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Out of the ashes, Phoenix

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Out of the ashes, Phoenix Empty Out of the ashes, Phoenix

Post by Dr Everyone December 11th 2011, 2:45 am

Dr.Everyone sat on a rooftop, staring down at the lone Chase bank sitting on City Avenue in the Bronx like a vulcher at a corpse. He had decided he needed money, and lots of it. Not only had he become tired of his post-resurrection poverty, but he was tired of being alone. He had nobody on his side, nobody fighting with him or for him, just against him. So he had decided he'd get money and stop being poor. And start a crime syndicate.

He had already been to the bank earlier this week out of his "outfit" to survey the place. From what he had assessed, it would be easy money. He flew down from the rooftop to the front doors of the bank. He landed on the ground and walked calmly into the bank. He was instantly shot suspicious and worried looks. All the looks people gave him and the thoughts they had about him were about to be justified.

Dr.Everyone engulfed his hands in fire. and then spoke calmly to everyone.

"Good day everyone! This is a robbery! All of you money and valuable will go into the bags I have with me, Anyone who does not comply, tries to leave while the robbery is in progress, or attempts to fight back, will be reduced to a pile of ash on this nice carpet. Questions? Good, let's begin."

Two security guards quickly pulled out their weapons, but the Doctor was prepared. He launched the fire on his hands at them, but stopped it on their guns. Their guns melted, dripping hot metal on their shoes. Both shouted out in pain, kicked off their shoes, and sat against a wall, rubbing their burned feet.

"That was a warning. Anyone else who tries, dies." Dr.Everyone said, reiterating his previous threat.

The Doctor then went person to person, collecting all the money and valuables they had on them and putting it into a bag. When everyone had been collected from, he proceed onto the tellers. He assured them his fire would melt through their glass, and then demanded all the money they had, and then any personal money or valuables was put into a bag three times the size of the other bag he had used. When all was said or done, the bank was bare and Dr.Everyone carried to large bags full of money and valuables. He then left the bank and walked over to an ATM on the side of it. He melted it open and took the money that lied within. The bags heavier, Dr.Everyone flew away from the bank, heading elsewhere to search for vacant Penthouses and office buildings.

"I wont stop until this planet is a lifeless rock and I choke to death on the toxic air."
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