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WInners of the May 2019 Character Creation Contest

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WInners of the May 2019 Character Creation Contest Empty WInners of the May 2019 Character Creation Contest

Post by Chellizard on May 18th 2019, 3:29 pm

Character Creation Contest

May 2019
THEME: Sealife / Creatures of the Deep / "Mer-may-ds."


1st Place: REDSHEILD

Score: 117

A Bit About the Character

Atella is an otherworldly entity born of molten earth and pure determination. She possesses the abilities of fire and life, and has a classic Greek tragedy story to tell.


Chelle: 38

Inqy: 39

Toshi: 40


Chelle: The deep back story accompanied by the rich writing made this application appealing in multiple ways. The one drawback that made me wary was the fact Atella's concept of power reminds me of Mitosis in a sense. The ability to create more mass or subtract it was too alike.

Inqy: Arguably the best that was posted. Only problem was his graphics were a bit bland, compared to the others. It fit the character, as an Ancient Roman, but it didn't wow me.

Toshi: That was so good. I really enjoyed everything about this character, there story would make so much sense in a super hero setting. It wasn't just a water character, it added the earthy magma to it. The whole time, I swear I felt like I was reading something from a best selling novel.


Ghost Slot*
200 flat XP

2nd Place: Zonkes

Score: 115

A Bit About the Character

Dean was a humble fisherman just trying to score big when the tides turned and his fate was met.


Chelle: 39

Inqy: 38

Toshi: 38


Chelle: The attention to detail, and making use of text boxes to attempt and make the water gif less jarring was an excellent execution. I feel that the added music added a sort of music box type tune while I read the story you provided. I'm pleased with this character. It's actually quite the good one.

Inqy: Text boxes were too big for his graphics to be seen properly. Music box was a nice touch. Needs to proofread and fix his run-on sentences.

Toshi: Those tiny scroll boxes man, they made it hard to read the character sheet. The color's otherwise seemed okay for it, but the concept is great. You gave your story a living feeling, like it actually happened. And man, that music couldn't have been any better ( I'm listening to it right now as I write this Smile )


Ghost Slot*
150 flat XP

3rd Place: Red / Luke

Score: 106

A Bit About the Character

John was a poor explorer that offered his services to his country and found out that he had power lying dormant within him the whole time.


Chelle: 38

Inqy: 38

Toshi: 30


Chelle: The choice of a water gif background hindered the legibility of the text. Loved the idea, just poorly executed by your choice of graphics and colors. The font color choice was lovely; sea worthy, even. It was just not legible against the water gif.

Inqy: Like Chelle said, your gif backgroud was an amazing idea. But, it made the whole sheet harder to read. A change in font color or boldness would probably have solved that issue.

Toshi: The water gif gave me a bad headache after reading the sheet, it would have been great with a solid background behind the text, but otherwise it was super hard to read. I wished you would have written more detail into some things, but this otherwise seems to me like a really good TV series or anime.


Ghost Slot*
100 flat XP

Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mention: Thor

Score: 91

A Bit About the Character

Jeremy thought he was being brave when he decided to show his friends he could out do them in a dare of sorts. Now he is cursed with a very parasitic companion.


Chelle: 30

Inqy: 29

Toshi: 32


Chelle: Your choice of image host is regretfully poor in this case, Thor. TinyPic is just a bad place. Wish I had realized this before you were judged; the images would not load and opening them in a new tab is unfair if it is unavailable inside of the app itself.

Inqy: Also feels rushed. Refined before he posted it. Sadly, images wouldn't load properly, which worked against you.

Toshi: Geez man, they should have gotten you to rewrite Venom or something. I really liked the character myself, but you seemed to be a bit devoid of any fancy graphics and the appearance seemed to not work. Wished it did, this to me feels like some sort of Victorian, maybe modern, sort of horror/eldritch superhero.


50 flat XP

Honorable Mention: Woof

Score: 75

A Bit About the Character

Gretcher is a literal cold hearted Scientist that just wanted one last dance, but had to take on responsibilities she would rather not.


Chelle: 29

Inqy: 23

Toshi: 23


   Chelle: I believe you put a lot of thought into this, however, the execution was missed I'm afraid. It felt a bit rushed, and I understand that it's easy to post it up and dip out, but I feel this app had a lot more potential had you been a bit more invested. Not a bad concept, but could have given us more. I know you're capable.

Inqy: Feels rushed, and unfinished. Amazing concept. Not executed as well as it could have been.

Toshi: The concept was good, the idea of the character was great, but it didn't feel like it was executed very well. Felt like this was something made in a single burst of creative writing.


50 flat XP

Honorable Mention: Jean Robert / Yoru

Score: 70

A Bit About the Character

Achileus just wants peace for all, and he'll make sure that happens one way or another.


Chelle: 23

Inqy: 25

Toshi: 22


Chelle: As adorable as the idea is, I believe your execution was just poorly done. You had a decent concept, but the lack of motivation and end goals for the character did not make it feel like a solid playable chracter for me. This seems more like an NPC that you could easily toss in for fun, though.

Inqy: Needs more experience. Not a bad idea. He just ran in a couple of different directions with it.

Toshi: I mean, the concept was very good  all in itself. But so many small thing's seem to not make any sense. There's a lot of story missing that could have been put in, and overall I agree with what Chelle said, this feels more like an NPC instead of a PC.


50 flat XP - divvied up among the 5 remaining contestants due to an unfortunate event.

*A ghost slot is a character slot that you gain temporarily to allow one more character to your roster. Once you choose to retire a character, you lose that slot. You do not gain a permanent character slot.

Congratulations, everyone! (:

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WInners of the May 2019 Character Creation Contest JiLqjv0
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