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A Quest with Camelot! (Jessica)

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INV ONLY A Quest with Camelot! (Jessica)

Post by Ares Rajani on July 14th 2019, 1:43 am

“This place sucks. The people make no sense and their business practices are just absurd.” He complained as he stepped out of the blue and white mammoth store that offered absolutely everything you could hope to find. Such an odd and boring venture. Ares stepped from the shop, looking dissatisfied with the options he had seen. What sort of infernal place doesn’t offer. He looked back over his shoulder at the star and pouted as he grumbled. “People think I’M dark. That place literally sacrifices the lifeforce of other businesses to stockhouse themselves up with resources. Those assholes too my tactic!” He whined, partially screeched as he rubbed the back of his head. He felt a sudden wave of rage, though it quickly tempered. There was more to the story than the business practices here.

He looked up to the sky and contemplated his surroundings. Chicago, The Windy City as it were. More like the Rainy city tonight. It was home to so many people, and there was so much information to share and learn from. He hardly had time to be started. He had been in this city for a month and he had absolutely no leads to go on. He hadn’t even used his Web of Lies yet. Though he had to admit that of all the cities in this world he had been to, none had been this challenging yet. Granted that’s because he actually hadn’t done anything to make progress. He procrastinated and contemplated more than he actually acted. He’d scold himself for this, but he was too busy contemplating how he would ever get by without such a crucial thing in his life.

Ares snapped his fingers and took inspiration. He smiled in a rather devious way before putting his hands behind his head and walking, whistling. He found that the entire thing in this world that was most common were a bunch of people who were somebody pretending to be nobodies. Then things happened and it turns out they were somebody, and they actively need money to do things like live, rent stuff and eat. So what if someone who was a nobody was actually somebody that could help him? It’s crazy right? He had to keep himself from instant commitment to an asylum. But he knew just the type of person he needed for the job. He needed someone who had seen some shit, kicked names and took asses or however the expression went.

So where does one go to find well-trained people that are willing to do whatever you need for money? You go to a privatized army and hire them! Ares reached into his pocket and realized he only had enough currency in this world to equate to $200. He growled and mumbled, wishing he had converted more of his stored into such currency. Stupid people only used paper-cloth or something. Paper was good for kindling, not money. So now the question was where did you go to recruit people that would do what you need them to and do it CHEAP? The inspiration hit him right in the eyes, a stabbing neon light garnering his attention as he noticed the word BAR glowing with a faint electrical hum, the B occasionally flickering. The place looked like it was the victim of a 1990’s horror flick, but that just made him feel all the more at home as he walked across the street.

The inside was a lot better than the outside, it looked more “characterized” inside. The place was rough on the edges but you had a bunch of people sitting around and having a great time...scowling? Glaring? Reminiscing about war stories? Oh boy, was this one of those nursing homes he had heard about? It didn’t matter really...By the end of the day, he would have that which he stayed in this world for. Then there would be no one stopping him from taking it. It was one step towards freedom, towards his goal. He wore his usual dopey smile, walking in and clearing his throat as he walked up to the bar. He was the most out of place person here, truthfully he seemed like an average joe.

“Hi, heh. Uhm yeah so ya see I’m kinda in need of some help. I wanna hire someone whose really keen on the idea of never having to pay for their own drinks again. Someone with experience wrestling horrible, terrible beasts or maybe a metahuman that's pretty tough?” Ares said, hoping that it would at least spark some attention. He just kept smiling and looking at the barkeep, not realizing that a bar-tender’s job was NOT the same in this world as it was in the worlds he’d come from.

A Quest with Camelot! (Jessica) Ares10
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