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NPC: Jessica Knight

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NPC: Jessica Knight Empty NPC: Jessica Knight

Post by Zodiac October 13th 2014, 6:46 am

Regal's Mom
NPC: Jessica Knight Regals10
"But what does it mean?...Elementary? Oh, Okay then Smart guy what is it?...You're unbelievable."

Basic Biography

Real Name: Regal's Mom (Jessica Knight)
Hero Name: Regal's Mom
Title: "Rega-no wait...Chief of Investigations"
Alignment:Lawful Good
Age: 30
Gender: Iron Man (Female)
Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140lbs.
Blood type: A

The Looks


The Legacy

   Regal's mom is a focused and driven individual who seems to want nothing more than to give her son a life she feels he deserves. While she is constantly having to put up with the "monster her ex raised" she is always teaching Regal new things, and is always sure to care for his needs and keep him safe. She has unfortunately learned that Regal has her determination, and that regardless of what she says Regal will be following her and tagging along on the majority of her cases. She remains a perceptive person who is protective and highly vigilant due to her line of work.

   "So-uhm. Okay. I'm making this video because I know pretty much nothing about my mom. I'm just gonna sit here while she's at work and I'm going to rummage through her stuff." *Camera turns from Regal to a shoebox with photographs and miscellaneous photo albums. He plucks one and brings it back and opens it to the first page.* "Okay so uhm...this must be my mom as a baby. I'm totally shocked these aren't in black and white right now. I kinda thought my mom might kinda be. You know older than that." *shuffles through the pictures* "Apparently her dad was like a big hunter or something because there are like deer heads everywhere. oh WOW he was a BIIIIIG hunter...look at him." *holds up the picture* "To answer the questions no she's not hugging him, that's just his gravitational pull  man. *whistles* No wonder he had that myocardial infarction." He sighed as he continues on to new pictures and stopping. "This is Grandma eh? She is making a lot of pies... Probably for the plushy patriarch, The Large and in charge, The Diabetic Dancer- okay no I'm sorry he's not dancing. If he were to dance he'd fall and it's cause a seismic wave that'd knock all of California off the fault line and drown thousands." *shuffles through more pictures and turns the page in the album. Continues to turn the pages as he glances over pictures of his young mom with awards and trophies.

   "Oh hey's my dad." *He gently peels out the photograph and turns it over and reveals writing. Science Tutor; Jefferson Maximillian (19) on the back along with Jessica (15) "Ew my dad is four years older than her!?" *puts the picture back and flips the page a few more times before he sees a picture of his father, his mother and himself in the maternity ward. Jessica (16) Jefferson (20) and baby. "She was sixteen and he was twenty? Isn't that like illegal or something?" *turns the camera around and looks right into it.* "Thanks for the name by the way. Baby is totally my name. I feel so loved. The love is really overwhelming. I just *whew.* So much love. It's like a pride parade on Christmas day." *turns the camera back around after shaking his head.* "Pictures of her graduating the police academy. Pictures of her in school for something else. Her with some guy...her with some guy. Her with another guy. Phone numbers all over the backs of the pictures. Awe mom really?" *turns the page* "Mmmore guys and- oh wait! You had a Dog and you didn't tell me!? We are so having a talk when you get home."*turns the page, sighs and turns the camera around and shakes his head*

"Why do you have all these numbers of guys in your photo albums? Seriously mom...when they told you to go to the red-light district they meant to investigate the murder of the hooker...not to replace her." *turns the camera around and flips the page again* "Wait what? Whose this lady? Why is her number on the back? This is some Scott Pilgrim stuff here. Evil ex number something or other. Oh wait...It's Aunt Katrina, your ADOPTED sister. Wow, okay enough of that. Uhm, oh my god is this grandpa? Look at him!!! He's like a-a-a snorlax!" *takes out a picture of a big man sleeping on a couch.* "eeehhhhew. Yeah, ew. Gross. I don't think Grandpa ever really died, maybe he's just hibernating in the ground somewhere...waiting for the day to come when he can rise again and taste the delicious texture of sweet gravy cupcakes or something, I dunno..." *closes the photo album and tosses it aside as he begins to rummage through the box of assorted photo's and little newspaper clippings.* "What. The. Ferret. Mom, please tell me you literally didn't seriously take this selfie with a corpse from your first investigation. That is whacked. You should seek help. Immediately." *resumes rummaging through the photo's and pulls a picture up and hums before turning the camera to himself and holding the picture up next to him* "So uhm. Mom, I uh gotta ask. When did you know I liked being dressed up because uh, yeah we're in line at welfare and I'm in THIS." *shows the picture of a little 3 year old in a small dress-suit. "Hey, nothing wrong with looking sharp...wait... I never remembered that. I thought you were dead. Da-heck did you take this?" *scurries through a ton of pictures frantically* "Ew. okay this is enough. I don't know who The Salami warrior is but I don't want to see any pictures of him." *places all the photos into the shoebox and closes it neatly, piling the photo albums back on top of the box and pushing it back into the closet before hiding it underneath a pile of clothes and closing the closet.*

   "Okay so what we learned today. My Grandpa was a Big guy who I assume enslaved my grandmother into marriage for her abilities to make pies. Then he has my mother who was somehow naturally gifted in every sport or extra-curricular activity she devoted herself to. After she was born the Diabetic Daimyo went into an age old hibernation we assumed to be death but will some day rise up and hunt for food. We also learned that my mom was friends with a lot of guys but apparently they're all people she graduated or works with and she creepily keeps their phone numbers on the backs of pictures with them. My mom is also hardcore and decided to ruin selfies for absolutely everyone by taking a selfie with a dead guy. Whole new level of professionalism there eh? Uhm...then we come to the fact that we now know eleven years later and I'm still all dressed up, My dad was a perv who knocked up a 15 year old, I wasn't loved enough to have a name when leaving the hospital and I'm pretty sure my dad lied to me about just about everything. Gasp, I know right. Well I guess that's all we needed to know...other than she had a dog and didn't tell me and now I'm mad. I feel like I've literally WASTED time by doing this... ya know what? I'm gonna go make fun of people on role-playing sites who are pretty sure they're girlfriends are always down for a night of clubbing and a hardcore truck. No I mean what I said. I hope they get hit by a truck."

   He turned the camera off knowing full well that his mother came from a loving home. Her father had very little, as did her mother but apparently making pies was the only thing they could do together. Regal sighed as he looked to the video camera and walked off to his room. Plugging the little USB drive and connecting it to the video camera and getting primed to Digitize the footage. He knew that from his mother's past her father had a severe case of Diabetes, not from his dietary habits, but from birth. The man wasn't expected to live long, but he fought and reminded his mother every day he fought for her. But he truly didn't know any better than to speak ill of his grandfather. What his own father told him about his mother and her parents wasn't the nicest things...but then again his father wasn't one for honesty. Regal shook his head as he contemplated his mother's past. The debate team, the "student UN" awards, valedictorian of her class. Her first romance, her birthing Regal. Her wanting to keep him but him being taken away under threats of his father's father having a better lawyer or something and pinning it down on his mother. There was such confusion behind it all. It was easier to just do what his father did and pick on his maternal grandfather...and he didn't even know it was just helped him deflect the pain.

   "Regal, I'm home!" The familiar voice would call, and Regal would remember the history of the photos. His mother working so hard all her life to be an upstanding citizen, to serve the law in hopes that one day, better lawyer or not she could appeal to have her son back. He could only smile as he the bubble popped up, the software asking him "Would you like to upload file: Moms' History. to your social media page?". Regal quickly selected "No" and alt-f4'd out of the programming, not bothering to save the digitized material. "Hi Mom!" he calls back to her. He knows she's been waiting just as long to hear that as she has...but she's been fighting for it longer. She's been fighting for it harder, and more fairly. Lessons she learned from her dad... so the least Regal could do was let a Snorlax like him rest in peace.

   But he'd still forever troll people on role-playing sites who are always "a night of clubbing and a hardcore fuck". I mean seriously.... who says that?

The Powers

Job Experience: (4 Int / 3 Occ) Regal's mom is a rather intelligent individual who is well versed in both scientific means and means of the "occult" though she herself remains a skeptic of the "bigger" things in the occult. This is primarily useful in identifying chemicals, substances or making use of "in the field" improvising and keen perception.

Regal's Mom has got it goin' on: Regal's mom ain't no superhuman, but she's definitely one fierce human to deal with if you yourself are just an ordinary human. Plus she tends to get hit on a lot. She breaks peoples noses. (3 Strength, 3 Speed, 4 Durability, 4 Fighting Skills)

Lie to me: (1 Ability) You see the power name? Disregard it, you should not lie to this woman. She is literally a human lie-detector. Some call this a metahuman power. Some say it's a natural little quirk hidden in her, like a talent that some people have.  

I will survive! (1 Ability) Regal's mom seems to bounce back from even the most fatal of wounds, and when the odds seem against her she always survives... well, almost always.

Wealth:(1 Wealth) She lives in an apartment with her son, Regal. She has access to standardized CSI equipment and is armed with a state-of-the-art gun.

Flight: I don't think I need to spend points on this but she can fly in airplanes and stuff when needed

NPC Grid (20 of 26 points used)
Intelligence: 4
Occult: (3)
Strength: 3
Speed: 3
Durability: 4
Ability: 1 (Lie detection) 1 (I will survive!)
Fighting Skills: 4
Flight: (in airplanes)
Wealth: 1

NPC: Jessica Knight Guilty10
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NPC: Jessica Knight Empty Re: NPC: Jessica Knight

Post by Odien October 13th 2014, 9:05 pm

I hate you so much.

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