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Lucy Summers

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Lucy Summers Empty Lucy Summers

Post by Killer Bee on December 17th 2016, 8:23 pm

Lucy Summers

"Insert Character Quote or Title here"

The Bio

Real Name: Lucy Summers
Hero Name: N/A
Title: N/A
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Brown. Styled short and curly/wavy.
Eyes: Steel blue with a hint of green.
Height: 5’6
Weight: 110
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

Lucy is a young athletic girl with fair skin, slim build and all around good looks. The young woman’s hair is a dark brown with a wavy/curly texture and is styled in a short bob cut. Her steely blue eyes accent her inviting and friendly nature, while also remaining stern and focused. Lucy stands in at five feet and six inches and sports a toned and slim athletic body, thanks to a love of sports, which she tries to maintain with rigorous workouts.


Lucy Summers EdGkg41
Lucy Summers W2y76nc
Lucy Summers 2VQwgun

The Personality

Lucy can be considered the type of person that would be classified as “a friend of the world”. She is very outgoing and enjoys socializing with others. She tends to make more friends than enemies and is always looking to help those in need. Her outgoing nature and strong desire to see people happy has led her to adopting the hero life style. Though her powers aren’t fully developed, and her understanding of them is very little, she feels the obligation to protect those that do not have the means of protecting themselves.

This strong desire to see good be done, has made her a bit reckless. She is ready and willing to lay her life on the line to help as best she can despite her lack of training or experience. Lucy could be considered a true idealist with her views on the world, as she always tries to find even the feintest signs of good in people or situations that would otherwise seem abyssal to others. Lucy is constantly looking for ways to improve upon a situation and to make then better.

At a first glance this young promising meta may look calm and reserved, but deep down there is a desire, an inner flame ready to ignite at the drop of a hat all in the name of brightening and livening things up. Lucy is heavily guided by her principles, rather than by logic, or practicality. Lucy acts purely on intent and doesn’t risk her life for the sake of rewards or praise. The young woman takes great pride in this aspect of herself, even if others don’t ever truly get the reasoning behind her actions.

The Story

Lucy’s metahuman life didn’t begin till she was already in college. For the early part of the young woman’s life she was unaware she even had powers, hell neither did her parents for that matter. Lucy had been a very normal, active girl growing up. She was fond of sports and enjoyed playing with the kids in her neighborhood and at school. The moment she entered middle school the young meta signed up for as many sports as she could. She eventually made the girls basketball team and the track and field team. Her parents were extremely supportive of her, and always made sure Lucy had all the necessities required to succeed. This passion and love for athletics followed the girl through high school and landed her several scholarships.

Eventually Lucy decided on a college and her athletic career followed her. It was during her first year away from home that she wasn’t quite normal, or at the very least something wasn’t right with her. The signs showed themselves in the form of minor discomfort anytime she came into contact with someone. The symptoms continued to fluctuate in intensity before eventually coming to a head during one of her track and field meets. During a relay race, just as Lucy was attempting to hand off the baton to the next runner, for a brief moment their fingers touched. In an instant, Lucy’s mind was flooded with a lifetime’s worth of knowledge and memories.

The initial shock blew through Lucy’s brain like a runaway freight train causing her to let out a blood curdling scream before completely passing out on the ground amidst a mini seizure episode. Lucy was later rushed to a hospital, where the seizing continued for about an hour after her arrival. Eventually the episode passed and the doctors were able to order tests to determine what brought on the attack in the first place. When Lucy came to, she was surrounded by her parents and her team mates that had been in the race with her. Her mind continued to buzz as the memories of the girl she touched swirled around in her mind.

When the results of Lucy’s tests came back everyone was shocked to find that the blood they had drawn from her didn’t match anything they had, had on record for her before. As a matter of fact it almost didn’t look human. Lucy was a metahuman, and in that moment she could feel all eyes in the room fall on her, with mixed results. Despite all that, her parents remained supportive and did everything they could, to make the transition and adaptation process as painless as possible. Several months passed as Lucy slowly tested the limits of her powers, while also trying to build up a tolerance to the pain she suffered from contacting anyone.

Lucy felt that she could make a difference with the gift she was given, if she could just learn to control it. She wanted to get better so that she could be a hero, just like the ones she had seen on the TV. Her parents as reluctant as they might have been with Lucy’s decision, still supported her. Lucy now strives to get a better handle on her powers and to help people in need.

The Priority

1. Agility 1
2. Endurance 3
3. Reaction 2
4. Strength 4

The Powers

Power 1: Adaptive Physiology/ Geneology- Lucy’s power allows her to passively absorb a lifetime’s worth of knowledge, memories, and even powers from those she comes into skin on skin contact with(PC permission required). When contact is made, Lucy’s mind is instantly flooded by the other person’s memories and knowledge/skills which she ends up retaining. If the person happens to have a power then upon contact, her DNA will rewrite itself for a brief time, allowing Lucy to wield the powers for a short time. This extends to any physical mutations as well, such as wings, gills, a different skin tone, ect. Anything that is required for the powers to function properly. (absorbed powers last for the duration of the thread)

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1: No Pain, No Gain- Despite having such a powerful gift, the cost of Lucy’s power comes at a great cost to her own health. The initial rush of all that information being absorbed caused the young woman a great deal of pain, leaving her with a severe migraine. If a power happens to be absorbed, then her body also suffers from this pain as her DNA is rewritten for a brief time to allow her to use the power. Any physical changes that might occur also bring her pain.

Weakness 2: All Of Their Strengths, And All Of Their Weaknesses- It stands to say without reason that whenever Lucy’s power copies someone else’s, that she also inherits all of their weaknesses as well.

Weakness 3: Does Any Of This Stuff Come With A Manuel?- Despite Lucy’s ability to absorb knowledge and memories from a person that she might also borrow a power from, she is unable to access any memories regarding the use of said powers. This in turn makes it very difficult for her to use a borrowed power if she happens to obtain one through contact.

The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

-Not My Own Thoughts: Lucy is constantly plagued by the thoughts and memories she acquires from those she comes into contact with. Because of this she sometimes uncharacteristically reacts to certain things and events, be it through fear, anger, happiness ect.
-Acquired Brilliance: Because Lucy passively absorbs knowledge along with memories she has an above average IQ that only continues to grow as she comes into contact with more and more people.

The RP Sample


Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Lucy Summers Empty Re: Lucy Summers

Post by Maverick on December 17th 2016, 8:36 pm

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Lucy Summers Empty Re: Lucy Summers

Post by Dubloon on October 8th 2018, 9:28 pm


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