his mother's side. Born only a day early, young Sebastian came into the world crying and wriggling as any newborn would. It was a sign of healthy lungs and vocal cords. As they cleaned him off and cut the cord, they would wrap him in a blanket and let the parents glow over their newborn baby. They had already picked out a name for him. Sebastian.

Not long after, the parents would become concerned. Despite being an absolutely normal baby boy, cheerful and the lot, he seemed to only respond to visual ques. This would spark the investigation that led them to the diagnosis of deafness in their son. They explained that it was Autosomal Dominant hearing loss, and that the parents were probably not even aware they were carrying such a gene to be passed on. They also went on to say that despite Sebastian's complete loss of hearing, he was otherwise healthy and normal.

The parents moved on after the initial shock, raising him as if their was nothing out of the ordinary, which was all they could do. They did however raise him on sign language and visual ques, to determine what his interactions were to be like. They taught him facial expressions, body language, and even tried to get him to read lips. Sebastian picked up on these lessons quite fast, all except the lip reading, something that was quite difficult for anyone to get.

When Sebastian was 14, he was still being home schooled by his mother. She preffered to do it this way, a sort of way to shelter and protect him. They were home one day when the phone rang, and his mother answered it. Sebastian continued with his homework, while she spoke on the phone. His eyes were hyper focused on his writing, but caught a glimpse of his mother as she began to break down and cry. He had no idea what was to come next.

Within the hour, Sebastian and his mother were in the hospital sitting next to his father on the bed. He was bandaged up heavily, barely recognizable apart from his left eye and eyebrow exposed. His mother was in shambles, and Sebastian wasn't sure how to feel yet. He just stared at his father, unresponsive and wrapped up like a mummy. Apparently one of the big rigs he was working on had sprung a leak, and caused a minor explosion and fire. Sebastian's father was so close to the initial blast, that despite it's small nature, it caused some serious internal damage.

His father lasted all of two days before the doctors finally pulled the plug. Once again, his mother was in ruins. She bawled and cried over her husband, her son standing next to her and just absorbing everything about this situation. Him and his mother were alone now.... and Sebastian had no idea what to think. His face was sunken in, yet he couldn't cry because he wasn't sure if it was real yet or not. All he knew was that he was going to stay near his mother for as long as he could.

5 years later, and Sebastian was still with his mother. He cared for her as best he could, as she did with him. He relished the days where he saw her smile, and would dredd the days where she didn't even want to get out of bed. It was hard, and Sebastian was tired.... but he loved his mother and wanted to keep her safe and calm for as long as he could. This was his time to be the man of the house, and he was doing his best. His mother was all he cared about now.

The Powers

Hyper focus: Sebastian has the ability to hyper focus on what he sets his mind to. He is able to concentrate with such clarity  that he could even create a photographic memory of what he focuses on. However, this only works if he maintaines focus for a period of time (roughly 3 to 5 minutes). If his focus is cut off for any reason, then his mind does not retain the details it was trying to.

Observation: Due to his deafness, Sebastian is able to observe things that others would find hard to, due to the auditory distractions of our modern world. With his observational skills, Sebastian is able to observe and learn about others very quickly, allowing him to figure things out much faster than other normal humans. This does not mean he is omniscient, by any means. It simply means that he can solve puzzles and learn people's patterns more quickly, making him rather skilled in hand to hand combat. It also makes him a good lie detector.

Hyper intelligence: Sebastian is quite smart, so much so that school was rather dull and unimaginative for him. This was part of the reason why he was home schooled. He possesses such keen intelligence that he can learn thing far more quickly than most other humans. He understands problems faster, can multiply in his head in seconds, and can learn to use tools and weapons faster than others would need. However, just because he is rather intelligent, doesn't mean he can just pick up a new rifle and use it in moments. He would still need to practice his skills with it, but would know how to use it without delay in case of real emergencies.

The Weaknesses

Hyper focus: When Sebastian is hyper focused, he also get some serious tunnel vision. This means that when he is hyper focused, he could be easily interrupted by someone simply slapping him on the shoulder, or getting gut punched. It's easy to catch him off guard during these moments, his focus making him rather vulnerable.

Observation: His observation skills are not in question. However, this doesn't mean he is flawless in his observations. He could be easily duped by someone who is a skilled liar, or if he is simply blinded for the moment. His observation skills also aren't instantaneous, but take time to graph out patterns and styles. This means that even though he would be able to discover someone's fighting style by observation, he would probably still get his ass kicked during the process, potentially killing him if he doesn't figure it out in time.

Completely deaf: Despite Sebastian's remarkable skills acquired from years of observation and learning, he's still completely deaf. This means that someone can sneak up on him, or even pick him off with a gun from a distance if he couldn't see it coming. His deafness also creates a lot of barriers with communication and conveyance of certain topics or ideas. In simple terms, sometimes people just don't understand what he's trying to tell them.

Phobia: Nosocomephobia, fear of hospitals. Sebastian has a deep and true fear of hospitals. He can walk in front of them on the street, but has not been able to willingly or voluntarily go inside of one unless it was life threatening for him or his family.

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Sebastian (New hero) Empty Re: Sebastian (New hero)

Post by Nate6595 May 8th 2021, 2:47 pm

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