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Eli Vigil

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Eli Vigil Empty Eli Vigil

Post by Nate6595 September 12th 2018, 3:32 pm

Eli Vigil

”The one thing I love above all things is people."

The Bio

Real Name:Eli Vigil
Villain Name: N/A
Title: The Villain Broker
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’7
Weight: 160
Blood type: B Negative

The Looks

Eli is a sleek young man who tends to stick out in public. He is by no means an odd-looking man, quite the opposite actuality, he looks rather normal. His face is rather normal looking, he’s doesn’t really stick out, but he’s not ugly. Eli is not a tan person, but he isn’t a shut-in pale, his skin is just a very in between the two. He has fine black hair that is not well-kept, but it is neat. His eyes are a dark brown, though when using his ability, they change color to a bright, nearly glowing blue color. His face doesn’t really carry any form of marking, only a single freckle beneath his right eye. Overall, a pretty average looking person.

What makes Eli stand out comes from the way he moves and the way he looks at people. His movements are very fluid, but at the same time eccentric. He’ll change directions at a moment’s notice when he finds something interesting. There is a half-hop to his step, not a skip, but a bounce in his strides. The look in his eye is hard to read, but it almost seems like he’s judging people. The judgement isn’t a bad one, it’s more like he is reading you, but it makes him stand out. The look is always accompanied by a confident smirk or smile, like he knows something about everyone.

The Personality

Eli’s personality is something that is very hard to nail down. Generally, he is a very charming person. A man who is very confident and tends to have the means to back it. More than his charm and confidence, however, is a very cunning and manipulative person.

Eli loves humans. Specifically, he loves watching their reactions and how they handle situations of high stress or crises. Usually he is able to predict how a person will act or what they’ll say, this mainly due to a high understanding human behavior. Often times he’ll specifically work to set up crises or major events for others to partake in. He himself doesn’t like to participate directly in these conflicts, he prefers hanging on the sidelines and just watching the involved people deal with the situation.

The Story

Looking at Eli’s background it’s hard to say at what point he became how he is. He came from a good family, a middleclass one with loving parents and a younger brother and sister to which he had strong relations with. He did well in school, but never really had too many friends. He never got into sports, but he was known to be a quick and agile boy. While have the potential to be popular he never really was, never really having an interest in it. He mainly kept to himself, having only a few interactions and so-called “friends”.

It was only around high school that some of his real personality started coming out, though no one really noticed at the time and probably never realized. He began sending out information to people, who is sleeping with who, who cheated on who, what they said about them, so on and so forth. He would always give the info to the people he knew would start something and then he’d watch it play out and take notes.

Right out of High School he started working for shady groups, starting out in a small gang, letting them know where other rival gangs were meeting and what they were doing. Eventually, he managed to start a large gang war which led to him landing into some leftover money, as well as removing three gangs from a city. In the year to follow he started to do freelance photography, either for art or newspaper or for anyone who would hire him. Though, this would only become a future front for his real business.
Information brokering.

He would gather information and either use it for himself to create panic and discourse, or sell it to large groups, hoping to start something with them. In a society of rising heroes and people taking justice into their own hands his unique ability and information brokering only became more relevant and needed and he only furthered his position. He entered into a seat that was both lucrative and able to indulge into his interests.

He has managed to make several connections to villains looking for work, finding jobs in which they can take, to the mob where he buys and sell most of his information, to a few people who have high positions in the political system, and to people he just finds interesting.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Strength
4. Endurance

The Powers

Power 1) Empowered Perception: Eli has highly increased perception. His eyesight is twelve times as efficient as the normal person, able to not only see far distances away, but also detect a person’s movements and predict what they’ll do/where they’ll move to. He is able to pick up on very small details of a person’s body movements.

Power 2) Ability Read: Eli has a second, dormant ability which can be activated at any time. When active he can read the abilities of other metas or empowered people. He can read the potential capabilities of these powers as well as their weaknesses. (This is permission based)

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1) See it Coming: Eli’s enhanced perception is solely visual, if he cannot see something or if he is blinded his power is pretty much useless. He is very venerable to attacks from behind or from hidden locations.

Weakness 2) Dry Eyes: In situations with a lot of fast actions or where a lot of things are happening his eyes will start to dry out, causing him to blink more which makes his perception and reaction time falter.

Weakness 3) Let Me Read You: In order to read a person’s ability Eli must have clear visual contact with the person for at least ten seconds, in order to read the capabilities of that power it takes fifteen seconds, in order to detect the person’s weaknesses Eli must be able to see them for at least thirty seconds. Visual contact must be in person and cannot be down through photograph or through video.

The Items

Vigil’s Gallery: Eli’s home and place of business is a two-story building located in New York City. As a front, it acts as a gallery for some of his photography where potential “buyers” can come and gander at his work. In all actuality the photography is just a front and people looking to buy info or villains use the buying of pictures as a cover. The second story contains an office/library where business is done, a bedroom, a few spare rooms, bathroom, a kitchen, and a hidden room.

Money: Eli has a good amount of money, though the exact number isn’t something known. He is by no means a billionaire, but potentially a low millionaire.

Knives: Eli has a collection of several pocket knives and combat knives. He usually only keeps one or two on his person at a time.

The Minions

Eli has access to a large number of empowered villains which can be hired by other organizations and groups. (Will make character sheets accordingly)

In his gallery and usually close to his person he has a few empowered bodyguards for his own protections (though they can be hired):

Mimic Me:




The Fluff

Eli is a very agile person who, while unknown if he has had training it, is very good at parkour and free-running.

Eli will rarely directly try to kill someone (unless they’re trying really hard to kill him), he prefers acting from the shadows and setting up situations in which they could get killed.

Eli is very indifferent to the problems and issues of others. He has no issue seeing people die or having them go through tough situations.

Eli has had training in resisting torture and has a very high tolerance to it. He has been tortured a few times from bad dealings with different groups.

The RP Sample

It was a calm night, at least the sky was calm. It was clear, no clouds, but the city’s light pollution drowned out the light from the stars. Eli sat on the ledge of a four-story building, looking down at the alleyway below. In a few minutes everything would fall into a place. A few months of planning would lead to tonight’s events.
As he sat there, head resting in his hands he thought of how it all started. A man came looking to hire Eli to find out if his wife was cheating on him, he wanted Eli to get photos of his wife that would convict her. In most situations Eli would’ve turned it down, but this man was in a place of political power, so the situation seemed promising. The man could owe Eli a favor down the road, plus there could be some fun to be had here.

Of course, the wife had been cheating. It was easy to tell that solely due to the man, his actions, and so forth. But, the wife’s lover had made the situation even more interesting. Her lover was the leader of a small, yet powerful gang. It was the perfect staging grounds.

He went back and told the husband that he had found out she might have one but wasn’t sure. It was a lie, but it was good info to have the husband brood over. Three days later Eli informed the man that he had found out she was cheating on the husband and that he would work to find out who. Eli then withheld the information for a week and a half, having him brood some more. Finally, the last bit of information came to the husband. Eli found out where the man’s wife and her lover would be meeting.

The man, having been brooding for so long, would take this information and go to confront the wife and her lover. There would be argument and either the husband or the wife’s lover would fight, probably killing one or the other. Eli looked forward to seeing ever action and reaction each party would take. It would a delightful show.

When it came time and those below began to act, it had played out exactly as he had thought it would, minus one detail at the end. The wife’s lover ended up killing the husband with a knife and had thrown it down in shock. The wife, heartbroken, or also shocked, picked up the knife and killed her lover. That was fun to watch. The expressions on her face as she acted, and cries and wails that followed. It had all been so amazing.

This was why Eli loved humans so much. Cause at the end of the day…they could also find new ways to surprise you.

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Eli Vigil Empty Re: Eli Vigil

Post by Zonkes September 13th 2018, 12:00 am

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