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Hawaiian Beach Battle

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Hawaiian Beach Battle Empty Hawaiian Beach Battle

Post by American_Bowser November 23rd 2018, 9:32 pm

Beautiful crystalline waves crashed gracefully over the sand, receding back and forth from the ocean depths as hundreds of lotion-smeared tourists clad in various brightly-colored flower shirts paraded their families and lovers across it. They smiled and clicked their expensive cameras at each other for every reason under the famous Hawaiian sun. A popular beach to be sure. But Marcus wasn't here to revel in the sites. He had seen them many times over, though they never lost their soul-shaking beauty, he was here for another reason.

""Hey come on pal, just a quick photo holding up the kid and we'll quit bothering you. Me and the family are on vacation you know.".

Marcus was about to to decline, but the adorable tugs on his filled muscle-shirt by an even cuter child persuaded him. It surely wasn't the sun-burned father's invasive nagging that convinced him. Besides, he didn't want to look like a royal jerk in front of all the passing people who would potentially be apart of the audience in the competition he was participating in.

"Alright alright, just the one, I really am running late. I couldn't find my keys this morning and-". He was cut-off by the woman accompanying the father and child, seemingly the mother.

"You hear that honey! The big strong muscle-man is going to let you take a picture with him. Go on...".

A tiny girl, no older then 7, then leapt up on Marcus's bicep, attempting to climb him like some piece of playground equipment. He hoisted her up on his shoulders and gave a shining thumbs-up to the camera.

"No not like that" the camera-dad interjected. "Make a mean face at the camera, like you are an ape who stole a princess.".

Marcus rolled his eyes to the disgust of the now perturbed mother. Yet he did what was asked of him.

"Raaaaargghh!" he roared as he flexed his face muscles, creating a rather frightening glare towards the camera. The little girl's smile promptly changed to a frown as her face swelled with tears. He had spooked her.

"Don't they teach you manners in whatever muscle-jockey college gym you came from bonehead?" the man holding the camera yelled, "come on honey, let's go see the aquarium instead.". Just then they turned around and headed in the opposite direction, the mother's bony hand coddling their daughter as if she was in some sort of real danger

This angered Marcus more then it normally would. He had dealt with pushy tourists before but the combination of him having misspent the last night unnecessarily drinking, and the pressure he put on himself about making it to and winning this competition were enough to rupture his nerves. He ran after the group and turned the father around with a forceful tug on the shoulder, much to the surprise of him.

"I've had a rough morning man, and the last thing this place needs is a couple nasty people like you spreading your bad attitudes around like a disease. I've got a life here. Do you know what that means?!", Marcus shook the man with a teeth-gritting snarl on his face, "It means I have to deal with ass-wads like you DAILY. Everytime you people come here expecting photos and tourist-service from locals like me it is another five minutes I have to give. IT ADDS UP MAN! My time is valuable and it's especially not free.".

Marcus felt much better. He spent nearly every waking moment on making his body hard and tough, but sometimes the ego needed a good lifting too. Sometimes he needed to say what he was feeling or it felt like he had some sort of emotional-fat to burn. And that could ruin his entire day. Though this was the case, the man took one look at his enormous and sculpted stature and took his statement another way. I suppose his aggressiveness in addition to size might have been the root of this misunderstanding.

"Not free? Fine just don't hurt us! Please just take it, honey give him your purse... I said now damnit!".

The woman shrieked and pleaded for her husband to do something about this brute who was harassing them. All the while Marcus towered there, still plastered with an angry face that grew angrier as he watched the madness unfold before him.

"Listen dude! I don't want your money, I just want you to show me some resp-".

The man interrupted. "Not our money, well you won't be having anything else from us that's for sure pal!", he exclaimed while pulling his wife and child closer to him, "Police help! Someone help us! This man is going to KILL US!".

It was now that Marcus realized his situation had just turned sour. This ordeal had garnered the attention of numerous members of the crowd who gathered only a stone's throw away, and a number of security personnel who encompassed the event.  And it did not look to good for him. What beach security saw was a beefed up bully yelling at a small family of three... Including a child. He realized his folly too late.

"Look it's not what it looks like, I was just explaining to the man tha-".

Before he could finish yet another interruption came. This time in the form of...

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Hawaiian Beach Battle Empty Re: Hawaiian Beach Battle

Post by Danny The Sphinx November 24th 2018, 11:23 pm

Once you got out of the traffic, Hawaii looked nicer than any other place in the world. And, it felt great beneath the toes.

So Danny let it settle there with her flip flops just to her side. Her throw wrapped around her waist, keeping her swimsuit covered and keeping the sand from getting everywhere. Danny kept her hair pulled back in a ponytail while her sunglasses did their due diligence against the rays of sun coming to see Hawaii.

The peace of paradise never lived beyond the first contact with things of people- and some people like entities. "I can just ignore it." Danny kept looking at the sun as the sounds of a disagreement turned into the sounds of a mugging. "That only sounds like a-"

A mugging. Cash being exchanged for security? Yep. Sounds just like a mugging. "Someone better be dying." Danny pushed her toes through the strap of her flip flops and got to her feet. With one turn of her body, she stood to face the most awkward mugging she had ever witnessed. After brushing the sand from her bracelet of course.

No flash of light. No weapons on display. No maniacal laughter or threatening of doom. "What is going on here?" The rather annoyed heroine stepped into the scene, prepared for some degree of confrontation- just not fully knowing where or who to be prepared against. "It's okay ma'am, he won't be taking your purse. Possibly because he doesn't seem to want it, but even if he did, because I'm here now. Isn't that right?"

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