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Maximilian König (Iskandar)

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Maximilian König (Iskandar) Empty Maximilian König (Iskandar)

Post by Iskandar April 21st 2020, 12:03 am

Maximilian König (Iskandar) A698a8c6feddfd9f6c6e715fac473883

Basic Biography

Name: Maximillian König
Title:  Iskandar
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Race: Human?
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Light blue
Height: 5’11 ft
Weight: 234 lbs
Blood type: A -

The Looks


The Legacy

The best way people have been able to describe Maximilian on their first meeting is personable. He’s the kind of person capable of getting others on his side through the simple use of his words, knowing what to say and when to say it. Smiles and false assurances come to him as easy as breathing, though he’s also the kind of person to avoid outright lying when possible. Ruthless and driven, Maximilian is the kind of person to do what he wants to get what he desires, even if that means trampling on those in his way to get it. Losses in the end are acceptable if someone would want to acquire a better future. Never the one to give into petty grandstanding or monologuing, efficiency has always been something he held over posturing or empty victory.

From a young age he was cared for. Not directly by his parents of course, but Maximilian never lacked in caregivers and tutors who were willing to make sure he developed in a way expected of his station. A family born into money older than most can remember, money that grew with each generation and connections to enriched it further. Friends were people of similar, if lesser stature whose parents knew having them get into his good graces would set them for the future. Money, power and anything else was likely on their mind and he was aware of it from a young age. It was just a reality for Max, and he adapted to it faster than anyone would have expected.

In those times of youth he learned people best. How they worked, the buttons to push and what happened when those buttons were pressed. His intelligence and social aptitude were something that became a point of pride and unease for his parents, who he had at some point guessed didn’t really care for one another. Eugenics through breeding was the reason behind his birth. Tests for a metagene were done to him, with full consent of course. Blood samples, brain scans and anything else they could think of and gain through vast wealth.

In the end no genetic markers resembling the metagene were shown, confusing then more than anything else. He was an aberration with a mind that vastly outstripped his peers, and with that mind he plotted his own success. Something that his simple minded progenitors could never really understand. His father owned at the time a modestly large company, a public source of their funds though he knew his father was competent in keeping their standard of living.  

Not his idea of an ideal role model, instead following the people that somehow managed to improve the world around them with each innovation. How humanity had developed through grand innovations as well as the atrocities required for them as well. Of all the things he strived for, the earliest he could remember was success. Everything he did was without difficulty, as if he were crafted to succeed in all things human and he became quite the popular person around those that gravitated towards him. People found him magnetic in a way that made gather around him like some kind of beacon.

This translated into his adulthood when he quickly took an interest in his father's work, though he knew he wanted to take over the business when the family patriarch could no longer do so. So he bid his time, working through multiple degrees to diversify his own personal portfolio and making sure he was the most well qualified human being possible. His wit and guile were one of the few things he could rely on, though that didn’t stop him from honig all weapons at his disposal. Mind and body were both things that could be made use of.  

In time his father tragically passed away through no fault of his own *wink* and he took on the business ventures through a few savvy moves, leaving him ready to pursue what he considered ventures that were worth his time. His own isolation from mankind made him realize that they were lacking, nowhere near his own level and needed to improve. So he began looking into human evolution research, eventually forming several projects of artificial metahuman work he could make use of for widespread change. Even the power inducing drugs had their uses, though he managed to craft a few which circulated across the black market.  

The Powers and Weaknesses


Pinnacle mind: Ever since he could remember, Maximillian was smarter than anyone around him. They were dull, painfully so. Human intelligence, even on the level of geniuses are nothing more than dull, idiot children. He can perform complex calculations near instantaneously and even come to conclusions that might not make sense for lesser intelligences. Everything he sees or experiences he has no issue remembering, or even recalling upon a whim. The use of this vast intelligence allows him to memorize many skills, languages or anything else he would want to learn. He is vastly inventive, innovative and many other things that come with the fruits of the human mind. Most of all he is known for being a master planner, seeming to see a larger plan that those around him do not and act on it.

Master martial artist: In turn with the years of physical conditioning he has been sure to train himself in as many martial arts as possible. Hand to hand combat as well as basic weapons that he would be expected to use. From melee weapons to firearms, anything to be able to defend himself should that be required. The best way to describe his skill is superhuman.

Wealth: Head of a multi-billion cooperation with fingers in multiple industries, he has managed to amass wealth that allows him to do almost anything within reason.

Still mortal: Despite being the peak of humanity, Max is human and harmed by the same things that can harm humans and even be killed by them.

Gear dependent: While capable against human combatants, his gear usually is capable of at best defending himself from those above. Damage to them or anything that renders him incapable of using this equipment leaves him at the mercy of those above human.

Under Armour: A polycarbonate exoskeleton that is slim and small enough to fit underneath his clothing. This augments his strength and speed to levels beyond human, usually by measures of four to five times his normal abilities. This manifests as being able to effortlessly throw a person across the room, smash through brick walls and reach a speed of 40 mph when running, also increasing the movement speed of his limbs. He usually keeps this under his clothes, ever prepared to defend himself.

Weaknesses The armor itself doesn’t protect him from puncturing force, knives and bullets being able to easily rip through it and into the person under the armor. Secondly, striking at the joints can get around any minimal protection the armor also offers.

Nanite weapon synthesizer:  A section of his under armour that contains a small amount of nanites that can rapidly spread to form a single weapon, usually taking the form of a bladed or blunt weapon due to their simplicity. Guns are possible, though they seem to take far longer and can only have one shot before needing external ammo to shoot anymore.

Weaknesses:Electrical shocks can cause the nanites to lose their shape, taking time to reform before they can be used again.

Personal wrist computer: A super computer compressed into the size of a smart watch he wears on his wrist. The touch screen can be used though he has smart glasses which can also project the feedback through them or can simply project a large image. Allows him to tap into remote networks as well as simple and more complex hacking, as well as just browsing the internet.

Weaknesses: Electrical shocks, emps and the like are capable of shutting down the wrist computer.

Pain suppressant: A small section of his hidden armor capable of delivering a potent painkilling drug should he ever be injured. Also capable of rapidly stopping bleeding, though regenerative capabilities of this drug are minimal at best.

Weaknesses: While the drugs themselves can reduce pain, it doesn’t actually heal his injuries and damage to the section where it administers would destroy the mechanism.

Galva-Knuckles: Two sections of the armor that slide over his knuckles and produce a powerful current of electricity on contact.

Weaknesses: Damage to the conductors on his knuckles can shut down the device.

Peak human athleticism: A level of athleticism that has come from years of training himself to the peak that a human can do. He’s strong, fast and holds vast stores of stamina that allows him to perform where olympic athletes would falter. He can lift four times his body weight and maintain a running speed of 28 mph without much strain. With the proper situation, he could potentially even catch a bullet.

Physical Priority
Reaction 1
Agility 2
Endurance 3
Strength 4

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Maximilian König (Iskandar) Empty Re: Maximilian König (Iskandar)

Post by Zonkes April 21st 2020, 12:11 am

Approved and moved.

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