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Vorik Char (WIP)

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Vorik Char (WIP) Empty Vorik Char (WIP)

Post by Vorik on June 28th 2020, 12:53 am


"Insert Character Quote or Title here"

The Bio

Real Name: Dr. Hector Wallen
Villain Name: The Wanting
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Race: Cuban
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Dull Green
Height: 6,1
Weight: 145
Blood type: B-

The Looks

The last 6 years have not been kind to Dr Wallen. Before the accident, he was a rather handsome man, with a bright dream. and a brighter smile. He easily could of been a lady's man if his passions for learning didn't occupy his time. Since the accident he has become a wretched husk of his former self. His once statuesque body  is crooked and bent in a constant hunch. His defined muscles have long since faded leaving only the outlines of his ribs. Sunken eyes devoid of any life stare vacantly at nothing.

In his alternate identity as The Wanting, his appearance is constantly changing as he puppets his bodies. Whether it be man, woman, child. The only constant is the costumes the collective host wear. Clad head to toe in a dirty bandaging style bodysuit, wearing a black capelet that reaches down to the elbows with a billowy hood hanging down their back, everything about them is covered from view save for their dull eyes resting behind their white expression mask. Each body wears one of these simple white masks, stylized after the comedy and tragic masks seen in many theaters. Every mask shows a different static expression of human emotion. Fear, joy, terror, love, sadness, ect. The masks are secured with 3 leather straps fixated at the back of their head.

The Personality

The Story

Entry Log 01
My name is Dr. XXX XXX, leading scientist on the XXX project. I've decided at the behest of the shareholders to record and log the ongoing progress of the project. Our main goal is to open a stable rift into a dimension of unbound energy. If the project succeeds then the entire world can benefit from clean infinite power. No more will we have to rely on batteries, oil, or coal. I am getting ahead of myself, the project is still in it's infancy and the prototype is still in its conception.

Entry Log 02
Despite the concerns of the committee, the project has received funding to start construction of the prototype. In just a matter of months we'll be entering the testing phase, but in the mean time there is still much to be done regarding the flux of the Energy Cipher and the Esotonic Bleed Effect.

Entry 03
Gregory Miles is no longer with the project. To say this is unfortunate would be an understatement. He was the only one I could truly rely on to keep to the schedule, but his moral obligations to his family came first to him. Begrudgingly the project continues ahead of schedule and we are mere weeks away from the initial testing.

Entry 04
How hard is it to remember a simple boot sequence to power the prototype? I have come to the conclusion that Derek is an idiot and a detriment to my project. I can't fathom why upstairs brought him on after the loss of Gregory. I may have a perfect memory while most people don't its surprising the absent minded "scientist" remembers to tie his shoes. Thanks to him, the project timeline has been pushed back by several weeks as he did not use the proper boot sequence and fried the Esotonic Regulator. Why is it so hard for everyone to remember the important things?

Entry 05
The prototype is functional and the initial tests are positive. After years of research and haggling with the board we've come to the final steps of free energy. In the next few days we'll be testing the device at full operating capacity and finally tear a stable rift.

Entry 06
Its been 3 months since the last entry log and the project has been halted. The scientific community and their "experts" have been doing everything in their power to stall this project. They claim that the risks and repercussions of an unstable rift forming far outweigh any potential benefit. They also question my credentials for being in charge of the project. Funny, considering I have more degrees and doctorates then the majority of them combined. Art, philosophy, languages, applied science, theoretical science, political science, chemistry, and countless other areas in which I am considered an expert. That's the wonderful thing about having a perfect memory. Every second of every day you are learning. The amount of effort it takes for someone to remember a name, I can just as easily memorize a new language. If I am not qualified to lead this project then who can possibly be?

Entry 07
Tomorrow we will be resuming the test. In spite of the various obstacles and hurdles the "experts" I've managed to convince the board of directors to continue the project. This time tomorrow we shall tear a stable rift at full capacity and be one major step closer to limitless energy. To all those that have tried to stop my achievement you can  eat your heart out.

Entry 08
This will be the final entry for project XXX. I...The project was a failure. The repuliziocs experienced critical failure during the experiment and a full system meltdown occurred. I don't remember what occurred after the meltdown, but I've been in a coma for the past 5 months...I shouldn't even be alive according to the doctors. How could it of gone so wrong? I calibrated and input everything as it should of been. My numbers were not wrong, it should of worked. The only explanation is that someone changed the input in an attempt to ruin the project and kill me. So much good undone for what purpose? I must still be in shock because I don't even know how to feel about all this. I'll never be taken seriously in the scientific community anymore. My life is ruined.

Entry 09
I've decided to continue posting entries here as it relates to the current situation. Its been roughly 2 months since the project failure and something horrible has occurred. I feel nothing anymore. At first I thought it was the shock of being in a coma and finding out that not only is your reputation destroyed, but your life's work as well. I don't feel joy, sadness, anger, even physical sensations such as the warmth of a fire...Everything is muted and dulled into lifelessness. I've tried doctors and I've tried therapists, and all I got were antidepressants and useless questions about how I feel. Well guess what? I don't feel a thing.

Entry 10
The soul, or rather, my soul has been thoroughly damaged. The pure energy released in the meltdown must of damaged my soul. Usually energy in our universe is a form of current, pressure, power, but this was fundamentally pure energy from another reality. It's not out of the question to consider that this energy has different properties. Despite knowing the source of this numbness there is still no one who can help me. Lying spiritualists, priests, and so called "experts" don't actually know anything about souls other than their blind beliefs. I've tried reaching out to these various hero scientists in a hope that their super science might hold a cure, but my reputation of failure has closed any doors on reaching out to them. If I want to feel again, I must solve one of life's biggest questions. What is a soul?

Entry 11
There is nothing, nothing! There is no scientific research or papers, or even anything beyond mere theories! There are supposed beings out there who claim they are gods of the afterlife, but there are dozens of them, each with their own versions of what a soul is. There is absolutely nothing to scientifically prove that a soul should even exists let alone define it! For all the heroes and villains in the world, for all their brilliant power and cosmic awareness, you would think at least one of them would document and detail the ongoing process of what it means to exist. This is a major setback that I should feel crushed and upset by, and yet I feel nothing...

Entry 12

The Powers

The Weaknesses

The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

The RP Sample

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