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Soup For The Soul

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INV ONLY Soup For The Soul

Post by Vorik October 4th 2020, 10:25 pm

What does it mean to be a hero? Is it when you defeat the villain, when you save the day, or perhaps it is when you appear on the local news network as they praise you? Being a true hero, at least in Wanting's eyes, is to be none of those. A hero doesn't pride themselves on beating up someone, nor do they save people to be famous. To be a hero is to simply end suffering. Defeating the bad guy, saving people, all of it boils down to helping people who are suffering. This is why it's such a shame that most of these "heroes" spent most of their time signing autographs and getting brand deals. If there were more genuine heroes then perhaps he never would have resorted to what he is now.

He stopped himself from drifting off into the what-ifs as he watched the news. The nicely dressed reporter was going on about another local hero in New York. Usually, he didn't care about the hero worship but who they were worshipping was very interesting. He'd been planning to pay Dove a visit sometime in the future but he just couldn't find the right opportunity. Seeing that she was not only donating to one of the local homeless shelters but is going to be working in a soup kitchen for the next week seemed like the perfect chance to have a chat.

Slipping on his plain white mask depicting an expression of profound sadness he ventured down the halls of one of his many underground labs, preparing the various bodies that made up the collective for a very important meeting. The plan was simple, while she worked and toiled in the kitchen, he would slowly filter in his many bodies. Once there were enough to stop her from easily escaping he would reveal himself to her.


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INV ONLY Re: Soup For The Soul

Post by Ai Kon February 1st 2021, 2:09 am

”And you have yourself a wonderful day!”

Cameras flashed as the homeless man, scruffy and dirty, grunted and accepted the food offered to him. It was a good meal, being one of the more upscale soup kitchens in the area, and was funded directly by the Konnick Family as part of Senator Takeshi Konnick’s plan to alleviate the troubles of the less-fortunate. Ai would know; that was her father. Oh, no one knew. Unlike some of the modern day superheroes, she kept her identity a firm secret; not out of fear of being discovered or anything, that didn’t worry her. Only her father would absolutely kill if he found out she was out doing hero work again! He was a nosy one, and tried to have people follow her!

She felt bad trapping them in crystal, but it was for the good of the people!

Smoke, vapor, and the bright lights of a public facility nearly dimmed her vision, but the fancy little sunglasses she wore prevented such a thing! They were adorable, too, she saw a pair just like it worn by some cute actress in her favorite magazine, and she bought it the very same day! Shipped in from Japan! The lenses and frames were differing shades of pink, while the former were shaped in hearts traced with real gold. They were expensive, sure, but absolutely gorgeous! Now, some people might say wearing them while volunteering at a soup kitchen was tacky, but she just couldn’t resist! It matched her outfit!

Speaking of, her uniform, as she liked to think of it, was a tad bit more modest today. Leggings covered her long legs, the typically short-cut bustier had a much more sincere bust than her usual uniform (though it still showed off her flat stomach). It all was, of course, pink, and came with her tell-tale frills and pretty pink skirt. And across her bust was the image of a dove with its wings outstretched. It was all very … bright and monochromatic, but it worked for her, with her bubblegum hair pulled back into a ponytail and heels clicking on the floor. Somehow.

”And you too, sir!”

She served another plate, this time to a grumpy teenager, but she gasped as the next in line was a mother with two kids, one barely old enough to walk. With a gasp, she waved at them, but they only stared back with the tired eyes of the downtrodden. With a smile that could brighten the deepest darkness, she waved her hand and winked, an action unobscured by the mask over her eyes she wore, and a dog - a living, bounding dog made of pink energy, with a tongue lolling out of its mouth - which bounced around the children. The smiles that bloomed across their faces made one bloom across her own, and the aura that surrounded her brightened.

It was difficult, sometimes, when you come from so much, to understand the struggles of the poor and disenfranchised. It’s why she did this, why she had to. In her normal life, she would never encounter people like this; so many stories, so many different personalities and down-on-their-luck people. And odd individuals, too! Oh, sure, it was scary at times - like the crazy people who pull weapons out!!!! - but she could handle it. She was a hero, after all, who took out empowered folk on the daily! A little homeless guy wasn’t gonna scare her.

But what did were some of the people in this room.

It … it took her a while to notice, but some of them … they didn’t have personalities. At least, that’s the best way she could sum it up. See, every living thing emitted this … aura. And she could feel all the good things they give off, like love and happiness. But a few of the people, they didn’t give off this aura. She had never encountered it before, and it was freaking her out.

But the only thing to do was wait until he made a move ...
Ai Kon
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