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Alphabet Duck Soup (Alpha)

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Alphabet Duck Soup (Alpha) Empty Alphabet Duck Soup (Alpha)

Post by Danny The Sphinx on August 26th 2017, 3:16 am

The last days of summer drifted into the lazy dawn. It took most of Danny's patience to keep her mind off of the upcoming school year and fixated on the importance of the grand opening of the Technoporium in Stanford California- opening with a large grant from the Tamamoa family. And, to the great anticipation of Danny, her parents would actually be attending!

The last time Danny saw her parents, she still had braces and no bracelet. A little speck of a seventh grader now turned into a competent crime fighting hero with a streak to back her up. Now she just needed to wait a few hours, make sure nothing bad happened, and she could have the family reunion she always wanted.

The focal point of the night drove up the expectations for the exhibit. A cutting edge piece of Atlantean technology unearthed during a scuffle between Bliss, her demon friend Madeline, and the king of Atlantis. Nothing special about the large bronze sphere resting in the middle of the gran hall, but Danny knew a change would come.

Her mother uncovered a key three years ago. And, for three years it sat in a museum in England. Now, Trish Tamamoa set out to return home to see her daughter.

Danny locked the door to the back room. Putting the key around her neck down the front of her black and green, one piece mini skirt with a pair of black boots. The party already began to shift into full swing, with a large capacity of party goers frolicking, spectating, and taking pictures of the ancient antiquities.

The party itself did not interest Danny, and the hours could not pass by soon enough for Danny to finally be reunited with her mom for the first time in six years. She pulled her hair back into a tight ponytail, took a deep breath, and walked onto the exhibit hall.
Danny The Sphinx
Danny The Sphinx

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Alphabet Duck Soup (Alpha) Empty Re: Alphabet Duck Soup (Alpha)

Post by Alpha on September 4th 2017, 6:35 pm

Technology was not something that he normally would have taken an interest in but t the atlantian prefix was a thing that made it sound interesting. There was always something about devices that derived from ancient civilizations that caught his interest. Making it a museum heist was just bonus icing on the proverbial cake. ”You’re not seriuous are you? Atlantian tech from a museum?” Aaron asked with that suspect expression, one brow raised higher than another with a tone that was even less convinced. Skepticism in light of things like this always managed to confuse him.

”I mean people throwing things around with their mind isn’t far fetched but an ancient civilization is? You confuse me Aaron.” Travis noted with a shrug, walking through the entrance of the museum without a worry in the world. Ellen was going to be there, but not quite as lax as they were going to be. His own logic dictated the tech would be made of metal and who better to steal something metal than someone who controlled it.

Impeccable logic in his own mind anyhow.

Visiting as he was made things easier, save for the fact he wasn’t aware of a certain person that probably hated his guts by some point. He ruffled through his leather jacket pocket, settling attention upon his phone and tapping on the touch screen before putting it into his jacket. Coming there was a billionare willing to donate made things much easier with the proprietor approaching him.

“Mister Masters, I just want to repeat how thankful I am for your generosity.” The smartly dressed woman spoke, smiling a smile he knew was fake. She seemed like the type to know what she was saying.

”I believe our history needs to be preserved and you do that just fine.” He said with casual smile as they walked off to probably keep looking things over. Aaron keeping to his side, while Delta and Ellen likely sneaked in through a back.

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Alphabet Duck Soup (Alpha) Empty Re: Alphabet Duck Soup (Alpha)

Post by Danny The Sphinx on September 4th 2017, 7:39 pm

Putting a large object with possible magic properties in the middle of a museum is how you draw in one villain. Talking about those vague, possible magic properties is how you draw a villain and a functioning moron. That moron walked right up to Travis, put his hand between Alpha and the women, and spoke. "Hey, you are a good looking guy. Now, I'm a good looking guy too- Okami's the name. Tengo Okami."

Tengo turned to the woman and looked her up and down. "You kinda look like someone Bliss would make fun of if she weren't duct taped to a table. I bet you're just trying to get money out this dude." Okami had no actual reason to know Travis was rich. He just assumed good looking people were rich. If they were not, they would be ugly. "Just chatting him off to make off with some booty. Which one of us is the real interdimensional, one legged, half raksasha pirate?" Okami nudged the woman with his elbow. "Probably me. I was way too specific with that verbal jarring. Oh by the way, bet you can't guess which one of my legs is fake."

Back in the storage room, Danny pushed a cart of wooden crates over to the side of the room. While not wearing the exact outfit for manual labor, her bracelet's ability to summon a cart made the job much easier than hiring someone. She walked over to the last crate and created another construct beneath it. "Sounds lively out there. That's good." Danny furrowed her brow. "Unless jerks are out there."

This time, the crate began to shake violently. Danny stepped back on her heel, releasing the constructed cart. Each side of the crate split open under its weight hitting the ground, save for the front panel which split open revealing an orb that floated towards Danny. A bright turquoise band began to shine around the center of the orb, replicated by the glow in Danny's bracelet. "Are you two talking?"

Wanting in on whatever magic voodoo circumstances these two devices began, Danny wanted to at least know something about them. "So, I just give it a little rub and-" A zap of electricity jolted Danny. "Okay! So, this is a private thing and I'll know later! Could have said that without electricity, but what do I know, I'm just the girl who does everything."

Danny waited while the orb and the bracelet connected. Unaware of jerks in her midst.
Danny The Sphinx
Danny The Sphinx

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