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Le Château De Vermillion

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Le Château De Vermillion Empty Le Château De Vermillion

Post by Elena Vexus January 22nd 2021, 9:23 pm

Le Château de Vermillion

Elena Vexus

The Origin

Elena Venus funded and headed the design and construction of this brilliant piece of architecture. It was massive undertaking and a grandiose investment. The public objective was to build a beautiful area for residence, business, and recreation to have a single, luxurious home. Vexus did also want something she could use as her own personal residence after having so many dozens of different bases all over the world.

The Looks

The building sits very clearly on the edge of the New York City skyline.
Le Château De Vermillion Sarcostyle

The Layout

The ground levels are for recreational use, with pools, fitness centers, tennis courts, salons and spas, indoor virtual golf, lounges, bars, coffee shops, restaurants, an extensive library, workshops able to accommodate nearly any hobby, space for E-Sports. Name it and it can be found. The residential areas can be found above these floors with rooms ranging from studios, up to four bedroom suites. There are a plethora of different apartment layouts and can be altered/improved in order to meet the client’s needs. Above the residential spaces are the business offices. All varying in size and able to be customized to the client’s need. The top three floors are off limits, but can be accessed by elevator with specific granted access from Venus herself. However, they are guarded at all times. These three floors are for Vexus’ private use. Up here are located her personal living quarters, business space, and storage. The storage is protected and guarded under some otherworldly strict security, so that in the rare event something happens, the storage unit will remain safe no matter what.
There are also underground floors. The majority simply host server rooms, maintenance equipment and supplies, and security. There are also maintenance floors throughout the building with their own private elevators and stairwells. However even deeper you will find a maze of abandoned subways cut off from the rest of the city that Vexus has used to create her own personal labs for her various experiments and projects. No matter the complexity. These lower floors are not accessible by any other method than with Vexus personally.

The Purpose

A massive building created for both residential, commercial, and recreational use available to the public. Vexus also wanted an investment piece that would return her an appropriate amount of profit. Not to mention somewhere she could officially call home. Elena also required new space for her various projects to continue in secret as all of her other old bases began to deteriorate and become outdated. Of course, what better than underneath a beautiful mega structure in the middle of New York City.

Application created by [/url]Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

Ms. Elena Vexus
The General
Advancements: #1-#8
Elena Vexus
Elena Vexus
The Eternally Elegant Elena Vexus
The Eternally Elegant Elena Vexus

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Le Château De Vermillion Empty Re: Le Château De Vermillion

Post by Zonkes January 22nd 2021, 9:33 pm

Approved until stated otherwise.

Event Moderator
Event Moderator

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