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Cinder Fiend (Minion to Cinis)

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Contest Cinder Fiend (Minion to Cinis)

Post by Nate6595 October 28th 2020, 3:22 am

Cinder Fiends


The Bio

Real Name: Cinder Fiends
Title: Cinis’s Watchdogs
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: ???
Gender: N/A
Race: Ash and Cinder
Hair: N/A
Eyes: Burning orange
Height: 4’6 to 6’5
Weight: 100lbs or so
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

Cinder Fiends can take any number of shapes. Sometimes they look humanoid, males with charred black skin, lines of orange blazing through the several cracks around its body. Other times it’s a dog like creature, but much large, large sets of blazing teeth and claws. Sometimes they can fly (though they are usually smaller) and look like larger bats with long, clawed arms protruding from its front. Sometimes they’ll just be large golems made of cinder and ash, lumbering about and causing destruction wherever they can.
The Personality

Cinder Fiends are sinister mechanizations, following their master’s desires in wanting to cause pain and destruction. They, of course, don’t really have a mind though, brainless things, and only occasionally be able to mutter out a word or phrase. They seem to hold no care for life and cannot be reasoned with, not in the slightest.

The Story

There is no real story behind the Cinder Fiends. They came from Cinis’s imagination, a new twisted way to spread and cause fear. While Cinis believes himself to be strong, the Cinder Fiends do hold a greater strength than him and perform tasks that he couldn’t. Further, they serve a means to cause a great, wide spread chaos that he, as one person, cannot do alone.

The Powers

Hellish Strength: Cinder Fiends are incredibly strong. They are able to move as fast as a wild dog, about 19mph or so, and can use their claws to climb up steep or even flat inclines. A Cinder Fiend is strong enough to lift an average bus and through it could fifteen feat or so. This force can also be put into physical attacks.

Searing Pain: Like their master, Cinder Fiends can inflict targets with searing pain, fiery damage that is felt through physic force and unless a person has protection from physic attacks it will feel as through they are getting slashed by searing hot claws, burning through flesh like butter.

The Weaknesses

Blunt Force Damage: A Cinder Fiend is made via a core, which is composed condensed and hardened ash, and blunt force to a Cinder Fiend’s form will slowly start to damage the core. Piercing damage does not seem to damage the flesh as well as blunt force.

Watered Down: Strong torrents of water or getting rained upon causes Cinder Fiends a great deal of pain and will, if consistently exposed to water, will cause them to melt and turn to slurry.

Mindless Fiends: The Cinder Fiends are not capable of intelligent though and can easily be tricked. A Cinder Fiend’s goal is cause pain and destruction. While it will follow its master’s orders, if left alone it will just attack and attack, making it easy to predict overall.

Core: A Cinder Fiend is composed and held together by a core. If the core, which is usually in the chest or head, is destroyed then the Cinder Fiend just falls apart. Of course, a Cinder Fiend’s core is not required to be destroyed to defeat the Cinder Fiend, rather this is the easiest way to do so.

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