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Ares Rajani

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Ares Rajani Empty Ares Rajani

Post by Ares Rajani November 9th 2016, 7:33 pm

Ares Rajani
"Your everyday guy"

Basic Biography

Real Name: Ares Rajani
Renegade/Villain Name: Ares Rajani
Title: Totally your everyday guy...
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race:  Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Alters occasionally
Height: 5'6
Weight: 145 lbs.
Blood type:  B+

The Looks

Either include pictures in Spoilers, a smaller picture/s for the profile, or a very detailed description of your characters physical appearance and costume.

Alignment Justification

Chaotic Neutral is a free spirit whom does whatever they please, whenever they please. They can be classified as Hedonists, just doing whatever it takes to get a thrill out of the moment. Ares is exactly that. He does what he wants. If it lines up with the law then that's good. But it probably won't. He won't care if it doesn't. In fact he doesn't even understand what the cops are for. Morality is nothing more than another choice. Life is hard enough as it is, so why limit yourself even farther?

The Legacy

Ares is a rather complex individual. He is a person who seems to be nice the first moment, then mischievous and uncharacteristically cunning the next. He is rather intelligent, however seems to be naïve to the most simplistic things that most people would believe to be common sense. This goes as far as believing that fire hydrants were metal "pimples" in the side-walk that contained fire to use to blow up the area if a metahuman were to ever go crazy.
Ares is the type who is always smiling, always doing something to keep himself busy and always going out and trying to find new ways to experience life to its fullest. He's a thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie with what seems to be a one-track mind and at times a child-like mentality.

In truth:
The epitome of a free spirit, the exemplar of amorality and the picture perfect visage of an almost ignorantly selfish child in a man's body. The man does whatever he wants, whenever he wants and thinks little of the consequences that may befall upon others for his actions. If it furthers his personal gain or freedom you can certainly bet money on the fact that Ares will be taking that course of action and expect to make a little money. Ares is a very cunning and manipulative person who tends to see the very concept of life as nothing more than a game where the man/woman who enjoyed themselves the most for the longest wins.

    Ares perceives the world in a very plain and simple reality. Power controls. Power decides who lives and dies. Power decides who rules and who is a slave, whether the weak see it as such or not. To not be a slave is to be free. In order to secure his freedom he must have power. He needs to continue to gain power. Not so that he can be malicious with it, or spiteful. But so that he can be free. He must become omnipotent, to serve or be enslaved by another is completely unacceptable in every way. His greed is almost a flaw, always demanding more while what he has is never enough. While in concurrence, his ego never allowing him to submit nor compromise on things that he desires after can make his life difficult. Especially when Ares is all to willing to deny the world that which the world would readily deny him.

     The free spirited and almost hedonistic man is incredibly intelligent, taking great care to hide his motives and keep himself shrouded in secrecy. He enjoys "playing games" with others to see how long he can keep himself and his true desires a secret. There are even times when Ares will do things that seem to hinder him, hurt himself or his goals. All for the sheer purpose of making himself entirely unpredictable. Though Ares fully believes in the fact that "The world is Opportunity" something who whole-heartedly believes.

 90% of what Ares does boils down to doing it for his own amusement, or for the sheer thrill of saying he had the chance to experience it. His own personal amusement and freedom are what he prioritizes above all other things. To the degree that he can seem almost sociopathic when it comes to the long-term repercussions that his actions have on himself (let alone others). This selfish styled of greed counters any and all forms of shame that he would otherwise be able to feel; and his free-spirited ego counteracts any and all forms of humility that he might have experienced.

Despite his devil-could-care mentality, Ares still firmly believes in the concept of Logic, just not in the ways others might believe. He believes in the furthering and domination of technology, and ultimately total omniscience. Utilizing his characteristics he finds himself pursuing for the endless quest of Omnipotence so that he need serve no man, no concept for creature. He seeks to understand logic and sees them as barriers, limitations that he must obliterate by any means necessary. He utilizes and understands technology as his own power cannot directly destroy such things, and in finding the ultimate understanding of the fantastic dream-like wonders of the multiverse will achieve omniscience. With such a power it will breed Omnipotence and his dream shall be realized.

Despite a seemingly high-standard goal and what seems to be a serious objective; Ares is ALWAYS happy to deceive and trick people, always ready and willing to test himself and always ready to have a good time, because if you knew him at all then you'd know he doesn't like (and won't let) any moment be boring! After all, the only reason he wants knowledge and power is to be able to keep doing what he does now. Have fun!

  The bulk of Ares personality could be best described in the maxim: "Look out for Number One, and have fun doing it. After all, The world is opportunity."

Very little is actually known about Ares. He has no family, he has no past here nor does he seem to have any knowledge of the world around him. To talk to him makes it seem as if he had literally been born yesterday. With absolutely nothing to his name, Ares arrived from seemingly nowhere and just decided to integrate himself into the world around him. Immediately he began to find himself in small bouts of trouble or disagreements. Some problems were easily resolved others were worth their weight in scrapes and bruises.
 Ares history is known to him, and him alone. If you want to learn more about him; how about a game, Guest? Wink

The Truth of Ares:
Ares Rajani is a dimensional walker, a "magical" entity with the power to walk between realms. His power originated in his home world of "Ios Sahirion" where he was born the child of slaves in a very harsh and unforgiving environment. His family were slaves to a prominent magical family that preyed upon the ley-lines and mana of that area of the world.

  The family that Ares' family served preyed upon the natural mana produced by the sea and the islands left isolated from the mainland. The family in which he was born into service had several uses of slaves. Many of them were used to cultivate the fields, others to serve as attendants or workers in the local shops. Ares' father was assigned to work for the fishermen of the Islands when they went out to their boats while his other served as an attendant to the mistress of the Island. Ares grew in a few years and by the age of 7 he was already working as a slave assigned to work with the Island Librarian. The Library was a very important place, it was not only a place to get books, but it was a daily home to some of the greater minds of their society. Laboratories were held beneath, magi practiced in the upper levels while the common man came throughout the large center of learning in pursuit of education and intellectual stimulation.

    Ares was not allowed to speak unless spoken too, but he made a concerted effort to pay attention. When you were forced to do nothing but what you were told to, you learned to listen. If you were to excel and had any hopes of being treated half decently you learned to pick up of cues, comments or mumbles of what your master desired and get it for them before ever having asked. But with that listening came knowledge, and that knowledge secrets. Ares would watch as The librarian would start a new page and mumble the words he read. Ares wasn't always a smart child, but he was gifted with a great memory for symbols, glyphs and markings. It took him a while, but eventually the boy taught himself enough to read a little better than a primitive or a savage.
  Ares was 14 years of age when he was sold off to an independent slave trader that went throughout the lands to exchange and optimize in the slave trade. He was separated from his family and taken to a rather far and distant place. The slavers had taken him to a new land, a place of wet earth and the faint smell of Sulphur. He could recall the Islands having less water on their land in truth as there seemed to be not a place of solid ground much of anywhere.

 The marshy lands where they had docked would soon come to be his home, as he was soon purchased along with several other slaves by a very strange man who lived in a ruined castle surrounded by fog and smog. Almost every night one could look out and see the eerie glowing mists of the haunted lands, or the creatures hiding in shadows.

 Ares new master was one of the strangest, a mage whom took to magic's unlike the kinds Ares had seen on the Islands. This was a darker magic, a more eerie magic. Ares served this Master as the slaves vanished one by one, slowly but surely every slave would enter the chamber with The Master every month and never be seen again. In the newest month of the new year it came to be Ares turn. He entered the chamber with The Master and immediately began to assist him in setting up a ritual. Ares took note of the markings however and realized that it was a spell of sacrificing.

  His master was taken by surprise by the fact Ares could tell what was going on, but then his master remembered that he didn't care and began to place things in order; binding Ares to the sacrificial slab. Ares began to panic then he realized what he had to do. Utilizing what he knew of his Master; he took advantage of his Master's pride and challenged him to a contest. Through the utilization of technicalities (A drinking contest) Ares outsmarted his Master, which both infuriated and humored him. His master soon took the child under his wing, starting by displaying exactly WHY he sacrificed the slaves he bought.

    The slaves were offered up and placed upon a sacrificial altar and exchanged, their life force utilized and harvested to power some form of enchanted creation, some form of essence or spark that would allow him access to great power. The life's work of the dark magister. Ares took to his master's teachings quickly his personality forming far faster than any form of devotion to magic; much to the dark magister's annoyance. Though eventually it would become apparent why fate had protected Ares so. Ares, after several years would eventually anger the dark magister and incite a rather harsh episode of "practice" where Ares was the victim of a horrific spell that decayed and ate away at his flesh.

    The spell would have killed him, though something triggered inside of him that seemed to spark to life. His entire being was displaces, phased for a moment before settling back into place perfectly unharmed for a moment. The look on the dark magister's face was quite terrifying to be honest, however. With his strange sacrificial knife the dark magister placed it to Ares throat and threatened to kill him if he did not do exactly as commanded. Ares was placed on the sacrificial altar and with a burning and horrifying sensation he felt something rip from his chest and he blacked out as he watched the dark magister enveloped in a type of strange fire that caught him and forced him to vanish before his very eyes. Ares blacked out, an empty void felt from within.

For two years Ares lived with a void inside him. No meaning, no purpose to anything he did. He tried to make plans to secure a ship back to the Islands where he was born, but that would be nearly impossible. He lived as best he could in the old and abandoned ruins. He couldn't make any progress with his magics anymore. Life had no meaning. The day the dark magister returned was a day Ares believed he was truly going to die.

    The Dark magister had returned, talking about all he had been able to accomplish, and thanking Ares for being the last thing he needed to achieve his goals. Unfortunately he was officially a loose end, and the dark one was going to make sure the end was tied. Though Ares made a suggestion for a challenge, appealing to the dark magister's pride. A drinking contest, something the younger was not overly adept with but one he could foolishly believe his own superiority in. Of course the dark magister accepted the terms being should Ares succeed then he'd be allowed to live and take passage back to the Islands as a free man. If he should loose then he would take the loss honored to simply of had a drink with his master as an equal, even if for a moment. Ares began the challenge. Ares was able to defeat the dark magister within the first two minutes. His master smiled and shook his head.

   "Enjoy this social courtesy. The deal I made was with a slave, a slave that is now dead to the eyes of all. One of us isn't leaving here alive."

   How true that was. Ares impaled the dark man with his own gilded blade, the same blade he used to steal whatever fire burned inside him, whatever spark had shown. With the spark resorted and his feeling of one-ness and purpose renewed.  He finally felt whole once again. Beyond that he felt powerful. Magic quickly picked up. Even as a now self-taught mage, his skills were improving and his potency was amassing. But it was not enough...
Ares left to return to the Islands, returning to the Librarian and studying under his advice for a couple years, though his studies and his consistent advances of himself were interrupted by coming in contact with his mother, whom was still a slave within these lands. Ares knew the slaves in this land were treated better than in the lands where he lived with his dark master, however the mere thought of his family having to give up their freedoms had been entirely too much for him to accept. After a touching reunion with his family, Ares went to the Lord who owned them, Lord-Alchemist Toralus. When Ares requested his family freed, the Lord-Alchemist laughed at him, and ordered his guards to capture Ares as an escaped slave. His own personal freedom jeopardized, Ares eliminated all present members of the house and cast several illusion spells over the entire premises.

 Ares had successfully usurped a noble house in utter secret and had released his family before having them uplifted to the same rank of a noble through this very house. Ares himself was a favorite treat for the other lords to meet at formal events. Occasionally some would pull him aside and make vague threats. They didn't last long. But the problem did not lay in the violation of reason.

 Eventually, Ares mother came to find that a lord from an opposing house had sent several assassins to kill Ares and his family. After a confrontation, Ares killed the Lord and his family. He would masque his deed under the power of illusions and in secret had usurped the Lord's title, acting through use of such tricky means to get what he pleased. Soon his family was freed and there wasn't a thing they could have wanted for. The Islands inhabitants found the whole thing odd, though many whom confronted Ares directly ended up missing, or changed somehow. The truth was eventually discovered when a Lord with neighboring land arrived to speak with the lord of the manor. Immediately meeting the illusion, the man dispelled it, only to find sheer nothingness. The neighboring lord had found Ares and confronted him, while Ares mother had turned the corner, but slipped back unnoticed.

   Ares admitted to killing several people and transitioning the entirety of the land into an illusion, a paradise in some sense, one that he killed for. The neighboring lord prized honor and integrity above all else, and so Ares was left no choice but to eradicate the man, a spell washing over him that emaciated him and turned his eyes to sludge while he liquefied from the inside. Ares mother was appalled, though when she later spoke to Ares about it he received the criticism quite poorly. He went on to condemn his mother, even going as far as to prove that he was the free man, and that she was only freed because he fought for his family. Ares reminded his mother that he was not owned by her, she did not command him. If nothing else it was he that commanded her. From that moment forward he realized that he needed to do as the dark master before him did. He needed to walk the realms…

   Ares has been wandering between worlds, entire realities and entire areas of this multiverse. He has collected several powerful artifacts, invaded realms and used his power to establish himself as a god. A Creator being with knowledge of tiers  of magic that have been long since erased by his own dark hand. Spells that have been lost to even those whom could claim omnipotence, artefacts from cross the realms and realities that hew hoards for his own amusement for whenever the time is right. But that is not all that he has done.

   In the culmination of the eras and the traversing, he established himself a new place. A large establishment worthy of his new ambition. An island that resembles the now-tomb world he once called his home. A kingdom with friends that he had met, and with them they had created their own, fantastic world with servants, beloved disciples and chosen champions. But it all means nothing once...He arrived….

   Simply memories forevermore…

   Now Ares rules his broken world, The Nexus, alone without his compatriots, still revered and served by the most trusted creations of his friends that serve as his guardians throughout the seven sanctums that trial any whom would come to The Nexus.

The Powers

  Black and Blue: Ares possesses tied to 2 separate forms of primal magical essences called “mana”. Each type of mana is indicative of types of spells and personality traits of value with the attuned individual.
Black Spells:

  • Duress:: Whenever a source of magical energy is present it places a strain on the targets ability to utilize magic for the next spell, increasing the difficulty it takes to cast the spell. The strain is not felt until they attempt to cast the next spell, meaning that it could potentially cause a momentary delay for the spell/magic to manifest.

  • Insidious Dealings: In addition to this spell being cast there must be an offering of pain, fear or blood. This spell allows the caster the ability to cast their other spells for half the regularly required mana from ley-lines
    For every post this spell is in effect there must be a death, or a heavy casualty due to hysteria. For every post this is active there is a 1 post preparation/channel time added to all spells This spell will harm the user if the requirement is not met.

  • Corrupt: The essence of the black falls upon the target of this curse. It imbues them with an essence that removes all inhibition, allowing them to act on whatever impulses they desire. Any impulses acted upon grant the caster a small healing effect.
    There must be a breach of personal moral code for any affect to be felt, which makes this power highly permission based for PC’s.

  • Darkness:: A blinding darkness falls over the area, shrouding Ares in mystery and allowing him to mysteriously prevent any harm from befalling him.
    This spell may only be used once per topic.
    Advancement 1 Spell List Extension

  • Borrowed Malevolence: Skimming the surface of black mana, Ares casts a unique version of the "Corrupt" ability, one that actually manages to instill a form of empowering version. This unique spell copies the abilities of "Corrupt", however it also grants the afflicted an intense hatred of a person or object of Ares' choosing. The target of this spell has enhanced strength and power when attempting to destroy the object of their hatred
    Permission based for PC’s
    Advancement 1 Spell List Extension

  • Debilitating Injury: Ares harnesses the darkness within to lash out to cause affliction and pain. This darkness of Ares latches onto a wound. This wound does not heal from natural means of regeneration. This darkness causes the wound and pain to radiate farther than it normally would have and actually cause the wounded party to feel more exhausted than normal, their strength and skill becoming sluggish and less effective
    The specified wound that is afflicted is transferred to Ares if the wound is otherwise healed.
    Advancement 1 Spell List Extension

Blue Spells:

  • In the Eye of Chaos: Any source of damage that would be dealt to any number of targets is negated instantly as the damage undergoes a form of transubstantiation into a blue energy that has black, thin "skins" peeling away at the area around it. The energy is then transferred directly into the caster's eyes.
    All physical damage is converted into a form of mental damage that causes Ares to lose mana. It can cause harm to his eyes and force blindness upon him if the damage is extensive enough. This can only be used once per topic.

  • Dismiss into Dream: This spell removes all illusions that affect any/all of the senses for a post, removing the illusion of damages sustained as well.
    Dismiss into Dream can only be cast once every 4 posts. After the second usage of this spell, any illusionary damage taken comes back as 35% of what was sustained previously and only offers a temporary respite. This includes the caster's own illusions.

  • Weaver of Lies: This allows the caster to tell a lie and have the magical ability to path out the course of the lie as it spreads throughout the vicinity of a populated area, allowing them a perfect mental visual and perfect tracking of how the lie has spread and where it spread to.
    The magic is tethered between vocals and thereby only follows the line of information as it goes out through the community. There is no way to tell whom the information actually goes to, only the path that it has followed. Spell has a 10 post cooldown.

  • Rush of Knowledge: Pulling upon the strands of blue mana and the imprint it has left on all things is a useful little trick that Ares has learned from the arts of a long destroyed dimension. While concentrating, Ares is capable of using this power to gain instantaneous knowledge on anything he has touched, or transfer knowledge he has acquired to another person. When dealing with an artifact, item or something of the like, he will gain knowledge on the artifact, such as instructions for use, whom has used it before and where it had been previously located. If it is a weapon he may even learn the correct way to martially utilize the tool. If he touches a person he is able to get a more intimate glance at a person, although the things a person desperately desires to keep hidden are still hidden to the eyes of Ares, as the nature of blue mana is far more ethical than that of black.
    Spell Restrictions/Weaknesses
    Advancement 2 Spell List Extension

  • Lost In Thought: Entreating the power of the blue mana that courses within Ares, Ares is able to create a schism between a person's perceptions, body and their consciousness. With the three separated, Ares is able to implant them within an altered/fabricated reality around them that is completely within their own mind. While they are trapped within their own thoughts, their body is completely lame and incapable of doing anything beyond breathing..
    People influenced by this spell, are able to forcibly project images and thoughts into Ares mind, and can even alter his perception on things. These will have impact upon his decision making skills and his ability to concentrate.

    Advancement 2 Spell List Extension

  • Willbender: Embracing the reflective contemplation of Blue mana, Ares is able to set a form of arcane trap. This spell "Willbender" has two methods of activation. Ares sets the arcane trap and then has the option to trigger the effect on his own accord, or the trigger will automatically trip and cause effect in response to another person's actions.
    Forced Trigger Once triggered the process of blue mana begins to wrks and alter the very process of power. This is able to redirect a source of damage that would be done to him towards a different target once it hits him. The ability to control this energy is lost to the original source.
    Actively Triggered Willbender summons a weak illusionary minion whose appearance can vary or shift as Ares desires. The illusion will always appear spectral.
    This spell requires two posts of it’s caster not casting spells to prepare to mark the rune. The caster must trace the rune in the air for it to appear on a surface.
    Advancement 2 Spell List Extension

Magic Detection: Ares has a distinct talent for analyzing magic and gaining a base comprehensive understanding of what overall level of magic that a magic user would be at. This gives him only a base insight as to what “mana” these casters would be affiliated with on his world, and a general power capacity. Also helpful for detecting the presence and appraising the powers possessed in artifacts.

The Weaknesses

Wolf in Sheep's clothing: There's an ever-present sense around Ares. Some people look at him and think he's much more than he seems to be. Others find it alluring or interesting, some even see him as a person to stay away from. This makes how people react to the character on the initial encounter very randomized and could prove problematic to the character and/or everyone around him, despite the character's attitude or behavior. Ares is often times very difficult to trust due to this.

Flesh and the power it holds: This is a very sarcastic one. The Flesh holds no true power. He is human. He can age, he requires food and drink as well as sleep. His physical form is nothing more than your geeky 24 year old with a partial work out regimen...which by partial workout regimen we mean "Goes to the gym and MAYBE does sit ups, and runs."

Gimmie Fuel, Gimmie Fire!: Ares magic is dependant upon his access to pool mana from ley lines and store them within himself. Casting spells outside of their leyline requires him to pull from his personal stored mana pool, which caused physical exhaustion.

Dark Heart: Ares revels in the plunge of pushing a “pure” user of magic over the edge, forcing them to battle and grapple with the black magic’s he weaves. He toys with those affiliated with “white” mana, and often times it causes a delay or a change in fate that can be detrimental to his plans.  

My Demon: Ares particular set of powers are perfectly tailored to his own personality. Though this is an incredibly good thing it also presents some "complications". Whenever Ares does anything that acts "out of character" or acts in a way that willingly subjugates himself to another's will; he is vulnerable to psychotic episodes, mental torment and sporadic and unreliable power until he begins to act of his own volition and has cut all ties to those he had subjugated himself to. If Ares is particularly stubborn and has finally found his "place" under another beings will, it will go to such extremes as his powers making a carbon copy black mana version of himself with his old mentality, that will continually spawn and attempt to kill and replace him.

The Eternal Wait: If Ares were to ever be rendered unconscious or "killed" he would slip into a state just before death called "The Eternal Wait". Ares can then only be awoken by an individual with a thirst for knowledge or a potential for greater potency in black mana than his own. Once awoken, his black mana binds to theirs, parasitically feeding upon it to restore his life force. While tethered such as this, Ares actions are subliminally influenced by whomever he is leaching upon.

Monstrous Clock: Anyone benefiting from an Enchantment, Intervention, Equipment or any form of Sorcery that Ares is casting is immediately given an injection of darkness. (This darkness does not inherently influence or affect the host in any way, shape or form save for the fact that it makes white-mana (light based attacks) more deadly and dampens any form of healing that isn't done through unsavory means. Ares is cognitive of this presence only after 3 marks and must then actively attempt to avoid drawing any more attention to himself if possible. Whenever this happens in a thread, there is a “Mark” made on Ares and after 7 marks the next weakness takes effect.

Stormghosts: The Stormghost is an almost ever present multiverse threat that is interwoven into the fabric of the multiverse itself. The Stormghost is a monstrous creature of unknown origin and even more mysterious ambitions.It was born from the destruction and decay of a world Ares once “collected” an artifact from. The Stormghost has chased Ares, and consistently hunts him. If too much darkness is spread by Ares it is likely he will be attacked by the Stormghost. Any time Ares has 7 marks, the Stormghost will appear in 5 posts. Any one may force the Stormghost to appear sooner and force Ares to the defensive.

Stormghosts: The Stormghost is an almost ever present multiverse threat that is interwoven into the fabric of the multiverse itself. The Stormghost is a monstrous creature of unknown origin and even more mysterious ambitions.It was born from the destruction and decay of a world Ares once “collected” an artifact from. The Stormghost has chased Ares, and consistently hunts him. If too much darkness is spread by Ares it is likely he will be attacked by the Stormghost. Any time Ares has 7 marks, the Stormghost will appear in 5 posts. Any one may force the Stormghost to appear sooner and force Ares to the defensive.

Carnival of Rust: Black mana is present in almost all things, and parasitic drawing or harmful injection to/from these things are part of the major manifestations of the spells. Rusted and silver weaponry hitting Ares causes his ability to pool mana to delay. All spells require 1 post preparation time. Stacks up to 3 times.

The Mechanics

Enigma: A lot of Ares is a secret that is meant to be found out.

The Spark: Ares’ very essence is sparked to life and ever adapting. No matter where Ares goes, no matter what he is subjected to, his spark will adapt his very quintessence and life-force to completely and entirely conform to the norms of that universe, making him impossible to pin-point that he is anything other than human.

The Arsenal

Nexus Collection A collecion of rare artifacts and magical items from across many unknown placed. There’s nothing but plot related things here, and they’ll only every be brought up for the sake of a plot with consent from everyone in the thread..

The Minions

Minions: Ares had several servants, maids, butlers chefs and hired help in his Nexus. Amongst his “help” are the created champions of his old allies and compatriots. Among them are ,Sher’Thal of the 1st, Slayerbane of 2nd,Thrystain of the 3rd, Incubon of the 4th, Lexa and Axel of 5th and 6th Voluptas Hedone of the 7th, and Belobog of the 8th. Plot based NPC’s that rarely ever leave the Nexus

Physical Priority
1 : Reaction : 1
2 : Agility : 2
3 : Endurance : 3
4 : Strength : 4

Character Trivia

Ares Rajani PKlLEOl Ares has a tattoo on his left Latissimi dorsi.
Ares Rajani PKlLEOl Ares was named after the God of War, a name picked by his father.
Ares Rajani PKlLEOl Ares seems to be allergic to coconuts and their related products.
Ares Rajani PKlLEOl Ares is a frequent attendant to most religious functions. Mostly because they tend to have food.
Ares Rajani PKlLEOl Ares is easily distracted by songs and music.
Ares Rajani PKlLEOl Ares hates lawyers. It's not really that surprising as most people do.
Ares Rajani PKlLEOl Ares suffers from a severe form of Astraphobia.
Ares Rajani PKlLEOl Ares' surname "Rajani" is Sanskrit and essentially means "The Dark One".
Ares Rajani PKlLEOl Ares loves pirates. He loves the idea of pirates, he loves the action of being a pirate and he loves absolutely everything pirate related.
Ares Rajani PKlLEOl Ares had a soft spot for animals, especially ones that share his "free" nature with a clever trickster's mentality.

RP Sample

It was a remarkable thing to watch. The cycle that seemed to proliferate throughout this world they lived in. It was awkward to simply wake up one day and find yourself viewing the world through clear glasses. The ability to see the world clearly, to see things at their bare principles rather than for what one might perceive them as. This situation had offered the perfect thing that Ares needed. So pure and so refreshing, something many sought after but some never found.
  Bad guy robs bank and takes hostages. Good guys go in and save the day. The people cheer. It seems all so simple. These people and their perspectives of the situation force it to be this way. The bad guy is obviously a villain, with no care for another. The Good guys are the heroes who stand up for the innocent and the weak, to bear their burdens and champion for everyone while surrounded by admiration and thunderous applause. Ares watched the building below with one arm across his chest, the other arm resting upon it and his finger curled around his chin. He couldn't help but beam a smile at the sight of smoke coming down from the old bank just down the street.
  These people saw only what they wanted to see. The say good guys and bad guys. The entire world seemed to function on this primitive "Cops and Robbers" mentality. To suggest that maybe one of the Good guys was the villain. It wasn't allowed, it wasn't capable for them all to perceive this. They had no true perspective. They saw the world through rose-tinted glasses, or purple glasses in some cases. Some of them through the holographic skull colored sunglasses. He couldn't keep the smile from his face as the lights flashed in the distance. The rabid media was all over it like a starved mongrel looking at a steak. Pictures of the Heroes, pictures of the villainous ne'er do well. It was so black and white with these people and their laws.
   The door slammed and caught Ares attention. Smile still beaming he turned to see a rather unhappy individual. Their face had been soiled by smoke, and their hair was thrown all around in a mess as they stood in their knight-like armor. He recognized this young man as a member from Seraphim, one of those "friends of my friends" sort of thing.
  "Hey, what happened to you?" He said with a bit of a scoff, taking in the chunks missing in the knight-like armor but his smile still there. There had been a sense of pride in what he had accomplished here, though with the angry look on juniors face and the determination in his eyes was a bit off-putting. It was cause enough to worry, especially when he spoke.
 "You knew that was going to happen."
"Woah now, how could I-"
"I don't know. But you knew. I can see it in that smile, the look on your smug face. You knew that the man had a bomb strapped to him. You knew that he couldn't stop." But after that moment Ares just shook his head. He still had a smirk on his face and shrugged as the suited hero came closer to glare into his eyes.
 "Look. I just needed to come back and get my wallet. I heard the explosion and I turned on the television." Ares replied as calmly as he could, motion to the television that sat over in the corner of the room. The knight still glared at him, his eyes fixated on him with the same form of conviction that every self-righteous person had. But that burning justice quickly transformed to unbridled rage as he reached to his belt and drew his knife, driving it into Ares side before seeming to come back to his senses. Releasing the knife Ares dropped down the wall breathing shakily as he continued to cry out in pain.
  The cries of pain slowly echoed out into the rhythmic blips and peeps of the EKG. He sat in a hospital bed with an IV in his arm, little pads stuck to his chest and a hospital gown with stitches on his side. He was surrounded by people he had come to know, amongst them was the young man who had stabbed him, his guilt grating on him from the inside out. He could feel how awful his attacker felt.
 "So you thought it was jus a bloody brilliant idea to stab him, or- No. Wait please. Walk me through this Austyn. Walk me through WHY you stabbed my friend in the side!" The voice was certainly elevated, anger and malice dripping.
  "I-look Alex I don't know what-" His argument not being able to properly form, seeing as attacking your Boss friend with the intent to kill left you rather helpless.
"What? You don't know what? Please by all means, this should be brilliant." Ares had to admit even watching Austyn shrink back made him almost feel sorry for the guy. Murder, or "Alex" rather, was a right pain in the next to deal with when it came down to explaining things. He was so particular, so technical. It's probably why Ares got along with him, though the one thing Alex didn't take well was "I don't know". That phrase should never be muttered
  "Guys you said that you've run into this...robber guy before; you even said he'd never have done something like...blow himself up. So don't ya think that maybe something could have been messing with his mind? Someone even. I don't know about these like...metagenes or whatever but could it be possible? I mean...if it is then couldn't they have done the same thing to Austyn? Just kinda made him mad to the point he'd do anything?" The point was valid, and immediately it was taken into consideration. No one was willing to commit to anything, but Austyn was all too happy that someone was listening to him, though he felt even more guilty and remorseful for what he had done. The man you stabbed being the only one to defend you has a certain weight to it. Alex gave a few orders out and stayed in the doorway as Austyn looked to Ares and sighed.
 "I'm sorry. I-I have no idea what came over me. I just...for some reason I thought you knew about it. I can't even remember what it was but they said something and I just...I blamed you. I thought it was you're fault then I just-"
 "Man, look.  It's okay. I'm gonna live and you guys are picking up the bill. It's okay."
"Yeah, but it's not. I'm sorry, and thanks for understanding." Those words were Austyn's last before he turned to leave, obviously uncomfortable with the situation and having to apologize. Ares just smiled before shaking his head and chuckling once he left the room.
  "Me: One. Them: None."
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