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Reunited in the ashes (Alert, invite only)

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Alert Reunited in the ashes (Alert, invite only)

Post by Cobalt on July 12th 2019, 7:52 pm

Ryan was in a hotel room when it happened.

The television broadcasting the news he guessed switched to something else. A broadcast from obviously not the network with a woman dressed in white armor designed to look as if fire were dancing across it making what sounded like grand proclamations.  He was watching the tv, sipping from a juice pouch and texting Zeke alongside Connor who seemed to be on about his social media. All it took was the broadcast to break his attention from whatever he was doing, slack-jawed as he watched the amateur footage of a building being brought down. ”This is...the perfect opportunity!” He said finally with arms shooting out in a faint cheer, mussing up the blankets.

Sorry Zeke. New York is getting blown up by bad guys. Going to go thwart that now. He texted Zeke and a less superhero response to Connor with a selfie on him lying on the bed before  rolling over and digging out a large metal case from under the bed.

Flamel had helped him design the suit and he worked in a bit of irony because that was something he wanted in his new superheroic life. The latch came undone with a code. Ryan shoved open the top to revel in the design itself. Dark blacks, buckles, cloaks and the outline of blues that he came to associate with himself. Everything was meant to fit his own body type. This was the second time that he put the suit on. Drawing on his own knowledge of where things went and what to attach to what until he  was fully dressed.

”Wonder if this look fits me,” He muttered to himself staring in the long glass mirror set against the wall. It felt like it worked but at the same time he didn’t know.  The glance out of the window was when he came face to face with one of the men on the television. Dressed in black with faces only covered by one of those black masks only concerned with covering around the eyes.

They locked eyes for a few seconds.

He wanted to say something but they greeted him with laser eyes. It nearly collided with him before slamming into a telekinetic barrier between him and the other person. Still Ryan was thrown back, hitting the wall which shuddered and cracked on impact. The mirror disconnected from the wall, shattering as he tried to contain the energy within a small bubble. That became a small anger as he pushed back the energy into the face  of the person trying to fry him to a crisp. The attack seemed to hit them hard, throwing the flying person through the air and slamming into the side of a building across the street.

”Geeze, this is going to look bad on me,” Ryan muttered to himself, hearing the voice that came through the modulator. Something told him he would get charged for the window too. With a low annoyed growl he jumped out the now destroyed window, feeling the wind whip through his cap e. Telekinetic prowess holding him aloft while he was lowered to the street below. Making contact with the concrete and seeing that the person he had thrown back was already out. Mask having scorched away and face marred with burn marks he swore were beginning to heal rapidly.

They let out a loud curse and charged hims again. This time he expected the attack unleashing a wave of his energy. The blue energy streaked with black. This seemed to do more than his telekinetic attack. Causing them to scream in pain, slamming to the ground as the cold began to quickly claim their clothes and likely damaging the flesh as well. The wave of revulsion was first to come though he felt the effects of the energy cleansing him of the negative feelings. The city was burning and he needed to do something about it.

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Alert Re: Reunited in the ashes (Alert, invite only)

Post by Lucas on July 19th 2019, 6:29 pm

Was it lucky that Lucas was in New York on this day?

Maybe. Maybe it was lucky. It happened so sudden. If he were away, there would have been no way for him to get to the city in time to do anything. Unlike his father, he didn't exactly have access to teleporters whenever he wanted, so it was good in a heroic sense that he was already there. That said, this seemingly random occurrence did present some risk to the teen. He wasn't in peak form, just learning the in's and out's of his new abilities. Even though he was here, he might just get himself killed instead of helping anyone. So, was this lucky?

He'd have to find out.

Lucas had been in a book store reading some comics when it happened. The TV's in the store's cafe, where Lucas was sitting, flicked to a woman who was declaring some kind of violent revolution. Lucas cocked an eyebrow. Was she serious? In all honesty Lucas wasn't used to seeing 'villains' make such moves. The ones he knew were calculating, not doing anything rash until they were sure it would go well...... That meant one of two things. Either this person was an amateur, doing this as some kind of prank or sloppy power grab, or this was the culmination of a very long plan. Lucas could only hope it was the former.

The teen set his coffee and comic down. Any doubts about this being serious faded from his mind when he saw a man get thrown into a building just outside the store. The shocked teen sprang into action, running to the bathroom to get his gear on.

When Lucas came out of the store, he had a mask that covered the lower part of his face on, a trench coat, and Cora Zen tightly fastened to his side. He realized that the fight that had broken out outside had quickly been resolved, with the one that had been thrown into the building groaning on the ground, burnt in some manner.

Lucas turned to see who had done this, and his eyes locked on a male of about his size, dressed just like......... No. It couldn't be him. Lucius was dead, right? Maybe this was a copy cat. Maybe just someone with a similar fashion sense?

Lucas shook his head. It didn't matter. He needed to figure out who was to blame here. He drew Cora Zen, pointing it at the hooded, masked figure.

"What did you do? Who are you?"

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Alert Re: Reunited in the ashes (Alert, invite only)

Post by Cobalt on July 19th 2019, 8:00 pm

Ryan watched the man he had struck down with his energy, skin hissing from cold burns and waited for them to rise.  He kept his eyes trained on the man before seeing that they weren’t going to get up again and turned towards a voice that seemed to call him out. They wanted to know what he did? Well, that was pretty obvious and he pointed that out with a motion to the black suited man kneeling not far from him. There was something about this hero, if they were even a hero but he didn’t care much for that. They were pointing a sword at him and that was enough.

”Put the sword down unless you plan on using it,” The voice that worked through the filter was hard, like a razor along with the cold edge the words held. As if he would strike without hesitation if he made use of the weapon. With that they didn’t even keep full attention on the man in black with their weapon as familiar as it felt. ”shouldn’t you be worried about dealing with the actual problem and not the one who looks vaguely villainous?” Was that how he looked? Ryan had an idea he would look bad with the armor associated with a dictator but then again that was what came with paying dues to ones own father.

One or even two of the men dressed similar to the one he took down seemed to descend upon the street, looking over their comrade before looking at the two of them as if they were both at fault for this. “You’re going to regret that,” Sounded like a woman. Was it bad to hit girl? He never knew with all of the media that seemed to portray that as such, which gave her the time to bridge the space between them and slam a fist into a barely protected face and throwing him through a building.

It stung a little but he could tell his mask wasn’t damaged despite the buildings not having the same luck.  She was already on him and began to unleash rapid fire strikes while he assumed the other one was taking to the one that was threatening him only seconds ago.

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