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Lucy Dream

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Lucy Dream Empty Lucy Dream

Post by Starr April 7th 2021, 9:28 pm

Lucy Dream

"Shush, please be quiet, it's nap time."

The Bio

Real Name: Unknown
Renegade Name: Lucy Dream
Title: The Awoken Dreamer
Alignment: Neutral
Age: Unknown, Likely Young Adult
Gender: Female
Race: Human?
Hair: Teal with orange highlights, glowing
Eyes: Teal , glowing
Height: Average
Weight: Unknown
Blood type: Unknown

The Looks

Lucy seems to be in an eternal state of drowsiness, her hair is messy and parted to the side like it's been barely brushed out of a bedhead state, its teal locks hued with orange highlights that seem to change in intensity and pattern and her hair never stays constant in color. Lucy is constantly seen in pajamas or clothes that could be perceived as lazy day wear such as cozy sweaters, and sweatpants.

The Personality
Lucy isn’t awake enough to pick a side, she's too tired to help the heroes or cause mayhem with the villains, her powers though strong don't lead her to any sort of path of higher power or crime. She is nice enough and laid back only getting into conflict when people mess with her nap time.

The Story

Nobody truly knows where Lucy came from. Some believe she’s a human with typical super powers, others believe she’s a dimension traveling monster from another world, but nobody is completely certain, in fact not even Lucy is. Lucy’s personal belief is that she is human but can't remember who she is. She claims she's been stuck between dreams in endless sleep for years , but can't recall if it's been years or just a few days. Her mind shapes her own image and the perceptions of others, able to change reality to a certain degree, at least on her own and a select fews minds.

The Powers

Daydream ( Permission Based )  : Lucy without having to expend too much of her energy is able to dream up  minor illusions to modify her surroundings:  From dreaming up images of cute cats as distractions, to conjuring up a bush to hide behind, she's able to bring her dreams into life at least for a short while.
Feeling Drowsy? (Permission Based)  : When threatened Lucy’s first form of self defense comes from her ability to create an aura around her, or targeted at someone else that causes everyone in the surrounding area to feel a warm comfort that produces a difficult to resist the temptation to lay down and take a nap.
Dreamwalk ( Permission Based ) : Lucy has an impeccable mastery of her own dreams, getting most of her powers from obtaining energy in her sleep, along with this she is not only able to manipulate her own dreams but the dreams of others, with this she is able to make others aware of their own dreams, and is able to take others with her on a Dreamwalk.

The Weaknesses

Caffeination : Lucy’s powers manifest from her always sleepy nature , taking this away from her is the first step in bringing her down. Giving her anything that would wake her up immediately shuts down any of her powers, with her inability to dream due to a caffeine high or a sugar rush she’s an easy picking till she sugar crashes and goes back to dreamland.
Annoyance : Do you like yelling, or making loud irritating noises? Lucy absolutely adores you. If you lack caffeine, making a lot of annoying noise to break her out of a good daydream is the sure way to make her so irate that she becomes completely powerless. When your mom bursts into your room to tell you to go to school in the middle of a good dream, when your dog barks at the window at the neighborhood cat, when larry the guy next door thinks it's cool to mow his lawn at six in the morning, that's what breaks Lucy down.
Iced : It’s impossible to get a good night's sleep in the winter when you lack enough blankets or a nice heater. This is Lucy’s crux: whether its dumping a bucket of ice on her, pelting her with snowballs or tossing her into a blizzard, the cold will wake her right up causing her to be unable to dream properly.

The Items

A warm blanket for comfort on the run, she seems really attached to it.
A  Dream Journal & pen for writing down her most memorable dreams.
A bag of snack sized chocolate chip cookies.

The Minions

The Fluff

She can't seem to stay out of the Zeitgeist, walking through dreams people start to recognize her more and more, Sharing words on the streets as everyone talks in astonishment that everyone has begun seeming the same strange girl in their dreams. Fanatics believe she is a sign of troubled times ahead, others see her just as a quirky coincidence. Higher powers of the world want her powers as their own. But she’s all in all too tired to care about any of the Attention

The RP Sample

'Street Benches. . . Not the comfiest' Was all she thought to herself as she laid sprawled out across the aforementioned seat. The cold winds kept her awake but she still dreamed mindfully of the warm bed she was used to. Her stomach twitched with light pressure as her shoulder was tapped next.
"Miss?" A distorted voice repeated over and over, as a face in the distance that was so familiar but so distant called out to her , over and over droning in her mind before her eyes opened with as minimal effort as she could muster, eying the officer in blue tapping her with a baton.
"'Scuse me miss. Sorry to interrupt your snooze but this isn't a squatters den.  " He said putting his hands on his belt. "That would be the homeless shelter six blocks down. I wont write you a ticket not today.. not.. " He yawned tiredly mumbling something about coffee before he stepped back sliding against his police cruisers side into a deep sleep. The girl stretched her arms and yawned before pulling herself back down onto the bench wrapping herself in the blanket she clung to for warmth .
"mm... five more minutes..."

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Lucy Dream Empty Re: Lucy Dream

Post by Zonkes April 7th 2021, 10:47 pm

Approved and moved!

Welcome to SHRP, Lucy Dream!

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