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(Contest!) Gretcher Family.

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(Contest!) Gretcher Family.  Empty (Contest!) Gretcher Family.

Post by Shadowoof May 11th 2019, 1:51 pm

Gretcher Family.

"This is a rather wonderful test! Heroes and villains, what things I could discover by watching these beings at work with all that makes them tick."


The Bio

   Real Name: Gretcher Family.
   Renegade Name: The Scientist of water.
   Title: The Matriarch of the Family.
   Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
   Age: six thousand years old.
   Gender: Female.
   Race: Family.
   Hair: None.
   Eyes: Bone Plates
   Height: 6'4
   Weight: Between nothing and kilograms depending on her size of water.
   Blood type: Water.

The Looks

   There is no easy way to explain Gretcher. A woman of water, she is easily seen as a woman because of her shape, if not for the fact she was made of water, she would be. She has a defined figure, shrouded in a robe of water so that she has no real curves along her hips or waist nor does she have 'legs' rather, she just has the robe like build up of water from her stomach downwards, but her chest and upwards are very womanly in shape and curves, including a flowing, ever changing mess of hair, sometimes stable enough to appear as if a bun is tied to the back of her head, otherwise, just water, moving and flowing like the rest of her body. Her face is mute, she has very few defined features, a button like nose, a mouth that sometimes doesn't sync with the voice, and two shell like plates for eyes in forefront of her watery head.

The Personality
Gretcher is cold, not because she chooses to be, but because that is just how her race works. They are cold, unethical workers, that strive to get the job that has been given to them done. They do not give up, they do not rest and they don't normally care for anyone else but themselves. However, Gretcher is not terribly cold. She can be caring sometimes, only if she knows you. She can be shy and embarrassed, angry and murderous, these traits usually come with her body growing cold and warmer, boiling almost, respectively. But of course, this is only if she knows you, or you are not actively opposing her interest. Otherwise, beings are normally just objects in her way, and she will ignore you till you make an effort to be known to her.  

The Story
Gretcher, is one of many of the race of water people known as the family. They are mysterious, highly unknown and often never seen outside of their home, which itself is a hidden entity. She, originally, was considered the youngest of her people. Only a hundred years old, that did not stop her from being a staple of her people to anyone who'd meet her, cold, uncaring. But she was young, and weak, and often the Family would send her out on runs. Diplomacy. Supplies. Recons.

The Family lived inside a unique pocket dimension. The entry was anywhere, as long as you had a key, which could only be given to those invited, in the shape of a shell that only be needed to be looked inside of, and you'd find yourself inside the home of the Family, a site filled with water that often defied logic for anyone normally unable to live in such areas, rather then drown, or be near weightless, the Family home would accommodate so that it was if you were on land, the air whatever it was you needed to survive. From the first look, one could say the Family's home was very business like. Rather then beds, they had cubicles filled to the brim with paperwork, design boards, labs or meetings where members were at work, discussing the next idea, designing the next invention, figuring out the next formula.

To say the Family were business men and scientists, was not wrong. They were exactly that. But what they made was for them alone, a rather selfish race in that regard. And one that could go anywhere, they need only let the Family members that could find dimensions or worlds lead them. And Gretcher would go out and find whatever it was the family needed, and bring it back. She was a scientist, you could say, but she was not selfish, she wanted her work to be shared. For others to see it, learn from it. The reason she was considered so low, was because she had written books about the Family itself, and shared them with a group of beings from one world.

This was her life till she had met someone. A man, a solider in the midst of a war. A war the Family had a interest in, and a war that the Family was losing. They had chosen the side they thought would win, but this man, this solider, was not on their side, and was nearly the sole reason they were losing. So she had been sent to learn about him. As it turns out, the man was just as intrigued in her as she was in him. The two got along well. Too well. Her reports became more slack, and spread thinner. She spent most of her time on the world with that solider, where finally, she had chosen a different side, her side...

But she was only just a member of the Family, and when she was called by the head of the Family, she came home. The head, who saw this relationship between the solider and Gretcher, concocted a plan to kill him by using her. The Family, by their law, are not allowed to kill each other, but he had disabled Gretcher, and used her eyes as a trap to lure the man to the Family home, where the two fought to the death, but by pure luck, and aid from a turncoat of the side the Head has chosen, the man defeated the Head and returned Gretcher back to her natural form.

From then on, Gretcher found her role in the Family changed. They were without a Head, and all the Family were not prepared for it, but Gretcher, who was supported by the solider, brought the Family back together, with a new direction. To not only aid themselves, but to aid all those they deemed worthy. And so, Gretcher aided the workers, the scientists and the business side, but the Family was always self sufficient, and she found she could spend most of her time in the world, with the solider, who against all odds, found his friendship with the woman of water went further, deeper. In all the time they had spent together, the battle he had fought for her. He loved her. And Gretcher, cold, near emotionless Gretcher. In some way, respected him... In some way. Liked him. But she could not love him, and denied the dance he requested, every time he was going to ask.

It was a complicated relationship, a relationship that soon shattered when the man vanished, having fought a losing battle, he had simply... Disappeared. And this caused something else in her. Panic. She spent days, months and soon enough, years, looking for him. Soon, a decade had past. Then, a century, and after, six millennium. The world had died and rebirth, the Family had thrived and continued, but even their society crumbled under a leader that wanted to solve an unsolvable mystery. And in her age, she was beginning to reach the end of the Family life cycle, crystals formed around her shell eyes, the 'soul' of the members of the Family, a sign of their coming death. She was at deaths door.

But she was a scientist, and she had something to solve before that could happen. Developing a serum that could shatter the life ending gems for only a short while. Too late, for the rest of her kind, that had perished, she was now the last of her kind, and with a serum that would run out, and a mission that kept her willing to live, Gretcher used all the research at her disposal to send herself to the final place where she might find the solider that had went missing. The being that loved her. Because after so many years, she felt she finally had an answer to her life... That perhaps. Just maybe. She wanted that dance.

The Priority

   1. Agility 4
   2. Endurance 2
   3. Reaction 1
   4. Strength 3

The Powers

Power 1: Water is one with me: Gretcher can manipulate any source of water around her. She can not pull water from the air, or people, or life itself, but a puddle on the street, a creek, a river, the rain, magic water and water made from nothing, she can pull the water and meld it, she can boil it to skin scalding levels, she can freeze it to ice burning temperatures, she can fire it at you at skin tearing pressures. She is a master of any water source she can find.

Power 2: The body of water: Gretcher, being made out of water, is nigh invincible. She can not be injured by any real means, and does not suffer from a lack of water, or things such as condensation, if she did not suffer from her condition, she could stand in one spot for eons, and remain as she was, the day she stood so.

Power 3: Smoke and Blood: Her body, however, while normally it conducts and expels most foreign objects, can actually contain two things. Smoke and blood. If she ingests smoke, she can keep it and build it up and then release it, creating a smoke screen around her whenever she wishes, blood however, if she consumes too much blood, she becomes enraged, a mindless beast that can create blood like constructs that can break though or cut steel.

Power 4: A body of weaponized water: While she can manipulate any body of water not her own, she can also shape her own body, and can be considered to be rather strong when she does. She can freeze any part of her body, or boil it, shape her arms into blades or hammers, which are capable of breaking normal humans with relative ease, not to mention the fact she could freeze people inside of her, or boil them as she approaches.

Power 5: A crystal death: Gretcher is able to summon crystals from her body. These crystals are then expelled from her at extremely dangerous speeds, able to tear apart flesh, bone and metal, if a crystal lodges itself into something, it then begins to burrow into the body of whatever it is they've penetrated, causing great pain and harm. Or making very deep holes.

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1: Fire: Unsurprisingly, fire is a major weakness of the Family. It can melt their ice powers and actually turn them into steam, which if a Family member is completely turned into steam, they're usually put out of commission, including Gretcher.

Weakness 2: Blood rage: A blood rage normally overtakes any critical thinking of the Family members. They simply seek more blood, more and more, so much so that they do not care who that blood comes from. Ally, foe, innocent. If you have blood, she will make it her mission to consume it.

Weakness 3: The eyes are the window to my soul: By removing Gretcher's shell like plates from her head, or anywhere she manipulates them, basically, removing her eyes from her body renders Gretcher nothing but her eyes, her water form drops, no longer a body, just a puddle of water.

Weakness 4: Resistance!: The crystals are actually quite brittle, and it only takes an opposing force to break them. The best example would be a shield. If the shield was still, the crystals would impact into them, and burrow though it, but if someone was to swing the shield towards the crystals, then the colliding force of the two objects would completely shatter the crystals, leaving the shield unharmed. Now the shield is literally anything the crystals could burrow into. Including flesh, all it would take was to punch a crystal, and it'd shatter.

Weakness 5: Shall not lie: Gretcher can not lie. Nor can she ignore a question, nor is she willing to skirt around the truth. If you ask her a question, she will answer the most honest answer she can give, and often will not leave any details out. Meaning it isn't often a good idea to tell her anything... Or for her to talk to people trying to foil her plans, because she will often stop what she is doing to give the answer.

The Items

The Minions

The Fluff
Gretcher's shell like eye plates always attract water to them, meaning that she will always return to form, but often it takes several hours and will not be in the time frame of a thread where her eyes have been removed, or if someone throws her eyes into any kind of water.

Also, if someone was to break her eyes, she would die. So that's permission based.

Her eyes can sometimes begin to crystallize, which she needs to take a serum she concocted with incredibly rare ingredients, this is more plot then anything relevant.

The RP Sample




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