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Rune Vigil

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Rune Vigil Empty Rune Vigil

Post by Wraithedge May 10th 2016, 9:44 pm

Rune Vigil
One Whiskey, One Hex and One Beer

Basic Biography

Real Name: Mathew Garrett Lawson
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Rune Vigil
Title: Guardian Vigilant of the Interterrene
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Blue
Height: 6’1’’
Weight: 165 Lbs.
Blood type: O

The Looks

So Serious:

This IS my good shirt:

Attack of the suit shredder in 3, 2 ...:

Suits and ties. Rune needs sturdy clothes, thick weaves and strong hems. Sometimes he cleans up and wears a nice suit but that's really tempting fate. The most common suit he wears is a slightly baggy shamble of heavy fabric over his equally heavy frame. Dark browns and blues. Most of his suits have obvious signs of repair, poor rip stitching and awkward hem repair and one good dust up can send him to the thrift store looking for something in a heavy tweed. He alternately smells of wd40 and talcum powder, to get the blood out.

The Legacy

“That guy? He’s a bit of a jackarse ain’ he? He still owes me a drink.” – Derrick, Mage

“He’s complicated, a duality of perfected self-loathing and unassailable insouciance” – Candystripe, Dancer

“He [bleep]ing saved me and [bleep]ing Mr. foofles. That mother[bleep]er is a mother[bleep]ing hero. You are a [bleep]ing hero man! [bleep] yeah!” – Azragon, junkie philosopher

“He destroyed my career, ruined my marriage, and put me in this cage. He had every chance to turn back, to save himself, but now it is far too late. When I achieve freedom once again, I will visit upon him such pain as would make a conqueror beg for death.” – Baron Useff Morokov, Felon

“GraawwwWWWWllllaarrr” – Sthaphachlaruckh, Musician

Little baby mages imagine that they will grow up to be supreme sorcerers when in truth, the life will claim them or break them or mark them in some way that they will just never limp off. If I had a nickel for every torn down magic user who thought they were going to be something we would be having this talk on my private island… on Mars.

But I was right there with them wasn’t I? Me in my robes, fresh faced and looking like a refrigerator in drag. Hocus Pokem, zap, zap. Wasn’t I a bleedin’ terror? Heh.

Me and the rest of the rubes drummed up as a drop squad were huddled in that dark sphere like turtle toes. Rune Savant was with us, he was a big time hero then. A gun packing, spell slinging superstar.

We all felt the port-in; that weightless feeling reaching into the center of your guts. The dark roared around us as we fell, someone crying, someone shaking and the sound of puking shoulder to shoulder. It might have all been me. It might as well have been.

When that bubble popped, the battle of Lucien spread out like a flashbulb stain; lakes of fire leaping upward, the horde of Rathalio clustered around their portals while their wrath golems raged around trying to keep the Mages back, spreading them out like new paint across the wet rocks. I could smell it from ten thousand feet up and it only got worse.

I watched three boys get holed by lava rocks. A thunk, a sizzle and then they were just burning baggage. The girl next to me exploded and something leapt out of her, its wings touched my face as it climbed past me. I took a magma stone across the inner thigh, my robes caught on fire and that’s the last damn I gave about anyone on the way down. Fire sure does like a breeze.

By the time Rune Savant hit the levitation spell and landed us, we were down by half and I saw a few more of us drop into the lava. Movies never get that right, but then if they did you would never go see another one.

The golems hit us like a fleet of trucks and Rune Savant pulled that hogleg and went to work. I didn’t see the blood on his shirt, I didn’t see that one arm wasn’t working or that more than one hole in his leg was still smoking. What I saw was him standing up to a press of white-hot iron creatures each with a single human scream for a heart. What I heard was that gun singing like a Viking chorus on their way to Valhalla and booming out destruction like the hammer of a god.

I went for the handler but for the literal life of me I could not bring to mind a single spell. I was blank as a bad book so I punched him in that ugly snout they have and that crossed his four eyes right quick. Luckily I had plenty more punching in me.

Savant had the golems wrecked, the handler was a messy memory and it was just the two of us. We fought on for what? Days? Hours probably. Never got close to a portal. I don’t think we moved fifty feet and I had to carry him every step we did take. Mostly we just stood there and punished any units that thought we might go out without a fight. But we did our part I guess.

The portals eventually folded and the Golems dropped. I heard it was the girls of the Crystal Order that broke the line. Who knew those broads could scrap?

It was all a slideshow after that. Medical tents, someone dabbing around my junk, a portal home and before dinner I am back in the dorm with the Order of the Empty Bell meeting schedule in hand trying to figure out why I couldn’t give less of a crap about cantrip practice.

A week later I get a visit from some serious looking stiffs telling me that I was no longer a member of the Order of the Empty Bell. They said I was now a Vigilant candidate. I would be trained as a keeper of peace and a force for unity and balance. I would go before the Grand Council at the end of all that and receive my Warcaller to become a Vigilant of the Interterrene… that’s this place, all this crap.

I didn’t work it out till I saw that gun, until I felt it burning its awful name into the palm of my hand. It was the same one. You don’t get to be a Vigilant unless one dies, and you don’t get a try-out, you get chosen by the Vigilant or his weapon.

Sometimes I wish I had told those serious fellows to get stuffed. But then wishes are free aren’t they? It’s everything else that costs.

Every single thing else.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Arcane Martial Arts
The Vigilant moves like a shadow of fire, or in this case an ape that is on fire.

Rune has trained in the Martial Art style of the Vigilant focused on escapes, grabs, locks and throws. He has a fair grasp of American boxing and tends to use it in a brutal fashion to punish opponents disadvantaged by a throw or a hold.

The fighting style includes small charms and spells woven into the moves that reveal weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the opponent.

Because Rune’s style is so inelegant and he is so willing to take a punch to give a punch, it works off his endurance rather than his agility.

Weakness – Requires melee range and hands-on application. Requires at least a full post of engagement to use any benefit from the style. If the opponent changes combat style or the fight changes significantly (ie. Different style, setting, shape-shifting, turn lights off, etc…) it resets any benefits.

Mechanical Notes – The intent is to have a fisticuffs style that lets Rune have some effect on even hardened or skilled targets despite not having super strength or reflexes while taking a possible beating in the process. The power is meant to be paid for with bruises and blood.

Quote – Yeah, I know it looks bad but some of this blood is his. I’m just sayin’…

Pact of the Beloved
The Vigilant is to some a destroyer and to others a deity. Truly, there is no accounting for taste.

Rune Vigil can call forth an extra-dimensional defender that will try to keep him safe from harm. The defender can reliably resist small arms fire, heavy blades and small explosions like cars and small bombs. Larger and heavier effects can damage the defender and eventually dispel it.

The shape and form of the defender is variable but it always tries to keep Rune safe and close.

Weaknesses – Immobile, the defender cannot move from its summoning ground and it will try to keep Rune Vigil close thus keeping him from moving either. If the defender is very busy, Rune might be able to sneak away but as soon as he exits the reach of the defender it is dispelled as well.

Mechanical Notes – The effect is a shield with an avatar and a little personality.

Quote – Turns out being worshiped as a god is kind of a pain in the tail. Who knew, right?

Demon Blood
The Vigilant shares the veins of any number of extra-planar powers in a miraculous symbiosis that has nothing whatsoever to do with “drinking better”.

If Rune Vigil is heavily wounded, the area damage will trade places with another creature while it heals. While it does heal at an accelerated rate, it is not available while it does so. Rune has no control over what replaces the wounded portion and often cannot control the replacement.

Simple wounds are healed in minutes to hours while parts are replaced in days.

Weakness – The replacement parts do not work in any significant way. So a leg that was replaced with an insectile appendage would be useless for walking. A hand replaced with a mass of tentacles would not be any use in handling anything. What’s more, the replacement parts tend to have a mind of their own. Those tentacles might have a mind to grab anything around Rune or even him.

Mechanical Notes – The intent is to present regeneration in a way that disadvantages the character while it is in operation and offers some avenues for personality and possibly dark humor.

Quote – If this tongue-arm reaches for my pants one more time, I swear I am sending it back!

Ghost Step
The Vigilant can bind sigils to their bodies. Most are more impressive that this one

Rune Vigil is bonded to a sigil that can send him up to 5 feet in any direction without interacting with anything along that path. Rune usually has this sigil [poorly] sewn into the back of his tie or under his collar and touches it to activate the spell.

Weakness - The Sigil uses the Law of Correspondence to move Rune in a like-to-like fashion which means he can only teleport into a place like where he just left. So it will not move him into or out of water or a solid like ice or stone. The sigil has to be touched to be used so at least one hand must be free to use it. Not meant for combat usage, it needs a full post to reset under stress.

Mechanical notes – The intent is to have a non-combat way to pass doors and walls safely. It should be hard to keep him in a box or a cage but he is not meant to be porting all around the scene.

Quote – Eh, it’s good for getting past bouncers when my knuckles and wallet need a break.

The Exovarian Threshold
The Vigilant can walk many different worlds assuming he isn’t on the menu… again.

Rune Vigil can move through dimensions in a limited fashion. He has no control of which dimension he enters and many of them can be quite dangerous. Space over the threshold is analogous to space in this dimension so distance traveled there is distance traveled here.

In practice, when presented with an unpassable area, Rune can overlay another dimension that will allow passage, move into that dimension and then pass that area.

Rune Vigil can take others with him so long as they are touching him when he transits. All the same strictures apply to them.

Weakness – The threshold only stays in place while he is moving. If he stops moving he will drop out of the threshold dimension. Not every dimension is hospitable, some may require him to hold his breath, swim, or run from hostile indigenous life.

There is no time differential so if Rune wants to move to the top of a building from the ground, it takes as long as it would if he were to walk or run to the top.

From the threshold world, the real world seems hazy and indistinct. So conversations cannot be discerned and writing cannot be read from across the threshold. Individual people only appear as hazy silhouettes.

Mechanical Notes – Mainly this is for z-axis movement or passing long drop style scenarios. It is meant for short to medium range unimpeded travel and not meant to replace vehicles or confer any kind of speed.

Quote – Just keep running, just keep running, what do we do, we just keep ru-u-u-uunning!

Eye of Prophets
The Vigilant can see clearly and speak truth, albeit with a funny accent.

This spell allows Rune Vigil to see through anything as desired and speak of what he sees in the tongue of prophets. He usually carries around a handy shot glass for this spell, and other things. Sometimes he has sunglasses with real glass lenses but those are expensive and easily lost.

Weaknesses – Requires Rune to look through actual glass (not plastic). He can only speak or write about what he sees cryptically in poetic and indirect terms. Once the contents are in clear view this stricture disappears but while they remain hidden he can only refer to them abstractly.

Mechanical notes – X-ray vision with a poetry twist. Wacky right?

Quote – Whats in your pocket? Looks like... a tale of lore, a power more, all drenched in gore this band of ore.

The Zhan-dhu Scout
The Vigilant may call upon the Zhan-dhu scout/poets assuming he can understand simple directions.

[player permission based]

Rune Vigil can summon an invisible scout that will follow the trail of something or find a thing leaving a trail to the location. Rune cannot control the kind of trail that is left and must discern just how the scout might be trying to communicate. The scout will always try to leaves signs that blend into the area but all the signs in a particular trail will be similar.

The spell is cast upon something of the thing to be tracked and it is consumed as a sacrifice to the Zhan-dhu.

Note – This power requires player permission to operate on other players or their items. You should feel free to choose how this affects your character if at all or work with me and we can find a way to make this part of the story in a way you are comfortable with.

Weakness – The scout cannot interact with anything beyond leaving signs along the way and the signs should be relatively inconspicuous. To find a thing, there must be something of it upon which to cast the spell and that thing is consumed in casting.

Mechanical Notes – Pretty standard bloodhound with a “where’s-the-clue” bent to it.

Quote – This fortune cookie says I will meet a handsome stranger... at the corner of 5th and Evens around the corner and east fifty meters.

The Vigilant will occasionally give something a stupid name, presumably just to screw with the Grand Council.

This rune is derived from the rune on his Warcaller and when placed on an item it allows Rune Vigil to summon that item from wherever it is to him.

Weakness – can only be applied to something Rune can actually carry. Must be part of the actual structure of the item rather than drawn on it. So engraved or cut into the structure would work while drawn or painted on would not.

Mechanical Notes – Meant to get his stuff back. It is possible to use this to get other people’s stuff but the marking requirements are designed to make that impractical. Also meant to support the return function of his Warcaller.

Quote - I'll just have my lighter back. Ugh! Why is it wet? Why is it sticky! What did you do !?

The Eye of Hunger
The Vigilant may unleash the devourer of power into the world without commenting “Dude, it’s totally an eye”.

[player permission based]

This spell arises from a tattoo that covers the palm of Rune’s left hand. The large eye appears above where it is cast and hangs there. Everyone in the area sees the eye as looking at them unless they have true sight or some augmented sight in which case the visual is much more disturbing.

The eye devours magical power from everything and everyone in a range of around 100 feet. Any magic cast in the presence of the eye is devoured and magical items and enchantments are drained until they become quiescent. It does not destroy enchantments or items but only dawns then down to an inoperable level. They will return to operation once the eye is dispelled.

The eye itself is not physical and cannot be damaged but it will be dispelled is the caster loses consciousness.

While this does affect powerful beings and artifacts like Warcallers, it is not instant and such items and beings will have a few posts before they are too low on power to operate.

Note – This power requires player permission to operate on other players or their items. You should feel free to choose how this affects your character if at all or work with me and we can find a way to make this part of the story in a way you are comfortable with.

Weakness – The eye affects Rune as well and while it is in effect he cannot cast anything else without first dispelling the eye. It also negates his Demon Blood. Casting the eye while under the effects of Demon Blood could result in grievous injury or even death. May have some strange interactions with things that are magically bound or held releasing those bonds before acting on the bound item or being.

Mechanical Notes – A “no magic allowed” card and a risky play for a mage.

Quote – All eyes are on you. See what I did there. Don't blink you'll miss it. Wait let me guess, ten lashes for me yeah? Too bad it doesn't devour puns huh.

Gifts for the Queen
The Vigilant can call upon the ancient bond with the Technoarcanadon and not complain about “losing more watches that way”.

[player permission based]

This tattoo covering the back of Rune’s left hand can be used to summon a meditating adept of the Sthatatshani Technoarcanadon. The adept appears in a wash of cool golden light accompanied by the inhuman chanting of their order.

Anything more complicated than a hinge will halt its operation and seem to pay attention to the adept who will slowly acknowledge each piece of tech and then they will all meditate together. This has the effect of rendering all tech inoperative while in the presence of the adept and out to a distance of roughly 100 feet.

Harming any technology in the presence of the Adept may anger him or her. The Adept can do almost anything with technology and may cause it to attack the offender or everyone in range, fix the tech or alter it into something else, or just take it and leave dispelling the effect. Rune has no say over what the Adept does if angered.

Chances are good that the Adept will take something with him or her when it is dismissed in any case. If the Tech is sentient it may be given the opportunity to leave with the Adept.

Technology that has meditated with an adept is often never quite the same and develops small but odd ticks such as an ATM machine that now reboots every week and spits out a receipt reading “all hail the Queen of the Golden Zero” or a phone that occasionally texts a strange address and has a short but unintelligible conversation with an unknown party.

Unique or exotic tech may not be so affected by residual weirdness. [Unless you want it to be]

The Adept does not have to leave when dismissed but it cannot leave the summoning area.

Note – This power requires player permission to operate on other players or their items. You should feel free to choose how this affects your character if at all or work with me and we can find a way to make this part of the story in a way you are comfortable with.

Weakness – The summoning requires a chant to cast. The tattooed hand must be free. Rune has no control over the Adept once it is here beyond a gentleman’s agreement.

Mechanical Notes – Effectively an EMP with personality.

Quote – I once saw a toaster spit a waffle 20 feet. Not sure if it was excited or it pooped itself.

The Midnight Book Club
The Vigilant will be an exemplar and stop hanging around with lowlife reprobates please.

There are any number of demons, extra-dimensional, planar beings and mages who are trying to keep a low profile in this plane. They are just looking to get along and cause as little trouble as possible while stabbing each other in the back and chasing power like the dragon it is.

Technically the Vigilant keeps this burgeoning immigrant nation in check. But in practice Rune finds it more practical to do work for the various communities of the MBC. Since the whole mess runs on a favor trade, he finds himself up more than he is down and he can usually call upon the various creatures and entities there for aid should he need it.

The rule is “don’t scare the straights” so any help he gets has to be covert or disguised as mundane service unless those involved are initiated as well. It works well in getting information. It is a little more difficult to get services rendered but not impossible.

Occasionally he has to give back or settle up his debts but that helps him stay in touch with the dark streets.

Note – If you are running an arc or a quest with Rune Vigil in it, please feel free to use this to introduce plot points, communication or direction for the narrative. This is here for you if you want to use it.

Weakness – It takes time. The more exotic or closely guarded a thing or piece of information is, the longer it will take to acquire. Service that can be masked as mundane services like legal counsel or fixing a parking ticket can be done quickly but more obviously magical problems like breaking a curse or making an un-petrification potion will require more time and possibly other components that Rune will have to collect himself.

Mechanical Notes – This is meant to be access to an array of contacts for information and a plotline generator. It is meant to solve non-mundane problems by starting up quest lines and giving people things to do.

Quote – There is Lenny the mage, Bob the demon, Jake the Zorgian and Carl the accountant. Seriously, an accountant. We are all still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

The Vigilant will learn the 10,000 enchantments and stop saying that the Ryuk-arkur ate his homework.

The 10,000 enchantments is the most basic and eclectic coursework required of any Vigilant. Together these charms and minor spells allow the mage to affect any small item causing it to fulfill its destiny. So a coffee cup could be filled with coffee or a fast food bag could be filled with a hamburger.

They can also be used to operate as any small non-mechanical tool like writing a set or runes around a screw to encourage it to come out or chanting a lock open as if one were picking it.

It can also mend small things like broken glasses or a torn coat and include creating tiny theatrical illusions with no substance at all.

Weakness – none of these activities are instant and all of them require the same attention and time as the real activity would. All enchantments in this series are governed by the Law of Light in that they cannot be used to hurt anyone or bring about harm. So a baggie could not be filled with heroin and a shot glass could not be filled with alcohol much to Rune's dismay.

These enchantments do not convey skills. Having a wrench doesn't make one a mechanic. Making a stitch doesn't make one a tailor.

Mechanical Notes – This is meant to be almost purely cosmetic and of only the most basic utility. It is meant to give Rune something interesting to do during dialogues.

Quote – Fear the dancing napkin of doom!

The Dark Vault
The Vigilant can craft a multi-planar space in accordance with his skill and power, which explains a lot really.

The dark vault is a small extra dimensional space about the size of a medium safe. Rune can open it from wherever he is with a series of small spells and charms. It swallows light and its contents cannot be seen from outside. Even lights placed inside the vault seem to go dark.

Rune keeps his holstered Warcaller in this vault along with some drink vouchers and a few poker IOUs.

Weakness – The access regimen is along the same lines as a combination lock. So it takes time to access just like a combination lock. It takes a full post of uninterrupted concentration and casting to open the vault. The combination can be changed by Rune but it is not special and anyone with some arcane acumen who can replicate the sequence of charms and spells can open the vault as well although they do need to be close to Rune to do so.

Other Vigilants have very large vaults on the order of rooms and houses and they can enter their creations. Rune cannot enter his space.

Mechanical Notes – Rune is a responsible greater death entity owner. Warcaller safety is very important.

Quote – I used to keep my whiskey in there but someone kept drinking it. Not cool.

The Warcaller
The Warcaller is the weapon of the Vigilant and we of the Grand Council look forward to retrieving yours from your corpse. Enjoy.

Every Vigilant has a Warcaller. And every Warcaller is a bad-tempered, malevolent horror show of barely bottled rage and damage waiting for the slightest chance to slip its leash and flare up into a blazing inferno of bloodletting murder.

Warcallers have sheaths or holsters warded and bolstered specifically to keep them in check and even that can only barely tamp down the raw blood-lust that drives the weapon. The holsters are already overclocked with magic and cannot hold any more enchantments.

Warcallers are sentient and want only battle, only the endless berserk death of anything opposing it. But it is drawn to the greatest power around it attacking that in preference of anything else. If the Vigilant wants it to attack a different target he must force its compliance and cannot cast anything else while doing this.

The Warcaller’s power ramps up over time to match that of the target becoming more damaging and accurate as the fight goes on. It can cycle through energies and effects all of them damaging. It is easily smart enough to try obvious counters like ice against fire or light against darkness. The power coming from the Warcaller can affect the wielder and extended exposure can produce a condition called Warbonding where the Warcaller has overcome the mage and now possesses him or her. The condition is reversible and sometimes other Vigilants are called upon to subdue a Warbonded mage.

Warcallers are magical items, not technological. Every Warcaller is bound to its wielder and can be called to his or her hand sans holster or sheath.

Weakness - Once drawn, it takes a full post of concentrated spellcraft and warding to replace the weapon into its holster. Anyone who does have the specific spells and charms to return it to its holster cannot do so. The weapon must be used on a living thing or active opponent every post that it is out of its holster unless the Vigilant is actively trying to return it. Warcallers blaze with magical energy, attempts to hide it or its wielder from magical detection always fail.

Mechanical Notes – This is meant to be an attack source that will eventually be a meaningful offense even again initially more powerful opponents. It is meant to be a rising counter to untouchable opponents as the weapon figures out how to reach them.

It is expected to be a last resort or only used after the target has been confirmed “unpunchable”. The “fire every post” restriction is meant to make its use serious and dangerous because, of course, the wielder is included on the list of possible targets. That means pulling it on someone weaker requires all the mage’s concentration to keep it from turning on him.

Quote – This looks like a gun but it is really the worst day one of us has ever had. Do not make me pull this.

Physical Priority
1 Endurance
2 Strength
3 Reaction
4 Agility

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Rune Vigil Empty Re: Rune Vigil

Post by Thorgron May 10th 2016, 11:04 pm

Hi there! Let me say that this is one hell of a cool character, one that I'm excited to see RPing on the site.

With that said, there are some very minor tweaks and confirmations that need to be made before I can approve this.

First off, I need you to add to eye of hunger, gift for the queen and zhan-du scout that they are player permission based. So as long as a player agrees to let the effects happen there's no problem (that should be most of us) but in the off chance that someone isn't okay with these effects in a thread you'll obviously just need to respect their wishes and figure out a reason with them that a. the ability isn't used or b. the effect is not as intended. Not a big deal Razz

Second, the warcaller, pact of the beloved and the midnight book club are not very well defined in what exactly they can do. From the way this is written, it seems that you are really only interested in telling awesome stories with this guy and not winning every fight he gets in, so I don't see this as much of a problem. I just need confirmation from you that you won't be using these abilities to have the perfect answer to every situation because of the broad scope of what these abilities can do.

Do those two things for me and I'll be very glad to get Rune approved for you! And if you have any questions, feel free to hop on the C-Box and talk me or one of the other mods.

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Rune Vigil Empty Re: Rune Vigil

Post by Wraithedge May 11th 2016, 12:32 am

I added permission notes to eye of hunger, gift for the queen and zhan-du scout. I do hope people will work with me on those and I don't mind modulating those effects in a way that everyone involved can be comfortable with.

Pact of the beloved is meant to be a shield like the invisible woman might use. Strong enough to resist common attacks and damage, guns and swords and the like. But very large or powerful attacks will knock it down. So it isn't invulnerability, just a post or two to breath and maybe have some repartee. Having it be immobile also keeps it from being a get-out-of-jail card I think. I don't have any problem with not using offensive powers like the Warcaller when it is up. But it will not be a wait-em-out power.

The Midnight Book Club is just a bunch of contacts. If it is something that I am writing or running then it will serve to move the plot along and give some direction. If  it is someone else's arc I will, of course, work with them to see if they want to take advantage of that angle. If not that's fine too. I added some verbiage to that effect in the text.

The Warcaller is meant to be a literal big gun. I want it to be scary and dangerous to everyone around. I feel like I have designed it such that using it frivolously will be disastrous just on pure mechanics alone. I am already a little afraid of using it in an RP. I hope I haven't painted myself into a corner with its workings.

I envision it using all different kinds of attacks rather than just your standard big bada-boom but really its just a chance for me to write some crazy stuff like bullets that shatter like eggs freeing spring-like metal centipedes that briefly whip around snapping and biting before falling apart  into rust or a sparking shell that calls down an actual bolt of lightning where it hits

But its not meant to be an “I win” card. I plan to write it as scary as I can and if the other side feels like its awesome enough to win then cool. If not then I don't really plan on picking any fights over it. I would rather work with people to write an amazing fight scene than try to make the other writer look bad.

One of the beautiful things about this character, I think, is his Constantine-like quality to take lumps. He takes his beatings and tries to move on anyway. Failing, losing or falling short is just part of the journey. Giving up is the thing he doesn't do. Not that he would admit that.

Wow, super long winded, that seems to be my real power. I guess I could have saved you some reading time by just saying that I am indeed more interested in cool stories than winning every conflict. I might should have led with that.

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Rune Vigil Empty Re: Rune Vigil

Post by Thorgron May 12th 2016, 7:14 am

Rune Vigil is approved (until stated otherwise)

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Rune Vigil Empty Re: Rune Vigil

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